7 Her KNIGHT in Shining Armor

A Pervert from Another World

Takashi walked to the 'floating whip' hovering above the ground and reached it with his hand. The whip looks like a common whip used in some 'sweet torture' movies but with a slight color of pink at the front. Takashi used his System to inspect this suspicious item.

*BEEP* [{ Whip of Ecstasy }]

Description: Used by the Love Goddess to torture her enemies. This Item can cause Arousal to its designated target.

Effect: Arousal +20


"Ohh My, what a Godly Item ... perfect for a BDSM situation " Takashi drooled over while holding this godly whip. His pervertedness was beyond salvation 😏😏. But before he could dwelve more to his 'holy imagination', a series of notification prompts rang in from the System.

[Exp + 20] .. [Exp + 20] .. [Exp + 30] .. etc.



" Yes, Go Ahead " Takashi nodded.


"This will take time, I should go back by now. They might be worried if I stayed too long" Takashi decided to go home and rest.


[ Shizuka Marikawa POV ]

My name's Shizuka, I was a nurse at Fujimi Academy since 3 months ago. It was pretty boring this day .. students going to my clinic with their illnesses and other various reasons, the male teacher keeps looking at me when I pass by the teacher's office, and that weird male professor who just got accepted by the academy 3 days ago keeps bugging me.

I know myself I'm a bit of a klutz and sometimes been in a daze but they don't know there's a reason about it and I'm too shy to ask for my fellow teachers as relationship around the academy is forbidden.

Yes, I was looking for my 'right man of my dreams'. I'm already 27yrs old and ladies around this age were already married. I had a bestfriend named Rika and consult her about this. She said " You will only find him at the right time and by then, be sure to 'tie' him up around you and make him yours".

Hearing this, my cheeks went red and with a blush I respond to her " Don't worry, I'll give him my all if I found him". I found my conviction again when I met him that day.

It was the day when chaos broke out in the academy, the students becoming zombies and even my medical skills can't cure them. I was glad that Saeko was with me at that time and with her, I felt relieved a little.

I was scared that day.. even when Saeko say "Don't Worry sensei, we'll make our way for escape", I'm still nervous and looking at the 'students' that want to bite me, I feel like I've lost my hope. But my 'knight' had come to rescue me from my misery.

"Saeko-san, join us... I have a plan" He said to Saeko. I looked towards him and he also looked at me and when our eyes met, I felt a pleasant feeling inside me. I don't understand it at first but slowly I began to notice the changes inside me.

We reached the rooftop and Takashi became the Leader of the Group. I might be the oldest one but I feel Takashi would be the great one to lead us. It was then that he began to send us to his Mansion that he said something to me like of a whisper.

"Are you okay sensei ?? I was worried about you .. if you ever felt burdened, give it to me and I'll carry it .. I don't want you to look like that.. grumpy and lonely.. I've been like that before" He said. He stare at me with a worried and caring gaze and it made me want to cry.

I look towards him and smile " Ara ara, I don't know you were a naughty child" I felt like my depressed feelings were gone and I began to smile.

" I don't mind being a naughty guy as long as it's with you sensei" He smiled with a look of confidence.

"Are you sure about this Takashi ?? I'm too old and I'm a bit clumsy at many things a-an---" Before I could finish my talk, I felt something stuck on my lip. It was his lip..

He kissed me ...I felt a tingling sensation in my heart and I had an urge to do something more.

But, our lips separated before I could do more and got depressed .. it was like I had lost something important to me..

"Sensei, no need to be so depressed .. We're running out of time now, just wait me at the Mansion I have prepared for you all. There, we will continue what we were doing just now" He said while giving me a wink. I blushed thinking what he would do to me at his Place but I was also feeling a bit excited for it.

"Shizuka, just call me Shizuka" I said softly while blushing.. 'Ohhh my, what was gotten into me ?? I'm getting too bold'..

"Shizuka, wait for me there" He said softly. He stared at me with a gentle and loving gaze and before I could say anything, I was flying high up to the sky.. I was scared but I know I won't die from falling. I'm thinking why he has this supernatural powers but nevermind, I'll just trust him on this.

While high up in the sky, I felt something between my thighs.. I'm glad I was positioned at the back of the 'flying students'.

I was thinking maybe I peed myself but this feeling is different from when you take a pee. It was then that I realized...

I WAS 'WET' ...