54 Chapter 55 - *Hidden*

A Descendant To God

I was still worried due to what I saw, the person that was just next to me and 4 others persons seemed to be rather familiar, I decided to go to the Library to be sure of their identities, after looking at the book [Divinity Of Every Races], I finally understood that the person in what I saw where the Gods.

The one next to me was the God that had blessed me, [Luccrow], the 4 other Gods were :

- the God of Blacksmithing and Guardian God of the Dwarves, [Hix]

- the Holy God and Guardian God of the Angels, [Sandalphon]

- the God of Blood and Guardian God of the Vampires, [Drakule]

- the God of Technology and Guardian God of the Gnomes, [Zeitan]

It was quite troublesome, I won't be able to fill the gaps of strength until what happened in my Vision became real, I decided to use the remaining World Coins to buy the [Indestructible Coffin], the moment I entered the Coffin, I and my Subordinates would enter a sleeping state where we won't be able to die but every of my Functions would be desactivated and my Mana would be cut off, although my Clone wouldn't be destroyed due to the lack of Mana because it could just use [Hibernate] but this would probably cause some problems in the Empire.

I had already sent some Clones to other Race's Empire but I didn't bother and the Clone just lived like some regular person, I decided to check what they found, from what the Clones told me, it seemed that the Vampires, Dwarves and Gnomes already found out about the truth of the dead peoples, due to the Angels being in a bad position, they seemed to be preparing some kind of ritual, it was probably the one they used to summon the God.

Except for this, they seemed to have found nothing but one information sent by the Clone in the Human Empire annoyed me. How come the Humans there don't start training when they're 1 Month Old like me !? After ordering my Clone to find out about the reason, it seemed that the baby born in this continent could only have Level 3 At the best, after thinking more about it, it seemed that the Mana Concentration in the air of this continent was lower than Back in the Empire, this caused peoples here to have a worst constitution and with the normally calm state of the continent, there was no need to train hard whereas in the Empire, there were tensions between Demons and Humans, this caused some peoples to think 'Can Walk + Can Talk = Can Train' but due to the Empire being still relatively new, they had no good training method allowing them to reach Higher than Low-Class.

Anyway, I decided to ask for an alliance with the Elves, they seemed to have huge requirements, so huge that it annoyed me, but after buying the skill [Negotiate] from the Shop, I succeded in compromising, I would just need to create some Facilities for them like the [Golem Factory], [Magic Cannon], [Gym], [Magic Room] . . . After accepting that, I gave a Magic Contract to the Elves Commander who then proceeded to sign it with what seemed to be a Royal Seal, if any of us were to break the Magic Contract, there would be repercussions toward either of the races . .

After becoming Allies with the Elves, I decided to become Allies with the Humans, they say 'the friends of my friends are my friends too', this should work with allies and from what the Elves told me, they were quite interested with my Facilities.

They asked for more Facilities but that was fine because they were stronger than the Elves and with this, I now had 2 Allies.

I went back to the Desert where I was farming, this time, I decided to totally destroy this place, I could probably have enough EXP to become even stronger.

I didn't forget to summon my Monsters before killing everything because although I would get less EXP, they will also get their share of EXP and might become stronger too.

Receiving all this EXP, I first started by leveling up to 100.

{You Reached Level 100!

You Received 260 Attribute Points!

[Perfect Body]'s Seal Lifted!

[?????]'s Seal Lifted!

Category Unlocked : Soul Skill!

Azure Dragon's Time Limit became 5 Hours

[Concept of Time], [Ethereal Martial Intent], [Blue Lotus Fire Dance], [Thunder BattleForm] Can now be Used!}

While I was looking at the notification, I started Drooling, I already saw the destructive Power of the Azure Dragon but during my training, I was forced to use up the 1 Hour I was allocated, now, I could easily destroy the 4 Gods using the Azure Dragon.

My Monsters also started evolving, [Formless Magic King] became [Unseen Magic King], [Winged Ant King] became [Cloud Ant King], [Two Headed Troll King] became [Titanic Troll], [Golden Tailed Fox] became [7 Tailed Golden FireFox], [Blood Turtle King] became [Black Tortoise Infant].

With their Evolutions, they all reached High-Class except [Black Tortoise Infant] who became Peak-Class but due to his nature, it just got Huge Defence and Health.

With all this, it seems that what I saw in my Vision will probably not happen but I still got a bad feeling about this.

Chapter 55 - 5 Gods !