218 An Inscribed Formation

A Chaotic World

In the end, even the Thousand Spirals Killing Formation was not enough.

The God of Pestilence let out a satisfied roar, as though showing off its superiority.

Both of its front limbs were bleeding heavily, its belly as well. But despite all that, the God of Pestilence instinctively understood that it was closer than ever to victory.

This was the forte of beasts.

Even though beasts generally had a lower intelligence level, their physical capabilities and combat instincts were top notch.

Now that it had cleared the final obstacle in the form of the huge energy spiral, the God of Pestilence turned its gaze towards Lu Tianzi menacingly, ready to deal the final blow.

But what it saw at that moment was definitely not what it had been expecting to see.

The God of Pestilence might not be able to read a person's expression exactly, but it was at least able to sense a person's emotional fluctuations.

From Lu Tianzi, what the God of Pestilence detected was a simple sense of caution, not desperation.

That was because despite all of that, Lu Tianzi had yet to reveal his true trump card!

Lu Tianzi calmly raised the Torrential Sabre in his hand, pointing it directly towards the God of Pestilence.

Like inscriptions, like formations.

Formation Master Beimu had once reminded him that inscriptions and formations shared a common structure.

Keeping those words in mind, Lu Tianzi had explored further along those lines. Through that, he had discovered the possibility of activating inscription skills with formations, or cast down formations with inscriptions.

But despite that, Lu Tianzi never had the opportunity to try that out.

That was, until now.

One of the reasons why Lu Tianzi and Nanlan Qianxue had decided to temporarily stay in Xian Village was because this region of the woods was shrouded in an unnaturally high density of World Origin Energy, which in turn increased the rate of recovery for both Lu Tianzi and Nanlan Qianxue.

But that was not all it did.

A high density of World Origin Energy also meant that formations, which tapped on energy in the surroundings, worked even better. The same concept went for inscriptions as well.


The God of Pestilence rushed towards Lu Tianzi, completely disregarding his raised sabre.

At this moment, Lu Tianzi's eyes met with those of the God of Pestilence, and Lu Tianzi let out a deep sigh.

Looks like taming this beast had been nothing but a pipe dream after all.

This beast was simply too brutal, too arrogant, too uncontrollable.

At the very least, the current Lu Tianzi did not have the means or skills required to tame such a violent beast.

In a way, that was to be expected as well. How could it be so easy to tame a mighty primal beast?

After deciding to give up on taming the God of Pestilence, Lu Tianzi no longer had anymore reservations.

The Astral Way Inscription on the Torrential Sabre lit up as Lu Tianzi drove his Spiritual and Slaughter Essence to the limit, channelling all of his Essence energy into it.

At the same time, the emblem of light on the ground grew in intensity.

World Origin Energy in the surroundings churned.

The clearing of withered grass was like the centre of a giant vortex, hungrily taking in every last bit of World Origin Energy from the vicinity.

This cloud of World Origin Energy formed a huge dome that blanketed the entire area. But even within this dome of energy, there was also a point of greatest concentration.

The Torrential Sabre felt a hundred times heavier than usual, the blade almost overflowing with power, drawing in energy from multiple sources at once.

Essence energy from Lu Tianzi himself, World Origin Energy from the surroundings, and on top of that, even the formation energy coming from the Thousand Spirals Killing Formation. All of that poured into the Torrential Sabre, into the Astral Way Inscription.

At this moment, the Torrential Sabre was no longer a simple inscribed weapon.

It had replaced one of the energy nodes of the Thousand Spirals Killing Formation, becoming a part of the killing formation.

At this moment, the Thousand Spirals Killing Formation was no longer a simple killing formation.

It had become a true inscribed formation.

And the Torrential Sabre, now one of the energy nodes of the Thousand Spirals Killing Formation, was none other than the inscription that had been placed upon the killing formation.

Energy poured into it, flooding the weapon, flooding the Astral Way Inscription.

When all that potential energy had been pushed to the absolute limit, Lu Tianzi slashed out.

Thousand Spirals Killing Formation – Astral World Slash.

Pure energy erupted from within the Torrential Sabre, forming into an enormous spiral of energy and sabre light, tens of times larger than the previous energy spiral.

This was a power that had far exceeded what the Thousand Spirals Killing Formation should have been capable of producing. But with the addition of the Astral Way Inscription, Lu Tianzi had broken through this natural limit.

Rainwater immediately gathered upon the energy spiral, turning it blue.

This gargantuan of an energy spiral smashed towards the God of Pestilence, which in turn welcomed the attack with a mighty roar.

The God of Pestilence once again shot out energy bolts with each flap of its wings, targeting the energy spiral in a bid to reduce its energy stores.

But this time, it no longer worked.

This time, Lu Tianzi had not just incorporated the water element into the energy spiral to give it physical mass and increase its momentum.

More importantly, it also contained Lu Tianzi's comprehensions into the Law of Water.

Water had always been the element that possessed the property of perpetuity and endlessness. Thanks to the water cycle, no matter how much of it was used up, water would only continue to replenish itself, and thus would never truly be lost from this world.

That was how rivers could continue to flow for years without exhausting its store of water.

That was how given time, even water droplets could pierce through rocks despite its formlessness.


This was the exact property that the energy spiral had taken on at this moment.

Thanks to that, every last bit of energy that had been expended by the God of Pestilence's energy bolts was quickly recovered from the surroundings, maintaining the energy spiral near its optimal state.

At this moment, the God of Pestilence took its first step backwards.

Since the start of the encounter, the mighty primal beast had only been moving forward. Even with faced with attacks on all sides, even when it had been wounded, nothing stopped it from advancing towards its target.

But right now, its primal instincts were finally telling it that this energy spiral heading towards it was not something that it could possibly contend with.

