-1 Character Profiles pt. 1

A Gatekeeper and The Celestial Sovereign

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100 years old. Black hair, blue eyes filled with stars.

He is the son of Chàng Xing, the Supreme Lord of stars, a famous Supreme Stage practitioner and the Emperor of Realm 348. He is a member of the Chàng royal family which presides in Realm 348, the Star realm.

He is known as a Heavenly Absolute Genius since he reached immortality at the mere age of 39 and attained the Dao at 100. He is a quasi mage cultivator. Meaning he practices both magic and martial arts

He possesses the sovereign system which he received from his Mother when he was five before she mysteriously disappeared. It is a tool created by One. Using it will one day allow Chàng Bo to become the Celestial Sovereign, the destined chosen one. Of course there will be many challenges before he reaches this stage.

Chàng Bo was raised with great wealth and resources, he can be arrogant and extremely proud but he is also very intelligent and serious.

Despite his powerful background he wasn't pampered when young and was trained harshly by his Father, he killed for the first time when he was merely ten years old.

In battle he is heartless and ruthless.

The sovereign system requires him to maintain a pure yang body, so he has never been sexually involved with women since they contain yin energy.

When meeting Mao Lu he was surprised by how different he was from other Gatekeepers, and soon he was enthralled by Mao Lu's warmth and honesty. In the future he will become Mao Lu's fate companion

His love for Mao Lu grows greater with each day.

In the future they will be an unbeatable duo



24 years old, warm brown black eyes, black hair. (Hair will turn silver due to an event by volume two)

He is the son of Zhang Zi (Deceased) and Zhang Hou (In prison).

After his family went bankrupt his life became one of constant hardship and struggle.

In August he received a letter which led to him becoming the Gatekeeper and Protector of Realm 145.

He is told he is chosen to be the Gatekeeper because he is pure, but as more things happen Mao Lu becomes aware that this may have been a lie and that there is a deeper secret to why someone is chosen to be a Gatekeeper.

Mao Lu changed his name to his Mother's maiden name, 'Mao', when he was 18 since he disowned his Father and also wanted to avoid debt collectors and Gangsters.

Mao Lu discovered he was gay at 13 when he realised he was feeling more than friendship for his best friend, Zhao Detong. He was in the closet for most of his life until he met Tanaka Kato who convinced him to be more proud and open. Even then it took him until he was 24 to tell his closest friends about his sexuality.

He is stubborn to a fault, and tries his best to be a good person. He dislikes the idea of harming others and hates his own weakness, but he tries everyday to exceed himself.

In the future he will be the most powerful Gatekeeper, a fierce warrior who will travel beyond the 400 realms.

He meets Chàng Bo soon after becoming a Gatekeeper and falls head over heels in love with him.

His love grows stronger with everyday and in the future they'll become an unbeatable duo.

Little do Mao Lu or Chàng Bo know that their love is linked to their previous lives.



24 years old, short black hair, deep black eyes.

He is the rightful heir to the Zhao Group, but he refused this position, and dropped his rights to his inheritance. This led to a strained relationship between him and his father.

His mother is a powerful politician and his Father is the CEO and largest shareholder of the Zhao group, a large corporation that has existed for three generations. Their main rival is the Lee group. (Lee Heri's family)

Despite being from such a powerful background and growing up rich Zhao Detong is down to Earth and not crazy arrogant.

He is Best friends with Mao Lu, they met when they were 6 months old at the same nursery playgroup.

Zhao Detong was like any rich heir in his teenage years and went wild with partying, girls, alcohol, and drugs. If not for Fei Bing Bing and Mao Lu he would have gone off the rails.

Now he works as a director at a smaller business his family owns, since he doesn't want to be known as the son of Zhao group he worked his way from the bottom up and hides his identity at work. Despite that he did get promoted very quickly which he suspects is his Father's doing.

He cares greatly about his friends and is very sincere.

Fei Bing Bing was his first love but he experimented a lot in his teenage years and hurt her feelings greatly, they've had a rollercoaster romance, but now Detong is mature and swears to never mistreat her again.



24 years old, a jade like beauty, warm brown eyes, silky brown hair.

She is from the Fei family, one of the largest media moguls in China. They own several newspapers, radio stations, and news channels.

Fei Bing Bing currently works at Beijing TV station 1 as a marketing and PR director.

Her family is extremely wealthy and her parents are very doting, so she grew up like a princess. Combined with her pretty looks she was naturally a bit arrogant and snobbish, and she is used to getting what she wants.

There was a time when bad rumours about her being a slut and an arrogant bitch spread around school, leading to most of her female friends turning on her. Fei Bing Bing was deeply scarred by this and till this day doesn't have too many close girl friends.

Bing Bing is very good to people she cares about and has a heart filled with love. She donates to a lot of charities regularly, and can be very nosy and intrusive into her friends lives, but she only does this because she cares.

Since she was 5, Bing Bing has loved Zhao Detong, and would do anything for him. They have had a very rocky relationship which caused Fei Bing Bing much depression over the years and made her very jealous and paranoid, but she still greatly loves Zhao Detong.



23years old, very short and petite, curly hair, big bright brown eyes.

Tanaka is japanese and is studying for his masters degree at Tsing Hao University, majoring in Modern languages and Chinese culture.

Tanaka is gay, and came out to his parents when he was 15. His Mum didn't take it too well at first but she is now Tanaka's number 1 supporter.

His Dad was a gangster and died when Tanaka was ten.

Tanaka grew up in Tokyo and became a delinquent when he entered high school. He did very well in his studies but he risked being kicked out of school a lot due to the fights he got into. He mellowed out more when he graduated.

He did his undergraduate studies at Keio University and one day whilst on an onsen trip with his flatmates he met Bei Lao who was working in Japan at the time and was staying at the same onsen.

Bei Lao wasn't exactly Tanaka's type, but he fell in love with his deep voice, honesty and intelligence.

When Bei Lao had to go back to China Tanaka followed him as soon as he finished his undergrad studies.

Tanaka met Mao Lu soon after when he started working at Cafe E'clair.

Tanaka is very sarcastic, bold, and feisty. A fantastic friend and an annoying enemy.



35 years old, very tall, wears glasses, is a bit hunched, has a very handsome face, and likes his hair combed back.

Bei Lao was always very in the closet. He realised he was Gay when he hit his teens and went through puberty.

He is rather quiet and doesn't say too much, but when he does speak his words are very sincere or somewhat meaningful or informative.

He has an ordinary family and became a very hardworking and efficient office worker at an international firm.

He doesn't like standing out.

When he gained a promotion he was sent to work in Japan for three years. Bei Lao is fluent in Japanese.

He met Tanaka while enjoying a beak at an Onsen and his life changed drastically from there on.

Tanaka is the polar opposite of him, but despite this Bei Lao fell in love with Tanaka.

Tanaka gave him the courage to come out and be accepted.



24 years old, tall, average face, black hair, brown eyes.

British Chinese, he grew up in England. Due to his spontaneous nature he decided to come to China alone and complete his high school education there, which is where he met Mao Lu, Zhao Detong, and Fei Bing Bing.

His Uncle Chan, his Mother's best friend, supported him whilst he studied in China and was one of the reasons Frank decided to join the police force.

He had a two year break where he travelled the world and then entered the police academy when he was 20.

His parents are wealthy investors and his mothers side of the family are very rich.

Uncommonly when his parents married his Dad took on his Mother's maiden name, 'Wang' since she came from a wealthier background.

Frank is a spontaneous person and tries to live life as enjoyably as he can, when it comes to work though he is very serious and efficient.