47 Chapter 48 - Fuck They Took Their Times!

A Descendant To God

From What I learned with my clone, Dwarves were the best at [Blacksmithing], although they had low strength, none of the race dared to attack them to try to enslave them because the Dwarves also had golems coming from the Golden Age, The Golden Age was the Age where the People in the World were at the strongest standard, where seeing High-Class was common, the Golems coming from this Age were strong, at least at the High-Class and the strongest ones were at the Peak-Class.

Due to the fact my Clone had the role of gathering informations, I didn't try to learn the Dwarve's Blacksmithing, now after leaving the Elves, I could finally learn this, another reason my clone was unable to learn their [Blacksmithing] technique was also due to the fact the dwarves seemed to be naturally distrustful, even with my high level [Lie] and [Acting], they wouldn't fall for it.

It seemed that what I needed to do was create some more believable lies, while I was thinking of a good lie, I just remembered something important, in this world there was a group of people that called themselves the [Erasers], what they would do is erase the skills, memories and stats of someone with a really strong item called the [Book Of Life], they would mostly target young people due to the fact the [Book Of Life] could be resisted by strong enough peoples and although this was called Erasing, it was in fact just some kind of sealing, there was a lot of story of peoples getting their memories, skills and stats back.

With this, I directly disguised myself as a Young Dwarf and went toward the entrance of the Dwarves' Caves.

The Dwarves guarding the Caves obviously stopped me and ordered me to reveal my identity, I then started the acting,

"I don't know who I am, I just woke up near this place, I wandered for a while before reaching here" I said this while trying to look lost.

Hearing this, the Guards started inspecting me, after inspecting, they started talking to themselves then one of the guard entered the Cave and came back with a Paper, it was the [Identification Scroll] that was what was used when I wanted to become a Mercenary.

Seeing the total lack of stats and skills, they decided to trust me and gave me a new identity, some money and even directly enrolled me in their Dwarves' Blacksmithing Academy, I was truly lost this time, I expected it to be way harder where was the challenge I expected, I thought they were fucking naturally distrustful.


After staying in the school for some days, I finally learned their [Dwarve's Blacksmithing], after doing that, I continued staying in this Academy and even learned their way of Mining, seeing that, I added another thing in my plan, I will also mine all of their rare ores so that I can make new armors and Weapons.

After learning of the location of their mines, I directly created multiple clones who disguised themselves as other dwarves, they then started mining restlessly, with their current speed, they would need 10 Days to mine every rare ores but obviously due to the fact the [Dwarves' Mining] will probably level up, it might take even less days.

With this done, I didn't need to stay in this Place anymore and directly killed enough Dwarves to unlock their race, I didn't forget to leave some traces of Holy Power within the body of the dead.

When I was about to leave, the sound of the notification came into my mind.

I decided not to waste time looking at it and first left the cave and quickly ran far from the cave, I then started looking at the system notification

{Due To Hand Nimbleness Reaching Level 50,

Dexterity being higher than 2000,

Dwarf's Racial Skill [Dwarf's Hand]}

Obviously I was quite happy but I was still annoyed due to the fact I wouldn't be able to understand what was the use of this ability yet again, after thinking more about this problem, although the System wouldn't give me their Description, what if I used [Appraisal]? I already knew that [Appraisal] had the ability to give me the Item's Description but can I get Skill's Description now?

I called my 'Status' and then tried to use [Appraisal] on some of my skills, whenever I tried to use [Appraisal], it would never target one of my skills but would always target what was right behind my 'Status' Window, thinking about this problem, I decided to use [Appraisal] on myself, I didn't expect anything but it actually worked.

The [Appraisal]'s Windows was almost like the 'Status' except that there wasn't any Skill Level but I also saw some new things, in my special condition, there was something a rows of "?", a new category of skill also existed "???? Skills/Abilities" and there was only 1 skill inside of it, it was also a row of "?".

I then tried using [Appraisal] on a random skill,

{Full Counter :

Reflect Attacks and Increase its Power}

Although there was less information, I was happy because I could still Appraise skills.

I tried looking at the curious "?" when I used [Appraisal] on it, I felt a Huge pain and I immediately lost consciousness.

When I woke up, I found myself on a huge bed, when I woke up, I just felt too lazy to try and see who helped me and started looking at my skill

{Dwarf's Hand :

When Used, Receives Dexterity Boost, Forging rate is higher, Quality of Forged Items is higher}

{Human's Perseverance :

In front of Strong Obstacles, You feel your blood Boils and become Stronger!}

{Cloud Snake's Bloodline :

Thunder Flows within your veins, Snakes Fell Inferior in front of you!}

After taking a good look and trying to understand what they would do, I finally heard the doors of the chamber opening, Fuck they took their times! How come for others, the moment they wake up the Person that helped them coincidentally enter the room and for me they take their time?