3 A Company of Eunuches

A Pervert from Another World

Early in the morning ...

Takashi woke up from his bedroom and prepared himself for going to school. After walking out the door, he noticed there's a letter on the mailbox inserted on it and picked it up. He read the letter and it came from his Aunt who took care of him when he was a child.

Aunt: "Takashi, study well ... your Aunt is going to U.S for a mission, It might take a month for me to go back home. Take care 😉".

His Aunt was a secret assasin hired by the Government. She was an elite with success probability of 95% in her missions and only Takashi knows about her job. It was the result of his parents being murdered with unknown reasons during his childhood. And now she was looking for clues about it.

Takashi kept the letter and sighed "Dont worry Aunt, I'll make sure to take revenge of 'Takashi's' parents. It's the least that I can do to compensate 'him' for giving me this body".

It was pretty crowded when he reached the school, all students keep chatting with their friends and classmates as they passed the school gate. There's a guy hiding in a bush with a telescope on murmuring "That girl that passed just now was a D-cup, OooOhh there's another one with a G-cup.. H-cup 😲😲 Amaaazing !!! I never tought this place have hiding dragons and crouching tigers.. a nice addition for my collection".

*Smack* "Ouch, It hurts man .. Dude what are you doing here?" the guy said.

Takashi: "Morita-kun I heard that you're collecting a list of Hot Babes in the whole academy??"

Morita-kun: "Yes, with the addition of what I gathered just now the list will be complete. You wanna buy it Takashi-kun ??" asking slyly.

"Oh 😏😏 I'm interested" Takashi's eyes shined brightly. 'With this, I can atleast gather a lot of beauties for my Holy Mission'.

The days went on and turned into weeks, Takashi's days passed by just attending to school but hidden beneath the surface was him starting to implement his plan.

He started to buy a large mansion for refuge with a wall that reach 15 meters high. It has a gate that is imbued with magic that only he can open. He also made 4 turrets for nightwatch. The Inner area has sensors that detects heat and a video recorder attached to it and it will be shown on a control room handled by a robot made by Arc of Embodiment.

"I guess this is enough for now .. 🤔🤔 Hmm what would I do for the boys that might accompany our group later ?? I'll just think about it later." After the preparation, He went to his house and fell asleep. And just like that, the plot begins.


Walking in front of the school gates, Takashi saw a suspicious man being handled by a group of teachers.

Teacher 1: " STOP !! What are you doing here in our Academy ?? Why are you not answering me ??" she asked angrily.

Teacher 2: "It might be a stalker stalking our girls in our Fujimi Academy, Let's take him out and send him to FBI !!" He shouted.

A Young Professor of the Academy came in to meddle in their discussions. He was known as 'Adonis' of the Academy as he was Handsome and there's so many girls smitten by him. He had just got accepted by the Academy 3 days ago. ' It's my time to show-off, If I get lucky I might be able to sleep with one of the beautiful teachers in the academy or that Big Breasted Nurse that just got accepted a few months ago' thinking pervertedly.

He walked to the stranger and said, "Buddy, I don't know what you're here for but please don't disturb our students here" With a sage-like look He said.

Stranger: "@#!ins.. B$#@ns .. "

Young Professor: "What ?? Bronze ??"

Stranger: "BrAinZzzZz ..."

And it was at this moment the Young Professor knew ... HE F*CKED UP !!!!


"AaaaRrGhh .. Ahh.. Help me !! ." A look of horror showed up in the face of the professor as the Stranger bit his neck and blood gushed out from it.

Shouts and screams came everywhere as a group of teacher outside started running for their lives only to be bitten by the surrounding group of Mobs around the school gates.

"Oh Shit !! The event starts now, I better get going" Takashi started to run towards the school grounds as he notified all students he met along the way. He went to his class and look at his acquaintances.

"Guys, let's go !! before we run out of time" I went to my classmate Rei who had a shock written on her face and dragged her out of the room together with 2 scared female students following me. We went on the way going for the rooftop but found ourselves blocked by students(zombies), I took a thing that look like an egg from my bag and throw it on the zombies blocking the way.

*wOosh* *BANG*

It explode and release a green sticky substance.

"What is that Takashi-kun ??" asked Rei.