Even so, it was already too late to leave.

The energy spiral was simply too fast. There were no longer any ways for the God of Pestilence to escape.

But despite its fears, a cornered beast would still choose to fight.

With a thunderous roar, the God of Pestilence stood up on its hind legs, cutting a majestic figure that was almost the height of ten men combined.

It leapt forward, taking the initiative to impact into the giant energy spiral.

Blood splattered as the energy spiral cut into the God of Pestilence. Its front limbs, its torso, its shoulders, its head. Every single part of the beast was suffering injuries that only worsened by the second.

At the same time, the power of decay continued to seep into the energy spiral, burning down its energy stores.

But it was all in vain.

Against the property of endlessness, the God of Pestilence's power of decay seemed to have encountered its natural enemy.

Before the power of decay could truly sink in, the property of endlessness had already kicked in, replenishing whatever had been lost.

Without the power of decay that it had always relied heavily upon, the mighty God of Pestilence was no longer capable of standing against Lu Tianzi's attack.

The gigantic energy spiral completely devoured the primal beast, its violent energy shredding the beast's flesh. Traces of red quickly appeared within the blue energy spiral, caused by the fresh blood that was perpetually escaping from the God of Pestilence.


The God of Pestilence struggled with all its might, sending out ripples of pure energy that shook the energy spiral violently.

However, the foundation of the energy spiral was too firm. Everytime it did that, the property of endlessness would kick in and ensure that the energy spiral remained intact.

No matter how hard it tried, it could neither escape nor dispel the energy spiral.

All it could do was continue struggling in vain.

It took a while, but the God of Pestilence eventually collapsed to the ground, never to stand again.

Only then did Lu Tianzi dare to relax, letting out a deep breath in relief.

His limbs had started to tremble from exhaustion. The previous attack might be strong enough to take down the God of Pestilence, but it had similarly taken a huge toll on him.

Even so, Lu Tianzi was absolutely satisfied with the outcome.

This was an alteration of the Astral World Slash, an attack that would have usually rendered him incapable of moving. But thanks to the support of the Thousand Spirals Killing Formation, that did not happen this time round.

Not only that, but coupled with the Thousand Spirals Killing Formation, the Astral World Slash had also taken an all new form, with the power behind it reaching far greater heights.

So this is the power of an inscribed formation…

Lu Tianzi mused in his heart while truding forward in the heavy downpour, forcing his tired legs towards the unmoving God of Pestilence.

His initial plan of taming the God of Pestilence had already gone down the drain. But now that he knew the God of Pestilence was a primal beast, this might not actually be wasted effort on his end.

The Primal Bloodline Absorption Technique.

Back then when the Wild Melody Circus visited Bluenight City, Lu Tianzi and Nanlan Qianxue had managed to obtain the Primal Bloodline Absorption Technique Manual.

Honestly, it was not a difficult technique by any measure.

After studying it for less than half a day, both Lu Tianzi and Nanlan Qianxue had already managed to understand the gist of it.

Now, this was the perfect chance for Lu Tianzi to put that knowledge to good use!

Sitting beside the carcass of the God of Pestilence, Lu Tianzi religiously circulated the Spiritual and Slaughter Essence within him according to the Primal Bloodline Absorption Technique.

With a single thought, thick and viscous red liquid flowed out from the the God of Pestilence and formed into a ball of blood that floated above Lu Tianzi.

This was no ordinary blood of the God of Pestilence. This was its blood essence, the very source of its vitality.

Blood that had been lost could always be replenished, but blood essence could not. It could be strengthened with time, but every bit that was lost would be gone forever.

But looking at it from a different perspective, as long as the blood essence still remained, every bit of blood loss could be replenished given enough time.

And this was the concept governing the Primal Bloodline Absorption Technique.

If Lu Tianzi managed to successfully assimilate the primal beast's blood essence into his body, he would not only be able to gain the vitality of the God of Pestilence, but also its bloodline abilities.

This was how Fourth Prince Mosha had been able to display the strength of the Emerald Sabretooth, albeit just a small portion of it.

However, how could things be so easy?

The technique might be simple, but what truly made the process difficult was the issue of compatibility.

Compatibility between the host and the bloodline to be introduced was something that could only be determined after the assimilation process started. By then, it would already be too late to stop the process even if they were found to be incompatible.

In that case, not only would the host fail to obtain the abilities of the newly introduced bloodline. The shock and trauma from the forced assimilation could also bring about severe and long lasting injuries, or in extreme cases, death.

Thus, not even Lu Tianzi dared to carelessly introduce the blood essence of the God of Pestilence into his body.

With a bite of his tongue, Lu Tianzi spat out a drop of his own blood essence, directing it towards the ball of blood essence.

By doing this, Lu Tianzi was intending to first introduce his own blood essence to that of the God of Pestilence in an external environment. While it might not be a foolproof manner of determining their compatibility, it could at least let Lu Tianzi know if they were grossly incompatible.

The side effect, however, was that if they turned out to be incompatible, Lu Tianzi would have to abandon the ball of blood essence, thereby permanently losing a drop of his own blood essence in the process.

Still, that was a small price to pay as a form of insurance against potential death.

It was a gamble, but the potential benefits far outstripped the costs.

Lu Tianzi's drop of blood essence entered the crimson globe like a pebble into the ocean. At this point, Lu Tianzi was fully focused, not wanting to miss even a single step of the following process.

But just as he was about to start the assimilation, Lu Tianzi was struck by a mysterious sense of epiphany.

Lu Tianzi's focus wavered as his thoughts drifted, prompted by his Law of Origin.


This familiar feeling…

Before he knew it, Lu Tianzi felt his consciousness being pulled away from his surroundings, entering into the world of the blood essence.