6 Chapter 6: Launch

A Saiyan Reincarnation

That fat bastard stole my senzu beans! I was out of energy and too tired to fly back so I spent the night resting under a tree eating the hanging apples. When I had woken up I decided against returning to the lookout I really wanted explore and test out my new flying abilities I focused my ki underneath me and used it to lift me into the air as I began flying towards nowhere in particular I was a bit slow at first but over time I began to progressively pick up speed and fly higher and faster I was trying to get the hang of it enjoying the experience I was having a lot of fun just flying aimlessly trying to do tricks like the barrel roll or spinning around in circles performing flips .

Having the ability to fly is without a doubt one of the coolest powers anyone could have i'm sure at one point or another everyone has thought what it would be like to fly how easy and convenient it would make there life. To soar around the sky, it was a realm beyond the reach of man in my world many men had died passionately pursuing this dream of flight of course we had things like planes, jet pack's and, gliders but they couldn't even come close to this experience I doubt even a bird could feel this free it felt like a sweet dream the warm cool breeze blowing through my body brushing back my hair letting it flow freely along with what was left of my tail it was growing but really slowly the only problem I had was the wind hitting my face as I gained momentum I had to keep my eyes closed.

It really didn't matter to me I couldn't help but smile this was the first time in years that I had felt such peace I wanted to take the rest of the day off and go sightseeing this feeling I felt like if I wasn't careful I could dose off and fall asleep mid flight… I wasn't worried about crashing into anything because I was flying through the sky and this feeling felt too good to stop and come on lets be real here, what could I possibly…(*CRASH*) I was struck by a flying Truck and sent flying into the nearest tree my ki sensing still had a short range so by the time I detected it, it was already too late.

Vocado : "Flying car that's right this world has those…"

I got up rubbing my head my body was a bit sore from the impact but overall compared to my training and my current power level it was practically a bug bite to me. I got up and patted the dust and dirt off my gi I looked around and noticed the Truck it was wrecked, I couldn't help but think how ironic it was only in this world could I have been hit by a flying truck it reminded me of how I died and left a bitter taste in my mouth my mood was slightly ruined from the interruption of my sweet dream. I noticed the Capsule Corp logo on the truck, my curiosity was peaked and I went to investigate the cargo.

The truck was completely trashed and I doubted anyone could have survived judging from the impact and fall as I got closer and closer I could hear a faint cry for help emanate from the truck. Oh how lucky they survived I casually walked over to the drivers door I was in no particular rush to save this person I was just curious about the cargo and was helping on a whim I mean after all it was his fault for crashing his truck into me. I grabbed the drivers door handle and ripped the entire door out tossing it aside and took a peek inside. I saw an old man with a bushy grey mustache struggling to get out he was a bit banged up but was fine overall his uniform had a Capsule Corp logo on it. The man looked at me first in confusion then in anger.

Vocado : "Hey gramps what's in the back?"

Driver : "Ouch H-hey! Help me out here! This is your fault! Ow! Hurry up and Help me!"

I was surprised and a bit shocked that he was blaming me the victim he was the one who hit me. He should have kept his eyes on the road.. Sky? I grabbed him by his shirt and yanked him out accidentally throwing him out I had meant to just pull him out. I'm not really use to controlling my strength yet I guess

Vocado : "whoops my bad you okay Gramps?"

Well I still saved him so he should still be thankful anyways as I was going to check on the cargo I pulled out the doors and the man had gotten up and started shouting at me.

Driver : "HEY! You lousy Brat! What do you think your doing!"

He got closer to me and lifted me by the collar still shouting.

Driver : "You Listen Here Why I Oughta Knock Some Sense Into You Boy!"

I had a bored expression on my face and couldn't help but yawn there was absolutely nothing this person could do to hurt me or stop me when you're one of the strongest people on earth threats just don't really faze you anymore. I didn't do anything because i thought he was still in shock or something and was just confused.

Vocado : "Hey gramps this is your fault in the first place you're the one who hit me with your reckless driving."

He seemed flabbergasted by my comment and his face quickly turned red it looked like he'd start shooting smoke from his ears any second

Driver : "Reckless Driving!?!? You're The One That Came Out Of Nowhere! And Hit Me?!"

Vocado : "What did you say Asshole!"

I couldn't believe it he was really going to put all the blame on me if anything I am his benefactor not only had I forgiven him for crashing into me with a truck but I saved his life from his own recklessness. If anything he should be praising me for having not only saved his life but allowing him to live the second he started getting physical with me and grabbing me by the collar. I was annoyed at how shameless and rude this person was being and swiped his hands off me.

Vocado : "You should really learn some manners Gramps, anyways as compensation for hitting me with your truck and saving you, i'm gonna help myself to whatever's in the back."

