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Rise of The Undead Legion

Author: biako

Description: Three years ago Conquest was released, redefining virtual reality and gaming. ‘An entire world on a server. Dive in and play the RPG to end all others; explore, create, conquer. LIVE!’ It became a

Martial God Asura

Author: Kindhearted Bee

Description: Even if you have potential, it does not mean you are a genius. You can learn mysterious martial arts, and you can learn without a teacher.Even if you have strength, despite having numerous precious tr

The Hitting Zone

Author: half_empty

Description: Abandoned and hurt by his own family, Jake Hollander wasn’t really excited about being placed into a foster family. Especially since this family loved the sport that tore his family apart. He’s to

Be happy with sports

Author: goodlion

Description: A person who lived the life to the maximum even being a person with paralysis, always played his favorite sport basketball, even if alone, follow the story of Jake Smith to be happy with a second chan

Martial World

Author: Cocooned Cow

Description: In the Realm of the Gods, countless legends fought over a mysterious cube. After the battle it disappeared into the void. Lin Ming stumbles upon this mystery object and begins his journey to become a

The CEO's Woman

Author: TheBlips

Description: I was reborn 10 years before my death.I was given a second chance. A second chance to right the wrongs.A new beginning.I am Jiang YueI am the CEO's Woman....I was a coward.I watched her ruin her life.

World Domination System

Author: KillerHemboy

Description: [*Ding*World Domination System booting up.Current World: UnknownHost Status: Near-deathCurrent Goal: SurviveOverall Goal: Dominate and Conquer the world!]A college student struggling for cash opted fo

Fate Online: Shadow

Author: ApocalypseX


Last Wish System

Author: Alemillach

Description: In a universe where the great experts can reincarnate, Yale Roanmad reincarnated with almost no memories of his past life and didn't know who he was.Despite the problem with his memories, Yale had obt

The Mech Touch

Author: Exlor

Description: The Age of Mechs has arrived! Unfortunately, Ves Larkinson lacked the genetic aptitude to become a famed mech pilot. Fighting against his fate, he studied mech design in order to express his love for