26 Thirsty

A Gatekeeper and The Celestial Sovereign

The instant Chàng Bo appeared next to Mao Lu, and looked at him with those clear blue star filled eyes, whilst whimpering "You're back finally. I've been starving for a week. Please feed me." Mao Lu felt his heart begin to beat like crazy.

His blood was boiling, and he felt very hot all of a sudden.

His cheeks were warm.

"Am I blushing!!!!!?" He thought in horror.

In less than a second he'd turned into a dog in heat, and this time Mao Lu hadn't drank any alcohol. He couldn't blame this reaction on being drunk.

Mao Lu could admit that he was sexually frustrated but this felt like something more than that. "I'm super attracted to him!"

Mao Lu mentally slapped himself.

"Y-y-you're hungry?" He finally said after calming down and slightly regaining his composure.

Chàng Bo raised an eyebrow, what was that reaction?

He sensed Mao Lu's heart rate momentarily rise, although Mao Lu quickly restrained it he still noticed. Chàng Bo was slightly puzzled, it had happened the moment he grabbed Mao Lu's arm. Was it because of him, or was it something else?..

Chàng Bo explained, "You see usually I would feed off the essence, but the essence here in a mortal realm is very impure, the impurities aren't good for my body. Even when I absorbed large quantities of it and filtered it out, it was still insufficient to meet the requirements of my body. For now I'll have to settle with having real food to consume for energy. But I haven't had any food in a week."

Mao Lu looked at him, confused, "But there's food in the kitchen, I'm sure I still had a lot of things in the fridge and pantry. Did you not see it?"

"I didn't. I didn't want to go into the kitchen in case an incident like last time happened. I didn't want to offend you Gatekeeper Lu, by making another mess." Chàng Bo answered quickly.

"I wouldn't have been offended though….you could have made a mess…" Mao Lu sensed a large amount or embarrassment coming off of Chàng Bo.

"Ahhh I see!!!! You can't cook. It's because you're embarrassed right? It's less about offending me and more like you didn't want to fail at cooking!" he exclaimed, "Have you never cooked for yourself before?" Mao Lu was curious.

Chàng Bo went a bit stiff. Mao Lu had gotten straight to the point.

Chàng Bo didn't know how to cook for himself.

Being the son of the Supreme Lord of Stars, Chàng Bo had had personal chefs since young. And when he hit 50 he began using the essence as food. Learning basic essential skills like cooking had never applied to him.

However, Chàng Bo had always excelled at everything, he was perfect at everything. So when he saw Mao Lu's kitchen and found the food, even though he didn't know how, he thought he could easily warm it up and make himself something nice.

But that had ended in a complete disaster.

It was humiliating for Chàng Bo. He, the son of the Supreme Lord of Stars, the future Celestial Sovereign, couldn't even heat up a meal and nearly set himself on fire in the process.

What a joke would that be, it was an extreme loss of face. If this information became known throughout the 400 realms Chàng Bo was sure he'd become a laughing stock.

And practitioners that hated him, which were many, would make malicious comments like: "He can't even cook despite all that power!"

"I guess that's what happens when you're pampered and spoiled."

"Chàng Bo would definitely die in the wild, he's not even a threat."

"What a joke."

Just the thought of people Chàng Bo hated saying these things and looking down on him, made his blood boil.

Chàng Bo was too ashamed to go back into the kitchen and make a fool of himself, he'd rather starve than make such a humiliating scene again. That's why he ended up waiting for Mao Lu, but who would have thought that this Gatekeeper would stay in his quarters for a week without leaving.

Chàng Bo had honestly never felt so hungry in his entire existence. That was why even though he knew it was impolite he still grabbed Mao Lu and begged for food. He risked it because he was just that hungry, and so far Mao Lu didn't seem like the irrationally angry type that would get mad if he requested such a thing.

When Mao Lu saw the stiff expression on Chàng Bo's face that easily revealed his thoughts, he burst into giggles. This Chàng Bo was far too funny. "First when we meet he speaks to me so rudely, then ruins my kitchen, and now he comes begging to me for food like a baby."

Yet Mao Lu also felt that Chàng Bo had many layers to him. He's obviously someone with ambitions and secrets. Even though Mao Lu had overlooked it initially, when he reviewed the conversation they'd had about the Gatekeepers key, he felt like he'd missed something.