I turned around and looked inside the truck and saw a strange device inside and asked the driver what it was.

Vocado : "Hey Gramps what is that thing?"

Driver : "None of your business kid! I'm calling the police!"

Man this guy sure is stupid why would he call the cops on himself? I walked inside and picked up the device to get a better look at it, it was in the shape of a black metal sphere with a button on top that had a blue light rim glowing.

Driver : "Hey kid! Don't Touch That! What Are you Doing!?"

I ignored him and walked out of the wrecked truck and started ascending away I didn't feel like dealing with this rude and shameless person anymore.

I pushed the button mid flight and nothing happened I brought it to eye level to see if there was another button or something. Maybe it got busted when the truck crashed? I shrugged my shoulders and tossed it back down.

Vocado : "Man what a waste of time.."

All of a sudden a loud explosion occurred beneath me I was caught off guard by the sudden explosion and immediately regained composure to look back down.

The entire area was in flames everything was charred and had a layer of black ash over it . Aw shit! Gramps! I felt his life force abruptly vanish with the explosion there wasn't a single trace of the poor guy left. I felt a little guilty but got over it almost as soon as the guilt started to kick in rationalizing it with : Meh He should have told me it was a bomb what a reckless guy. I flew away this time slow enough to keep my eyes open just in case I would meet another reckless driver along the way.

I eventually found a small town and decided to check it out. The town looked like the one the Bunny Gang ruled over, everyone had an eastern apparel and large pinkish mushrooms stuck out of the ground and only a few trees could be seen, the buildings were a mix of the capsule spheres and the normal rectangular ones I was use too back in my world the ground was a bright yellowish orange. Camels could be seen walking around the sidewalk everyone's clothes were a dark or dirty color compared to my bright purple and blue gi I stuck out like a sore thumb and floated down.

I didn't have any money and only casually strolled by as I was walking there was a kid in front of me balancing a basket of apples on his head I grabbed an apple from the basket and started eating the apple crunching it loudly. I couldn't tell whether it was a boy or a girl until he turned around because of the clothing being a hijab, the child immediately noticed this and turned around I glared back at the young girl and she immediately turned away and scurried off. Survival of the strongest if I am hungry I will Eat if I am thirsty I will drink who could not understand such common sense?

Vocado : "Welp I've had my fair share of fun better head back."

Satisfied with my trip I was getting bored of walking around and decided to go visit another town or look for something interesting I was about to fly away when I heard a call for help close by it sounded like a young girl. I went to go check it out as I walked to the alleyway where I heard the cry come from, I hadn't noticed the poster of familiar but young blonde curly haired girl wearing a red tied bandana and green shirt with the poster reading

"WANTED Reward $ 250,000. "

I looked into the alleyway and saw two familiar lads wearing a black bunny ear accessory leather cap with goggles on their head while sporting black uniform decorated with bunny themed accessories and a white armband. One was short round and dark skinned while the other was a slim tall guy with a yellow complexion he was pointing a gun at a small pretty girl with short curly blue hair and a tied red bandanna she wore green shirt beige colored shorts with long green socks and little bright red shoes and gloves This person it was Launch!

I felt a large smile come onto my face meeting such an iconic character in real life it would make any fan smile Launch was an interesting character in dragon ball who was the very manifestation of split personality disorder her kind personality would change her appearance into a girl with blue hair and blue eyes while her aggressive personality would change her into a blonde with green eyes. It was a shame that she was forgotten in Dragon ball Z I always wondered what happened to her afterwards or which of her two personalities was the original she looked really young maybe only three or four. I was a bit confused because she shouldn't be this old yet right? I forgot her canonical age but given that this continuity was different from the one I had grown up watching maybe things and characters were placed around differently in time here and will play out different too even without my interference. Launch was always a supporting and minor character so her being out of place wouldn't mess up the story too much.

I picked up two pebbles from the floor and flicked them at the two goons. There guns were knocked out of there hand and they recoiled from the kickback rubbing their hands while blowing on them.

Bunny Gang Goon #1, #2 : "What The!?"

Vocado : "Hey pal didn't your parents ever tell you it's not nice to point a gun at a lady?"

Bunny Gang Goon #1 : "Who Are You? "

Bunny Gang Goon #2 : You Gotta Death Wish Kid!?"

Bunny Gang Goon #1 : "Do you know who your dealing with? "

Bunny Gang Goon #2 : "Your in Big trouble now Kid?"

Vocado : "is that right, then why don't you come over here and show me."

I didn't want to kill these guys in front of the Blue haired Launch so I had to go easy on them to avoid scaring her off the goons came running at me I didn't have to move or anything it's not like they could hurt me the short round one came at me first ready to punch he yelled as he came charging when I moved to the side and tripped him over with my foot sending him tumbling out of the alley. I almost laughed at how cartoonish it was the other one unstrapped the rifle on his back and began firing while Launch cried out in the background and covered her eyes.


