8 Conferrence

A Pervert from Another World

It was evening when Takashi arrived at his Mansion. It was quiet at the surroundings but when he reached 1 meter close to the mansion, the silence was broken. It was so crowded with people at the entrance with the main heroines and sub-characters waiting for him.

Everyone: "Welcome Home Takashi-kun !!!"

Takashi was surprised at first but thinking for a little while "it must be Alice eh" He murmured..

" I'm Home everyone, are you all doing well ?? let's go inside first" He said 'It's good that I put a ward outside the mansion so the zombies won't notice us or else hmm..' he walked towards the mansion gate and noticed the gazes of the girls close to it. He looked to them and give them a wink causing them red faces from either shyness or 'anticipation' ?? ..

He remembered his actions towards them at that time two weeks before the event and can't help but shook his head while asking himself 'maybe I did too much at that time 🤔🤔 ?? but... nah, it's better this way so I can be sure nothing will happen for the next week I'm not around'

He has already got this planned out from the beginning so he just can't backed out from it.


They have arrived at the Meeting Room prepared by Takashi. The place was like a Conferrence Room with a Big round table and comfortable chairs surrounding in it. At the front, it has a different chair made for Takashi.

Takashi looked up to the 4 guys on his left side and said with a calm and carefree tone "I guessed Alice already briefed you what to do from this Mansion.."

One of the 4 guys answered "Yes, she already said what we need to do the moment we took place in the Mansion... She also said that our parents are safe and are on the shelter prepared by you and we are thankful for that. From that, we are relieve to act as watcher on your turrets and commited to do our job." He was one of the 4 guys with a firm body. Not that handsome but not that ugly either. Takashi met him at the school and discovered a unique talent in him and he decided to rope him in for future development of his plan.

Takashi nodded and before he can say anything.. Saeko, who was one of the girls on the right side looked at him and asked "Takashi-kun, I think you knew something about what is happening right now from the way you act and you even prepared a shelter for everyone .. I know this is crazy but why only us ..why didn't you save everyone ?? you could have notice everyone so we can be ready."

But Takashi beat it into her " Saeko-san, If i told everyone that there's going to be an apocalypse won't they label me as a lunatic ? won't I get to jail then and be interrogated and who knows, the mastermind of this event would even plot against me... I already did what I can do" He sighed for a second then said "What we can do for now is to get stronger, I fought a different zombie a while ago.. that might be a mutated one as it is beyond normal human can fight against. So you should focus on your power if you want to save people out there."

Saeko contemplated for a moment before nodding her head " I got it, you are right..If what you said is true... I should get stronger then so I could fight them."

Saya-chan who was quietly listening to them asked Takashi the most important question she had been wanting to ask "Takashi, do you have powers or something like magic that is like what you see on the television ?? we're common human how did you get that power??"

Takashi had expected that he has to answer this question sooner or later as it was really abnormal for a human to have powers. He was silent for a moment while before turning his head to the people while saying in a most serious manner "Do you believe I got this power when I met a mysterious troubled old woman and helped her in crossing the street ?? At the moment I walked out after helping her, I was struck by lightning and survived from it.. then I discovered this mysterious power in me."

Everyone was struck 'How could such a good thing happen' but moments later they realized that Takashi probably won't tell where he got it so the oldest one in the group, Our Nurse-chan, asked Takashi "Takashi-kun, what other thing can you do with your power ?? We got pretty scared for a moment when you sent us flying and maybe we should know about things so we can be prepared next time ?"

Takashi looked on her while showing a little smile that only the Two knows before saying " I guess I can pretty much make supplies like food,clothes, weapons and Low tier magic for the moment... Low tier magic is like the sound insulating barrier I have made surrounding the Mansion Gate and its walls so zombies won't be attracted by the noise here and also a connection trace which I used to send you here together with an elevation magic"

Takashi pretty much lied to them so they wont be too shocked if they know the whole truth that he can make anything out of his imagination and [boost] it to an abnormal degree 'Sigh, But this system limited me from producing Mid tier upwards, maybe the update can bring my hopes up'. He lamented for a second before saying "aahh, I forgot I didn't have dinner yet, have you all eaten your dinner already?"

Rei who was also at Takashi's right side commented " We already did about an hour ago before you arrived and now we're getting ready for bedtime " She looked unto him while murmured a little ''Foodie''.

Although she said it with a tiny voice, Takashi still heard her with his [boosted] hearing ..He can even hear little noises in a distance of 100m. He just looked unto her with a devilish smile for a moment before saying to the people "All right, I guess everything is done for today... you can go now and prepare to rest." While the people were approaching the door, Shizuka heard Takashi's words like whispering unto her ear as it was sent telepathically...

"Shizuka, get ready for tonight ~fufufu 💕"