A slight irritation, which told him that behind that honest persona Chàng Bo was hiding something from him and being very calculative.

This was the main reason that Mao Lu wasn't comfortable with his extreme attraction to Chàng Bo.

It wasn't just because they'd only just met, but it was also because Mao Lu wasn't sure if he could trust Chàng Bo. What if he became a threat to Mao Lu later on? What if the Gatekeeper association decided to punish him with death for hiding and using the key?

Mao Lu wasn't cold hearted, he didn't want to see Chàng Bo die and he would help him if he could, but Mao Lu wouldn't take any type of betrayal. If Chàng Bo was plotting against him and defied Mao Lu's trust then Mao Lu would personally make Chàng Bo wish he never dared to.

Mao Lu didn't want to be so attracted to Chàng Bo, these feelings would only complicate matters if Chàng Bo proved to be dangerous.


"Okay let me make you some food, and whilst you're watching I hope you learn a thing or two."

Mao Lu led Chàng Bo into the kitchen and opened the cupboards and went into the freezer. He took out all kinds of ingredients.

Mao Lu thinly sliced some cabbage and crushed some garlic cloves on a chopping board. He then took out large packets of chow mein noodles. He got water in a large pot and began boiling the water in the pot on the cooker before putting in the chow mein noodles and leaving them to cook.

Chàng Bo watched intensely as Mao Lu brought out a large wok.

Mao Lu put the flames up to full heat as he expertly tossed canola oil into the pan and began cooking the cabbage he'd sliced earlier. He cooked it for three minutes before adding the garlic cloves. He then added in soy sauce, sweet soy sauce, and oyster sauce, leaving that to simmer.

Mao Lu then took out some large frozen prawns, adding them to the mix. He also added some bean sprouts and sesame seeds. Eventually he took the chow mein noodles, draining the water and then throwing them in the wok. Mixing it all together.

After a few minutes he got two large bowls and threw the noodles inside them. Sprinkling more sesame seeds on top.

"And there we have it, some Prawn Chow Mein" Mao Lu smiled at Chàng Bo.

Chàng Bo's eyes were wide, the smell was delicious. He had never seen food like this before but his mouth still watered.

Chàng Bo was also amazed at the skill, speed and ease that Mao Lu had prepared this. Was he a cooking expert?

Mao Lu was in fact very good at cooking.

His Father's business had been a very famous chain of 5 star restaurants before the bankruptcy.

When Mao Lu had been young he had often toured with his Dad to the various restaurants they had across China, he'd hung out with famous chefs as well. His Father would often tell him that one day he would inherit the business, so he at least had to know the basics.

Also one of Mao Lu's part time jobs had been in a very successful kitchen, however the owner of that restaurant had been his Father's rival in the past, and when he discovered that Mao Lu was working in one of his kitchens he made sure Mao Lu got fired and prevented him from working in any other restaurant.

Mao Lu had found that grossly unfair, and he'd been extremely angry at the time.

From the way his Father's competitors, partners, and friends had turned their back on his Zhang family, the memory of it often made Mao Lu suspect that there was a conspiracy behind his family's bankruptcy. But Mao Lu had no evidence towards this suspicion, and even if he got a confession from someone now , it wouldn't change the events of the past. And he could be completely wrong and there could be no conspiracy behind it.

Although Mao Lu was curious about whether his family bankruptcy had been due to some contrived plot, he didn't want to go around digging it all up just yet. He'd spent so many years trying to move on from it all. He didn't feel like he was emotionally ready yet to look back.


Chàng Bo and Mao Lu sat together at the table, chopsticks in hand and noodles in front. "Well then, let's eat!" Mao Lu announced.

In an instant Chàng Bo was digging into his noodles. At first he was clumsy at using the chopsticks but he learnt quickly, and soon they were both enjoying a meal together.

In less then fifteen minutes they both contentedly sat back. Mao Lu couldn't help but grin as he stared at Chàng Bo, "he eats well" Mao Lu thought.

He then mentally slapped himself for the second time today.

Why was he grinning like a fool and admiring how well Chàng Bo ate? "If someone was watching this scene they'd think I was head over heels in love with him or something."

Mao Lu tried to look away from Chàng Bo but from the corner of his eyes he saw Chàng Bo drinking some water. As he watched him gulp, all of a sudden Mao Lu was feeling thirsty.

