1 Chapter 1

A New Start, A New Love

Selena's POV

It was a good start of something amazing I thought to myself; today's going to be a good day. I was going to cook lunch today and bring it to my hubby's office. I love to cook, it was my passion. I met my husband Jacob Taylor at an event that involves chefs, cooking, and how to open restaurants for newbies. I saw him for the first time and damn was he handsome. This guy was 5'11, a jawline I could chew and nibble on, his green eyes were so memorizing, and his black hair just blew with the wind. It was lovely I thought, "man I can eat him up, yummy!". Of course I was thinking about food.

I got the lunch bag packed and ready, than drove to his work. I walk up the reception's desk to let the person know I'm here to see my husband, but she didn't even bother looking up. It looked like she was busy working on something to take notice of me. So, I decided what the heck, I'm his wife, I'm going to just go in without any problems.

I get close to the door, and I hear noises. I'm like ok that's strange.

"Awh awh baby girl, right there! C'mon more. I'm so feeling you baby!" Moans and groans were entering my ears! I think, damn is this for reals, seriously. No, no, no, not Jacob, please!

I open the door slowly…and I see him thrusting his secretary Amber who is on top of his desk. I see him and he quickly pushes Amber off. "Honey, umm, it doesn't look like it. I, I….please honey. !"

This Bitch! She fucking my husband and he's fucking loving it! Damn bastard!

I dropped the lunch I made onto the floor and everything spills out like no tomorrow. I had forgotten to zip the top for some reasons who knows why; all the damn food just broke. I'm feeling like the food, I'm broken.

I put love into everything with him, food, love, life. I was all about him!

I'm so distraught right now, feeling sad, betrayed, and loss. I feel my face with my fingers and my tears just starts falls down. I pull myself together and run like hell out of the office. I can't believe this, "OMG, why, why is this happening?".