3 Family and Becoming a Squire

A Melody of Fire and Lightning

Aaryn continued forward only stopping after he was sure no one could catch up. He jumped down from his horse grabbing Tyrion before laying him flat on the ground.

"Do forgive me uncle this will be quite painful." Aaryn said before grabbing the arrow and pulling with all his might, yanking it out before immediately shooting a miniature fireball to clean the wound and close it. Aaryn sighed before picking Tyrion up and continuing his journey.

Aaryn didn't stop a second time, once he reached king's landing he rode forward only getting off once he reached the red keep.

"Who are you." one of the guards asked seeing him covered in dirt and smelling of blood.

"Aaryn Lannister." Aaryn stated before eyeing the guard "if you need proof call my father or you could just look at my uncle currently hanging from my horse." Aaryn spoke slowly pronouncing every syllable.

"Call for Jamie Lannister." the guard spoke.

Aaryn waited calmly after what he had been through he could use a rest and a bath. Exhaustion filled his very being almost dozing off during the wait the Guards watched him closely. Aaryn could hear the metal colliding as a king's guard walked down the hall.

Jamie walked toward Aaryn seeing him covered in mud and smelling like blood he couldn't help but frown. "I should have never sent that raven." Jamie said

" Me being there saved Uncle Tyrion's life." Aaryn said resolutely staring his father in his eyes.

Jamie looked at his son and could only sigh, " Tell me exactly what happened start from the beginning."

Aaryn nodded " That night after eating I left the camp to relieve myself, most of the guards were drinking or talking. On the way back I noticed how quiet it seemed so I rushed back and the closer I got the more eerie seems seemed. I arrived to see guards fighting and uncle Tyrion with no protection, a bandit was approaching him. I ran towards him and just as the bandit was about to cut down I stabbed him in the back through his heart." Aaryn slowed down at this part and breathed in. "I led uncle Tyrion to the horses and we escaped, I stayed vigilant during the ride but just as we thought we were safe an arrow hit uncle Tyrion I grabbed him before he fell and rode off. I did my best to close the wound before arriving here." Aaryn finished and Jamie nodded looking at his son who had just experienced and survived something most kids his age couldn't even dream of.

" Aaryn every man in an army has a first kill, and some are never the same. Hell most don't even get the chance to think about it before having to continue. You should get some rest, tomorrow you have a lot ahead of you." Aaryn nodded before looking at his father.

"How do you sleep." Aaryn asked quite shaken up remembering the face of the bandits he had killed. The sharingan really helped in that aspect perfectly remembering every person you kill. Jamie looked at his son "By realizing that it was either you or those that you've killed." Jamie looked at his son and saw that he was lost in thought deciding to leave him to his own thoughts.

Aaryn nodded understanding that if he didn't kill those bandits he and his uncle Tyrion would sure not live to see another day. He walked to his tub full of water before climbing and and bathing. Aaryn went to sleep that night wondering what his future in king's landing would be like.

The next morning a servant girl escorted Aaryn to breakfast, He arrived to see his father next to Cersei Lannister, her children seated next to her and Tyrion on the end. Aaryn walked next to his father before speaking "Father", he turned to Cersei "Aunt Cersei, clearly the stories do you no justice how could they ever hope to describe your beauty." Cersei smiled and turned to Jamie and laughed "He truly does resemble you brother especially the flattery." Cersei turned back to Aaryn " These are your three cousins, Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen. We're Family so we'll cut with the formalities call me Aunt Cersei." Aaryn nodded before taking his seat and everyone started to ear.

"Dear cousin I've heard grandfather wants to name you heir to Casterly rock." Joffrey said.

"Yes Grandfather has mentioned it a couple times but that will have to wait, I wish to travel for a while before taking on the duties of an old man." Aaryn said as he sipped his cup.

"I'll be the greatest king to ever exist, I can't wait."

Aaryn nodded before turning to his father "When will I be meeting Ser Barristan." He asked excitedly.

"Now if you'd like I already mentioned it to him so be prepared to train like you never have before." Aaryn nodded before standing and turning to Cersei, "thank you Aunt Cersei, Cousins." he turned and followed his father.

"So that how Lannister's turn out when they aren't raised in Casterly Rock." Aaryn said to his father as they walked towards the knights training ground.

"Aaryn, not everyone is a child genius give him some time he'll grow up." Jamie said quite confident. Aaryn could only nod, not even thinking of warning his father of the future troubles Joffrey would bring.

The arrived to see a grey haired man completely dominating the younger knights. "I may be the greatest with a sword, but against Ser Barristan I can't say

I'm completely sure I would win." Jamie Spoke to Aaryn with complete honesty.

Ser Barristan finished his sparring before turning and walking towards Jamie and Aaryn. His facial expression changed when he saw Aaryn face, Aaryn and Jamie both noticed the change before slightly eyeing each other.

" You must be my new Squire." Ser Barristan spoke, Aaryn nodded before giving a quick bow "Ser Barristan I know your one of the oldest knights here and the wisest, Even my father doesn't know if he would defeat you if you fought it's my honor to be your squire.'

Ser Barristan smiled turning to Jamie, " I'll take good care of the boy no need to worry about him, he'll be a better fighter then you pretty soon." Jamie nodded and walked away.

"Follow me boy." Ser Barristan spoke and Aaryn followed they walked until they reached the outside garden far out of the reach of anyone's ears.

"You look just like her." He spoke turning around to look at Aaryn. "Look just like who?" Aaryn couldn't help but ask.

"You look just like Daenys Targaryen, you should have stayed in Casterly rock but it's a good thing you made it here at least I can train you like I did her and your uncle."

"No" Aaryn said looking at Ser Barristan. "I need harder training, they're both dead and the training you gave them won't be enough for me, I need the most difficult training you can think of."

"Fine, get ready for the training of a life time. I just hope you don't give up halfway it would be a shame." Aaryn nodded.