Blue Launch : "Aiiiiiiiieeeeeee!!!!!!"

I wanted to do something cool like grab all the bullets before they could hit me but I was to slow and only grabbed most of them, the few that did hit me just bounced off barely even leaving a mark except for the few bullet holes in my gi. I opened my palm to drop all the bullets I managed to catch the goon was shocked and fell flat on his butt his tongue was sticking out cartoonishly and his eyes were as wide as saucers.

Bunny Gang Goon #1 : "Wh-Wha-Wha-Wha."

He passed out from shock hmph saves me the trouble I guess. I walked up to Launch who was still closing her eyes I put my hand on her shoulder and with a gentle voice I said

Vocado : "Hey everything's okay now. Are you okay? What's your name?"

She looked up at me shyly then at the goon passed out on the floor then back at me and said with a sweet but confused voice.

Blue Launch : "My name is Launch but are you okay? He shot you didn't he? What's your name?"

Vocado : "I'm fine I guess he just really stinks at aiming, my name is Vocado"

Blue Launch : "Vocado like Avocado tee-hee you have a funny name."

Vocado : "I guess I do but hey do you know why they were chasing you?"

Blue Launch : "I-I don't know I just sneezed and before I knew it I was here"

Vocado : "Do you know where you are, or where your parents are?"

She began to tear up and cry

Blue Launch : "N-No (*Sniff) I miss my mommy and daddy (*Sniff) I don't know where (*Sniff) they are... waaaaaaah! Waaaah! waaaah! "

She started crying from her kind personalities perspective she had most likely kept abruptly finding herself in a different place every time she sneezed, her parents had just suddenly vanished along with her change as she was switched out in a different place every time she regained control of her body . Was she born like this or was this developed through an event in her life?

I felt bad for her she was just a kid and it wasn't hard to imagine how she got here, her other personality was probably the one who took her away from home and started going on criminal adventures I felt pity for her as a fan who loved the show and all its characters it made me sad to see her like this. I noticed that she had a small brown bag tied to her waste.

Vocado : "Hey hey its okay don't cry your okay look I'll help you get back home and find your parents I can fly so cheer up okay."

Blue Launch : "You, you can?"

She looked up at me teary eyed as I began to float her face brightened up showing her big toothy smile.

Blue Launch : "Wooow that's so cool can you teach me how to fly too."

Vocado : "I don't know if…"

Her face began to contort back into a sad look she was about to cry again I panicked

Vocado : "Of Course I can! But first lets go find your parents okay!"

Her face lightened up and she suddenly hugged me saying.

Blue Launch :" Okay!"

Vocado: "Hey by the way what's in that bag of yours?"

She let go and looked down at her waist she looked confused by my question she grabbed the bag and opened it up saying

Blue Launch : "I dunno"

When the bag string loosened a bright glimmer had reflected off the item. It was a beautifully decorated necklace made up of gold and had a big green jewel in the middle with smaller red jewels surrounding it. It looked extremely valuable she stared at it with wide eyes she had a scared look in her eyes as she threw it away. This probably wasn't the first time she found herself holding onto valuables only to be pursued by whoever she stole it from. She started shaking nervously I picked up the jewel and before I could return it I heard an...

Blue Launch : "Achoo!"

Vocado : "Aw Shit."

I turned around and when I did Launch's hair and eye color had changed to a blonde and green she shoved her gun inside of my mouth I have no idea where she even pulled that gun out of

Blonde Launch : "Hey what are ya crazy tryna steal my dough how long ya gonna keep holdin it"

Vocado : "mwhhf mwa hwa! Twsh wa bwm whtshnn. / Wait Don't shoot! This is one big misunderstanding."

Blonde Launch : " You makin fun of me!" (*Bang!)

The bullet shot and stretched my cheek out luckily it didn't pierce through it but it still stung and the recoil from the barrel left my teeth chattering I spit the bullet out and dropped the bag to rub my cheek she grabbed it and made a run for it.

Vocado : "Fuck! Hey Wait Up! Launch!"

I began flying towards her she turned around in surprise for a second then began immediately opening fire at me. (*BANG) (*BANG) (*BANG) (*BANG) (*BANG) (*BANG)

The crowd around her cleared out of the way everyone was scared and a few people cried out as she was charging her way through people and fruit stands dropping and pushing anyone or anything that got in her way. I needed to think of a way to change her back to her other personality so I could help her. She eventually found some poor sap riding a hovering motorcycle dropped kicked him and stole his ride. I was surprised that such a small girl could be so capable. I didn't dodge the bullets at first but then I noticed she was aiming for my eyes!

