1 Casterly Rock

A Melody of Fire and Lightning

Casterly Rock home of House Lannister one of the Great Houses of Westeros, one of it's richest and most powerful families and oldest dynasties.

Inside the luxurious Casterly Rock sat a Elderly Man with blond hair and green eyes sitting in a chair opposite of him say a young boy with White-blond hair and green eyes. These tow were none other than the Lord of Casterly Rock, Tywin Lannister and his grandson Aaryn Lannister. Aaryn looked at The letter in his Grandfather's hand as he eagerly waited for the reply sent by his father.

Tywin looked at his grandson with a stern eye as he closed the letter and sighed.

"Aaryn King's Landing is a dangerous place one idiotic mistake can cost you your life."

Aaryn just continued to stare at his Grandfather knowing that he wasn't done speaking he just nodded.

"The world believes you're the bastard son of your father who was lucky enough to be legalized. Some people speculate that you might be the the son of Daenys and would like to harm you, you going to King's landing is a risk I would rather not take."

Aaryn frowned but still said nothing he only stared with they eyes of a pleading Grandchild hoping for his Grandfather to change his mind.

"But I have taught you everything I know." Tywin smiled as he looked at his grandson shaped in his own image. He saw someone that would lead his family to prosper. "It's time for you to leave in a few years the world will surely be a lot different than it currently is. Just remember give that Oaf of a king no reasons to believe Targaryen blood flows through your veins, you leave in a Week."

Aaryn Stood from his chair and looked at his Grandfather. "Thank you grandfather" he bowed before leaving the room . As he walked the halls he couldn't help but remember the day he arrived in Westeros.


Aaryn didn't quite understand how he ended up in the world of Game Of Thrones. One night he fell asleep binge watching the Last season of GOT and the next day he was in a body of a newly born baby and to top it all off he ended up in the body of a character he had never even heard of, Aaryn Lannister .He cried until an Old man picked him and he realized who the old man was. Tywin Lannister himself called him his Grandson before passing him to Jamie Lannister his Father.

Being the son of one of the Only character who never really took care of his own kids was truly sad. Aaryn continued to wallow in his pain until one day he heard a 'Ding!!'

[System Online, Host detected and Compatiable.]

[Integrating Bloodline and potential of Sasuke Uchiha.]

Aaryn almost fainted due to his excitement that was until he heard the next line and his dreams of being a god were destroyed right before his eyes.

[Sasuke System installed memories and abilities including sharingan will be unlocked as you age, chakra use will be limited. Sasuke's memories end with the death of Itachi. Good bye Host and do remember having memories means nothing if you don't train]

Aaryn paused before screaming his lungs out once again. ' MY SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!'

Aaryn finally calmed down when he remembered how powerful Sasuke was, even as a Kid Sasuke would surely dominate a place like Westeros. Understanding that the system armed him with the abilities to survive in a world that would literally be eclipsed by the dead one day he sighed.