Mao Lu grabbed his own glass of water and drank it quickly.

"Umm so how comes you didn't go out and buy any food if you were so hungry?" Mao Lu asked as a way to distract himself from his growing thirst.

"I wasn't prepared to come to this realm for obvious reasons. I don't know anything about the customs, or the currency. I don't even know the languages. Going out to buy food would have just ended up being problematic." Chàng Bo said casually as he scraped at the bowl with his chopsticks. He wanted more food.

"Doesn't know the language????" Mao Lu was confused. Then how exactly were they communicating?

"You're a Gatekeeper, you can instantly understand someone in your realm regardless of the language because this realm is yours. And as a Gatekeeper you can use the Realm tongue. Everyone from the 400 realms can understand the words of a Gatekeeper, your words are always understood." Gates explained to Mao Lu mentally.

Mao Lu was surprised. That meant that this entire time Chàng Bo had not been speaking Chinese. But it sounded exactly like Chinese in Mao Lu's head. He hadn't even noticed.

"How do you think you were able to communicate with those practitioners that came from other planets to visit you over the past couple of weeks? Did you think they all knew Chinese? How ridiculous, honestly I wonder if you think things through at all Mao Lu?" Gates berated, it truly was amazed at how dumb Mao Lu could be sometimes, and yet he could also be so intelligent and wise.

Mao Lu's ears went pink with embarrassment. Of course they all couldn't speak chinese. It had been dumb of him to think that they all could, but it just hadn't occurred to him.

Mao Lu coughed slightly and said aloud to Chàng Bo, "Well that isn't good, don't worry I'll help you adjust to this realm during your stay and help you understand its customs and the language."

"That would be awesome." Chàng Bo smiled, "I really want to learn more about this realm now. The food you made was just so delicious I've never had anything like it. When I was young all I ate was spiritual medicines and essence enthused plants. This is the first time I've had something with so much flavour. I really want to go out and see the rest of this realm, and taste all the dishes they have to offer. You better take me all over the place I demand to taste it all." Chàng Bo said excitedly with a glutinous gleam in his eyes.

Mao Lu blinked.

Chàng Bo blinked back at Mao Lu and then gasped. He'd forgotten himself, he'd gotten caught up in the friendly and relaxed atmosphere and just spoke the way he normally would. He'd even ordered Gatekeeper Lu to take him all over the place. "Do I have a death wish, why do I keep being so rude to this Gatekeeper, he must be pissed."

Contrary to Chàng Bo's expectations Mao Lu laughed.

This was the most genuine Chàng Bo had been with Mao Lu since they first met. Mao Lu liked that Chàng Bo spoke his mind and was finally feeling comfortable around him.

"It would be my pleasure to show you around this realm and show you the best cuisine. But you're going to have to work hard to learn the languages and the customs, and you should learn how to cook for yourself. It's a good skill." Mao Lu had a playful expression as he grinned brightly.

The setting sun came through kitchen window and illuminated Mao Lu's face in a soft orange haze. His bright smile was warm and refreshing, his clear eyes showed no deceit but genuine pleasure and excitement.

Chàng Bo paused, he felt a strange feeling he couldn't identify.

He'd never met someone who was so comfortable with him before and looked at him with no deceit or ulterior motives, but just with genuine interest.

Chàng Bo had matured young when his mother went missing, and because of the sovereign system or rather his fast training speed, he was mostly idolised or hated by those in the same generation as him. He had many enemies and only a few real friends. Yet even his real friends were careful around Chàng Bo since he had such talent and ability, his future was bound to surpass theirs. There was always a barrier between him and them.

Mao Lu not only spoke to him comfortably but also broke all the social barriers between them with such ease.

The way Mao Lu smiled was so honest and genuinely beautiful. Such a pure soul.

Chàng Bo wondered how Mao Lu could have been raised to end up so pure and gentle.

He couldn't help but naturally reciprocate Mao Lu's smile, and they ended up grinning at each other.

As Chàng Bo smiled the Sovereign system's display popped up in front of his eyes.


Your fate is intertwined with this Gatekeeper.

Deepen your bond, become unbeatable together.

Change your own fate! Reward: Unlimited fate points"

"Huh!!!" Chàng Bo was shocked. The system had never done this before. Their fate was intertwined? Deepen their bond? Unlimited fate points????

Was this for real?