"It's a Sticky Gum Grenade I made myself. Anyway, we have to go now or else it might be too late" I said while dragging them along the way.

"Takashi !!!" a shout reached me and I looked towards its source, what I saw was a pink haired girl under-average height wearing an eye-glass. It was Saya Takagi together with a short and overweight guy, an otaku face plastered on his face, He was Hirano Kohta a fellow pervert. They were surrounded by zombies but looking at the face of Kohta, it seems they have it easy. He was holding a wooden shaped kind of gun but the bullet seems to be nails and every trigger of it, it always hit the Head.

"Takagi !! it seems you're having fun huh, care to join us ??"

"Mouoh, I keep telling you just call me by my first name" Saya said while pouting and starts joining the group with kohta.

"Saya-chan's too cute" Takashi chuckled but he suddenly got a chill and cold sweat behind his back.

"Ta-ka-shiii" Rei said while looking jealous. "I think we should go by now so we can find a shelter and survive" She said while ignoring the blushing face of Saya.

"Alright Let's Go !!" We started running upwards reaching the 4th floor beneath the rooftop.

" Grrah .." *Slash* "Aarghh.." *wOosh* "Kyaaah"

Reaching the floor, we heard sounds of grunts and screams along with a sword slashing a flesh of meat ... following the sound, we saw two people surrounded by 6 zombies.

Judging from their faces, they should be Saeko Busujima and Shizuka Marikawa. Saeko has a long, straight, and shiny purple hair along with a triangular fringe at the front that barely touches her nose. She had a calm and cool look on her face even while killing the zombies around her.

At her back, was Shizuka Marikawa the nurse of our Academy. She got a blonde hair reaching to her hips. The most noticable feature of her was her humungous breast, a J-cup bust 😏😏.

"You guys, what are you doing here ?? don't you all know that it's very dangerous here ??" Saeko said.

"Don't worry Saeko-san, We have a way to get out of here. All we have to do is to reach the rooftop I have a plan. Follow us !!" Takashi said.

Staring deeply in my eyes, Saeko finally give in "Alright, Let's Go before they find us again" We move fast until we finally reached the rooftop.

The 4th floor had the most people so as we reached the rooftop, there's a group of students came with us and we allowed them to follow us.

We closed the door and staring at the students, I activated a skill:

[{ Time Manipulation }] -stops time with a duration of 30 secs. can only be used once a day.

The Place seems to freeze and I cast again a second skill:

[{Aura Mastery}] - Detects any friendly or hostile aura around the user in a range of 30meters.

With it, I can see people with hostile aura around me and with [{Time Manipulation}] I have time to kill them. And last but not the least:

[{Memory Manipulation}] - manipulates fragments of memories with no side effect. Can be used once a day with a limit of 20 person.

I look around the people with hostile auras who is with me on the rooftop and throw them all away. I may look like a scum from others but Reality is harsh in this zombie-eat-human world, I hate being betrayed by people and as soon as possible I won't want them around me.

I modified fragments of memories of the remaining people so that they will only remember those who I had thrown off were eaten by those zombies and they deserved it.

I only got 10 seconds left, better use it or I might regret it. I cast a spell around all male except myself:

[{ Impotence Spell }] - all male affected with it will become impotent and lose their interest in sexual pleasure. It will only be cured with a Potent Potion available on the shop.

With it, My Harem Plan will succeed and I will be safe leaving my women if I go out of my mansion or go to other dimension in the future. I feel sorry for Kohta but I'll just make sure to give him some gifts later.

After 10 seconds passed and the skill duration ceased, the group started to move and walk infront of me.

"Takashi-kun, you'll be our group leader from now on .. We will follow and be loyal for you as long as you care for us and give us shelter." Saeko said.

"Don't Worry Guys, I'll lead you to a place where we can live in peace and that zombie faggots can't disturb us. As long as you stay loyal to me there won't be any problem, I might even give you rewards for your services." I said loudly ignoring the noise coming from the rooftop door.

"So, what will we do now ?? we are already blocked by zombie at the rooftop door and we are on the 5th floor so we can't jump." Saya asked while confused.

Takashi suddenly gave them a smile and said "Yes, we're surrounded side to side and we can't jump either but ..." He smirked.

"We can FLY"