1 In A New World

A Noble Warrior

Two years later...

In a small wooden house Pietro sat idly in a crib. Yes, he had transmigrated to another world in another body living a new life. His name was Pedro now, so let's call him Pedro from now on.

Pedro was a small child with blond hair and green eyes, he wore a linen shirt and a small shorts. His hair was extremely short and was combed to the side.

He looked around curiously only to see a 20-square-meter room with walls made of fragile wood that did not fail to show some cracks and imperfections in its surface.

The floor had not been worn was just the raw and bare damp earth. The room had a damp climate that was relieved for brief periods of time by a few wind breezes that went through the cracks in the wall.


Pedro sneezed. And I really refuse to talk about the presentable substance that emerged from his nose. In less than a second a 20-year-old woman entered the room quickly.

She was a beautiful woman, she had blonde hair and wore a linen dress tied with a white ribbon that also served as a support for an apron she wore. With her bare feet she walked to Pedro holding a white handkerchief in her hand.

After that, she crouched beside Pedro and wiped his face. That woman was obviously his mother, his name was Martha.

Martha cleaned her son and then looked at his small, delicate face, she could not resist, took her son in her lap and gave him a warm hug while letting a broad smile emerge from her face.

Pedro did not resist, in fact he could not even if he wanted to. He really hated this child's body with all his might, and just thinking that he should wait at least a few more years to control his body perfectly made Pedro feel agony.

His mother released him from his embrace and put him back into the crib, moments later a man opened the door of the house and looked at Pedro, the man was tall and had short black hair, he wore a linen shirt and a belt attached to a brown pants he wore.

This was Carl, Pedro's father. He walked toward the son and held him with his rough hands, he lifted Pedro the height of his head and his expression would soon dissolve when he said:

"Cuti Cuti Cuti, who's Daddy's boy?"

Peter looked at him with an empty expression, his body was a child, but he was still aware of a 35-year-old man who had lived countless battles, if he was in his original form would probably stall Carl.

Carl looked at his son and after a long time playing he looked at a door and said,

"Err ... Martha, why does not this boy smile?" He asked with a melancholy tone.

"Leave our son Carl, you can do whatever nonsense you want, I do not think he'll understand."

In fact Peter understood, and it was for this very reason that he closed his expression every time he saw Carl approaching.

"He already knows how to speak ... how can he not understand a basic play between father and son? Besides, I feel he understands, but he does it on purpose. The other day I saw him play my underwear in the chicken coop ... "

Of course Pedro knew very well what he was doing, this man was making annoying jokes all the time and he had to take revenge in some way, however he would never hurt him because in any case this man was still his father.

"He's just a kid, there's no way he could have done such a thing. "

Pedro loved it, he could do anything, because he would always be victimized because he was just a child. Pedro liked to run from the crib a few times during the night to amuse himself with some of his parents' books at home.

Once Carl saw him running away during the night and when he ran to tell Martha about it, Peter had already gone back to the crib and pretended to be asleep. Sincerely Carl found his son scary sometimes.

Pedro still did not understand the writing of this world, only learned some words associating to the writing and the images of some books. Even though he did not understand the writing perfectly, he could still read some books if he tried.

Incredible as it may seem, his "Super Intelligence" ability had transmigrated to him, consequently this body inherited the same ability from Peter. But what scared him the most was a new skill he got: "The Origin System."

Whenever he thought of the name "Status" white letters stating his statistics appeared in the lower right corner of his vision.

[Name: Pedro Marquez]

[Breed: Human]

[Level 1: 0/10]

[Occupation: None]


[Attributes Points:]

[Strength: 2]

[Speed: 5]

[Agility: 3]

[Intelligence: 20000]


[Skills: ]

From what it seemed the "System" had not listed its ability but added 20,000 to its "Intelligence" attribute. Pedro did not care about this, what aroused his curiosity was a function called "Missions".

The system explained nothing to Peter and seldom spoke to him, but based on some games that existed in his previous world he discovered several functions of the system in a short time.

In addition, the purpose of the system was to help him, so he also searched for some functions that he knew to be useful for his growth, with this he discovered the function of "Status," "Missions", "Store", "Map" , among others.

Pedro was not desperate looking for missions thinking "Wow, I need to stay strong quickly to protect my family!". After all, looking for tremendous strength is not always the right thing to do. In fact, being strong is very good, but having a strength you can not control can cause your downfall.

The first step is to gather information about this world, for this he asked some basic questions to his parents, of course he was not direct, just created situations in which they told them about the world of their own volition.

This world was called the "Cosmos" and the continent was called "Oceani", the place in which it lived was a small village located to the east of the "Blue Flower Kingdom". The village was controlled by a nearby clan that Pedro still did not know the name.

In this world there were wizards, knights, cultivators, monsters among other things, honestly it was not very different from their old world, the only difference was the environment and technology, in addition, in their previous world the fighters were not classified by classes and yes by levels from 'A' to 'SSS'.

In this world the levels were used to classify a class in specific and different from its old world the levels here were:

Mortal (Stage 1 to 9)

Human (Stage 1 to 9)

Terrestrial (Stage 1 to 9)

Celestial (Stage 1 to 9)

Divine (Stage 1 to 9)

Explaining in simplified form ... A level 1 magician was called a "1st Stage Mortal Magician" and a level 1 knight was referred to as: "1st Stage Mortal Knight".

Pedro still did not know which way to go, after all he still did not know the characteristics of all classes, and he would not trust the knowledge that the games and books gave him on these subjects in his old world. After all, he did not like everything he learned to be right.

His parents became commoners because they could not evolve much in their classes. His mother was at the "7th Stage Mortal Magician" level and her father was a "1st Stage Human Cultivator".

A warrior would be recognized as strong after reaching the "1st Stage Earth" level that was when its base solidified and the energy in a person's body became stable.

At each past stage the energy would become more intense and pure and upon reaching the Celestial level, a person's energy would become pure to the point of making his aura be like a celestial being.

Pedro still had no information about the effects that the divine level had on people, since his parents never heard of anyone with that level. To them these people were like divine beings who should not be irritated at any cost. A person of divine level could destroy this little village with a simple sneeze.

Pedro decided to wait a few years to start finally acting in this unknown world.