Shit! I didn't know whether or not my body could take a bullet to the eye without going blind better safe than sorry she was a good shot! I started dodging and blocking the bullets she would eventually run out of bullets or her ride would run out of gas either way time was on my side. (*BANG) (*BANG) (*BANG) (*BANG) (*BANG) (*BANG)

Blonde Launch : "Hey what are ya, a Bird or somethin?"

She had run out of bullets and threw her gun at me I caught it and tossed it aside I continued my pursuit chasing her by the tail when an idea struck me a " Bird ! " That's it!

I flew high into the sky still keeping my eye on her and following her general direction to look for a bird.

Blonde Launch : "Whats wrong ya give up ahahaha!"

I made a few quick rounds around the sky looking around the area when I found one .

Vocado : "Gotcha!"

I flew towards a fat red bird and plucked out one of its tail feathers it squaked angrily in surprise, I had a birds eye view of Launch and could make a good guess as to where she was heading next, I flew down to the middle of the road and waited for her. When she saw me standing ahead of the road.

Blonde Launch : "Tsk!, Look you get outta my way!"

She accelerated the hovering motorcycle in an attempt to run me over I was amused by her bravery and guts she had Spunk! And I liked it! I started smiling a battle hungry grin

As her vehicle was close to hitting me she leaned back on the motorcycle and jumped.

Blonde Launch : "Go To Hell!"

She somersaulted off nailing the landing as the Vehicle exploded upon impact she walked away from the explosion with her back facing the explosion the same way people did in the movies. She kept walking until she heard a voice call out to her.

Vocado : "Hey! Hold up! Aren't you forgetting about Someone "

I said in a playful tone as I walked out of the explosion emerging from the smoke a few flames flickered on my gi as I patted them away.

Blonde Launch : "What the Hell!"

I was about to chase her again and use the feather when she started to close her eyes and open her mouth.

Blonde Launch : "Ah Ah AH CHOO!"

She turned back into the Blue haired Launch I tossed away the red bird feather I couldn't help but sigh at my wasted attempt to fix the problem. I was just starting to like the Blonde one too oh well.

Blue Launch : "Where? Where am I? What's going on?"

She looked around at the mess she had created she was so scared and confused man is this what its like every time she switches how did she survive with her Blue haired personality?

Vocado : "Hey you dozed off there for a minute oh this it's nothing come on let's get you home."

She immediately brightened up at the idea of returning home I picked her up and carried her princess style and began flying she blushed a bit and covered her mouth and just kept staring at me at first but over time she got less and less nervous and began to enjoy the view. She asked me to fly around and go to a bunch of different places I couldn't help but smile I was the Elder of younger siblings and loved them dearly so I had a soft spot for kids and I knew how fun and amazing it was to fly like this. I spent the rest of the day getting directions from people in different towns and cities it took a while because Launch kept wanting to take detours and I couldn't say no to her she was such a sweet girl and she reminded me of my younger sister.

Eventually we got to her home it was already dark out and her parents came rushing out of there mansion home to see their daughter it turns out she came from a really wealthy family. It was a heartwarming reunion as I saw Launch and her parents tear up and run into an embrace. After talking to Launches parents and explaining her personality disorder and how to fix it.

They thanked me and wanted to reward me for bringing back their baby girl back home and invited me over to stay the night with them. I politely declined as I needed to return and get back to my training at the Lookout. They thanked me and said that they would always welcome me home as family. I couldn't help but feel touched it brought back memories of my own family back in my world I felt a pang of sadness I missed my family very much and as much as I enjoyed being here and the thought of going on adventures I still got home sick.. Before I left Launch called out to me.

Blue Launch : "Um Hey Vocado um… Do you think you can come over and visit me sometime?"

She said nervously looking down on the ground while swaying her left foot back and forth.

Vocado : "You Betcha were friends aren't we!"

I had dumb smile plastered over my face I stuck my thumb up she began to smile widely and blush at my response. I started floating into the air to fly away waving goodbye at them.

Launch and her parents all had a warm smile on their faces as they waved me farewell, they were a reunited family again it was a happy ending.

When they were out of sight I had a strange feeling in my heart I should be happy that I was flying but for some reason as I flew throughout the Night sky I felt a deep sense of loneliness

Vocado : "Family huh...."

I stayed quiet for a long time she and her family had reminded me of home and for the first time since I got here I felt like myself again the real me not the one influenced by this saiyan body.. When I saw the Lookout I had an empty feeling I wanted to go back and spend more time with Launch and her family.

But at the same time now more than ever I felt very motivated to become stronger I put my right fist over my heart and clenched it tightly. I had something to lose now people who I considered my friends...