A Pervert from Another World

What Takashi saw was a LARGE HORDE OF ZOMBIES, they were about a hundreds of it approximately. Takashi's eyes was shining seeing such a situation but what he saw next was even more shocking...

What He saw at the middle of the Mobs was a Large Zombie, it look like a butcher as it was carrying a butcher knife with chains in it, it's figure was an obese type with a height of 1.5 meters. He seems to be the leader as the zombies around him have a face of reverie and worship towards it.

Secretly hiding behind the bushes around a tree, Takashi stored his weapons on his inventory and he took another set for this battle. He summoned out 1 Large One-time Use Bazooka and 2 katanas, He 'boosted' the katana's [Sharpness] and [Durability]. He was ready and thirsty for battle.

He pointed the Bazooka towards the horde of zombies and with a trigger of his finger, a loud BOOM released from it. It was then that something unbelievable happened..

The 'Butcher' seemed to talk about something and the crowd of zombies formed a meat-shield... Yes, they formed something like of a shield and used their body for their Leader's defense.

After a while, the smoke released from the destruction Takashi caused began to vanish. What remained from the hundreds of zombies now was their Boss...

Takashi used the System to inspect the Boss, he was curious if the System can identify its strength.


[{ Butcher }]

Type: Modified Zombie

Class: Mini-Boss


"Hmm, so System only identify its Name, Type and Class huh.. I guess I have to find its strength by myself" Takashi being used to the System's shamelessness, decided to just ignore it.

Holding the 2 katanas side by side, He launched an attack towards his opponent. With a Dual Blades Style, Takashi formed a X type attack.

The Butcher seems to realized his opponent's attack, He used his [Butcher's Knife] and throw it towards Takashi.


"What the f*ck !!! How's that possible" Takashi's mouth went wide as the Butcher's attack was fast as the wind. Before Takashi could launch his attack, the Tip of the Knife collided with his katana and his attack went sideways and hit the surrounding trees. The Katanas sharpness made the trees fall down but sadly it didn't hit the Butcher.

Before Takashi could do his next attack he suddenly felt a whistle in the surroundings launching towards his head, he dodged it by a millisecond and it missed. ''Damn that was close, I'm happy that I boosted my Awareness or else I might be dead'' He sighed in relief forgetting he has a skill that makes him an unkillable cockroach.

"Time to end this !!!" He turned serious and used his katana to cut the chains connecting the knife. "Now you only have that half-assed chain, prepare to die !!!" With a shout, he attack the Butcher with his katana.

The scene looks like he just passed by the zombie, but what came after that was a burst of blood from the slashes on its body while its head was flying from the sky then rolled to the ground. It took a lot of words but Takashi's attack only just took 1 second and before the Butcher could do anything, he died with his head unattached.

A ray of light suddenly showed up from the sky pointing towards where the Butcher's cold body lies. This light can only be seen by Takashi. Takashi look at that place and what he saw was ...

"What the Actual F*ck !!!! A Floating Whip ??"