48 Chapter 49 - What A Bitch

A Descendant To God

With the sound of the Room's Door opening, I saw a rather petite girl with butterfly wings holding what seemed to be medicine. A Petite Girl with Butterfly Wings ? Only 1 Race had peoples with appearance like this, Fairies.

The Fairy after seeing me training was rather stunned and asked

"You've already healed?"

"Well, Obviously" I said to her while having a "No Shit, Sherlock" Face

The Fairy looked rather annoyed when she saw the face I was making and left the Room, I didn't care, what I was thinking of was mostly 'What is the Best way for me To get the Pure Blood?', considering that I wanted to destroy the Angel's Race, if I were to just kill Fairies and directly leaving, they would never think of the Angels being the killer.

What I thought of was just a basic plan, I would create a Clone that would stay in the Fairies' land until they wouldn't suspect me anymore and with my true body, I would change to fully become an Angel and disguise myself, I would then kill enough Fairies to become one, they would obviously not suspect me after this but we never know, they might think of me as the one that gave them the intel.

So I had to stay in the Fairies' land until they would truly trust me, I would know when they would trust me using the [Relation Function], at the moment, I was just a 'Stranger', the best way to build up Relation points was helping them but due to my Relation as 'Stranger' they obviously wouldn't trust me so I needed to first change this.

At this moment, the Fairy who had left, entered the room yet again but she was followed by some other Fairies, they seemed to be inspecting me to be sure if I was truly healed, after inspecting me, they nodded at the Fairy and left the room.

"It seems you've truly healed, follow me" Said the Fairy

I just followed her, I left the room and got a clear look at the Fairies' Land, it seemed to be inside a huge tree, every branch was a street, that was where the House were built and the Tree trunk was where the business happened, if I wanted cash, I would just need to steal in this place, first thing I needed to remember.

I seemed to follow the Fairy up to the top of the Trunk, due to the Fairies' being able to fly, I was forced to use Wood or Earth Magic to create some stairs.

Finally reaching the top of the trunk, I saw what seemed to be a palace, I continued following the Fairy and entered the Palace, after entering, she continued walking until she entered a room and started kneeling, due to the fact I needed to get relation points with them, not kneeling was a bad idea.

After Kneeling, the Fairy sitted on the throne started speaking,

"Human, State your identity" Saying that, she started releasing her powers, this was the first time I've felt pressured due to a huge gap of strength, she surely possessed Late High-Class or Peak-Class.

"I'm Grimson EtherBlood" I said while gritting my teeth, the Fairy on the throne hearing what I said nodded and stopped pressuring me.

I remembered a second thing, I will make the Fairies the enemy of every races alongside the Angels, what I needed was to learn Nature Element, this was the element used solely by the Fairies.

The Fairy Queen then continued speaking,

"What were you doing next to our Territory and so far away from your country, Human?" She said with her cold voice

What a Bitch, why would she ask my name if she will just continue calling me 'Human'! Anyway, I needed to quickly find a [Lie] because I couldn't say that I was killing Dwarves and then quickly ran away. While looking at the [Map], I saw that the Battlefield of the War against the Angels was near this place.

"I was one of the Humans sent to help the Elves in the war against the Angels" This was rather believable due to the fact the Elves were allied to the Humans, the Elves were also weaker than the Angels in term of strength and number, the existance of the Golems wasn't spread yet, it seemed that the Elves were able to hide this.

The Fairy Queen started to believe me and I left the palace with the Fairy who was has here when I first woke up, I also learned her name, "Jasmine ElmClove".

I continued Following Jasmine to what would be my new Home, although the Fairies would help people, they would also ask for compensation, I was required to do mission to help the Fairies.

This was perfectly what I needed to be able to build Relation with them, I estimated that I would need is at most 3 Months to be able to reach 'Trusted'.

The Mission I would do would have to be completed with Jasmine, this was also one of the thing I was required to do, this was also perfect for me, I would be able to learn Nature Magic by getting her help.

The first Mission was [Cleaning the Hyrx Branch], the Hyrx Branch was infested with Monsters and I was required to kill all of them, I created Multiple Clones that would look at Jasmine while she was Casting Magic while the Main Body would be killing the Monsters.

In the Hyrx Branch, I first started by using Normal Word Magic, 'Explode', the moment I got [Nature Mana], I decided to speed up thing using 'Extreme Explode' considering that I already got what I needed, with this, I could change my Mana into Nature Mana and I would be able to make the Fairies the enemy of all the other races.