4 2 years

A Melody of Fire and Lightning

The Memories of Sasuke should have been a huge advantage but his lack of chakra slowed down his progress. Barely unlocking the second stage of the sharingan. Aaryn could only perfect the justu's that his chakra reserves could handle while focusing on the physical aspect of his training.

Searching for a place where he could train in peace Aaryn remembered a place near the castle, the Dragonpit. A huge desolate place most people of king's landing steered clear of. Even with his chakra limited Aaryn worked mostly on chakra control knowing that eventually his chakra reserves would expand.

The knights armor provided to Aaryn for training eventually became too light so he decided to use the gravity seals. Being extremely cautious while doing so because increasing the level too much could lead to crushing his own body.

'Shadow clone jutsu' Aaryn said in his mind as a bunch of smoke appeared in front of him revealing a clone of himself. His current limit was one clone making anymore would leave him defenseless. Not being able to spam clones and use the greatest cheat of the Naruto world was quite disappointing.

"You'll go to the castle and interact with our family, keep an eye on Jeffrey he's already making Myrcella and Tommen's lives a living hell." Even if they didn't know it Aaryn would try and appear as the older brother.

When Aaryn wasn't training in secret he would train with Ser Barristan the greatest knight alive. While he appeared in front of everyone the Clone would meditate while trying to increase his chakra reserves. For 2 years his chakra increased as slow as a snail but even that little bit of chakra could come in handy in a life or death situation.

The Day was bright as the suns rays shined down on two men one young and one old as they sparred using training swords.

"Aaryn I must say this place is quite fitting for our last spar before you become a knight." Aaryn only smiled in response focusing solely on the task at hand.

"Not talking much today are we, no but I really mean it just look at this place who would believe dragons once lived in this very structure." Ser Barristan continued to speak as he edged on aggressively forcing Aaryn to dodge. Predicting this Ser Barristan followed up forcefully knocking Aaryn's sword out of his hand.

Aaryn fell to the ground and sighed breathing hard before raising his head to look at Ser Barristan. "You've gotten better Aaryn but I can tell that something is on your and mind it's distracting you. Even with your mind elsewhere you could defeat most knights but not being able to focus will eventually lead to your death.

"Thank you Ser Barristan these two years have been quite the experience." Aaryn said these words before standing and walking back towards the castle with thoughts on his mind.

' I'm pretty sure soon Jon Aaryn's death will shock the castle, which means a trip to Winterfell' Aaryn thought as he continued to walk. ' I don't know the exact date but I'm pretty sure months after that Lord Stark loses his head due to my foolish cousin'. " Should I save him or not?"

Aaryn couldn't make up his mind saving Lord stark would lead to a completely different future depending on how he did it. 'First he could try and create a clone that would take his place while also using the fake death jutsu'. That seemed pretty impossible the next choice would be to stop him form journeying to King's Landing which also seemed unlikely.

Aaryn arrived at his room and cleaned himself before starting his daily Meditation this meditation was to increase his chakra reserves while also clearing his mind anyone would be lost in there own thoughts if they knew the future like he did.

One thing Aaryn seemed to notice is his chakra reserves barely ever increased thinking of what those two twin magicians once said to Daenerys Aaryn seemed to realize the key to his problem.

Those magicians spoke as if before the dragons were born Magic was dying out and the little bit they had was far too little to actually do anything with it. Aaryn compared chakra with magic and they seemed to be pretty similar meaning before the dragons were born his chakra would be suppressed to almost nothing.

Aaryn was awoken the next day with news Jon Aaryn had died from sickness. It took two weeks for the king to get out of his grief and finally decide to head for Winterfell.