7 Chapter 7: Incoming Threa

A Saiyan Reincarnation

As I got closer and closer to the Lookout I could hear a loud beeping noise come from where the space pod was parked Kami and Mr.Popo were standing by it with a solemn expression. A huge wave of doubt hit me again when I looked at the space pod and then I finally realized the cause of all this doubt…

The Scouters are bugged! Shit! I dropped by and landed near them I was really hoping that this wasn't happening because of the scouters if the Frieza Force sends people here it will mean the end of the Dragon Ball story.

The timeline will change too much and the chances of Goku reaching super saiyan or even surviving the eradication of the saiyans will be miniscule if the Earth is conquered by Frieza now! What's worse what will happen to Launch and her parents!

I ran inside the ship ignoring Kami and Mr.Popo cursing my memory loss. Could the Dragon balls fix this situation if things get too out of hand? How long would it take to gather them without a radar, What kind of wish would even fix this I was panicking and getting angry at myself this whole situation was Bull Shit! I needed to calm down for now so I took a few deep breaths to clear mind I checked the monitor of the space pod it read...

Space Pod: "Tracking Location…. Two Space Pods Arriving at Current Destination in 13 Hours Time"

13 hours! That's too fast! How long have they been following me when did they start!? Why didn't this hunk of junk tell me sooner! Fuck! I could see two bright green blinking blimps heading towards Earth, just two huh, how strong are they, and why come to Earth?

Okay let's think about the situation I haven't made any mention towards the dragon balls or what they do yet and they should have only been able see my actions up until my initial fight with Mr. Popo so no valuable information should have been leaked and I never pointed this thing directly into my face so they shouldn't know what I look like either not to mention the time skip I had inside of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber so my identity should still be a secret.

I doubt that old Alien Hag would snitch on me given how much of a total pushover the old bitch was.

Did they come here because I stole a few Saibamen and an Arm Blaster or did they notice my space pod was off course. Either way i absolutely cannot let them arrive on Earth the repercussions could be too much and long lasting to fix! When I got out of the space pod Kami and Mr.Popo were looking into the sky, could they sense them from here where they that strong that they could sense a space pod from that far away.

Mr. Popo : "Maggot we have a problem…"

Vocado : "How strong are they?"

Kami : "Stronger then any that has come before we will not be able to stop them if they arrive on Earth."

Vocado :"Do you have a plan? When did my ship start beeping?"

Kami : "Not long after you left Young one if anything happens to the Earth It will be your fault!"

Vocado: "That does not matter right now! We need to come up with a solution what if we attacked all at once or used the Dragon Balls?"

Mr. Popo: "That won't work Mr. Popo can tell there is no time to gather the Dragon balls, Kami i'm afraid we have no choice."

Kami's face went from solemn to hesitant then angry he stared daggers at me inspecting me up and down he closed his eyes and stayed quiet for a few seconds.

Kami: "(*sigh) I'm afraid we have no choice Mr. Popo..."

Vocado: "You have a plan to deal with these guys?"

I looked at him with hopeful eyes I couldn't think of any ways to stop them. At best I might be able to get them to leave Earth alone by taking the space pod to another planet but I would eventually just be caught and given my current power and lack of ki abilities my death or capture is almost guaranteed.

Mr. Popo: "Yes but well have to hurry your training Maggot."

Vocado: "That's Your Plan! If You Two Can't Do It What Makes You Think I Can!? Even If We Go In The Hyperbolic Time Chamber That's Little More Than Half A Year!"

Kami: "You will not be training in the room of spirit and time."

Vocado: "Huh?"

Mr.Popo: "Kami will train you here and now."

Vocado: "But that's not enough time.

Kami: "Its enough come here Vocado."

I was confused by how calm they were being thirteen hours is not enough time to get strong enough to take on two power houses especially at my current level of experience. I had no idea what they were planning or what kind of training I would be put through.

Something like this never happened in the story so this was all new to me. I walked over to Kami and he placed his hand over my head I could feel my brain start to vibrate and trip out it felt weirdly relaxing as if all my worry stress and anger were leaving my brain.

Kami: "I must warn you Vocado should you ever decide to use these powers against the Earth or for the sake of Evil you will perish by my hand.

A warning or a threat I couldn't get mad at him for blatantly making one in front of my face, because I was still tripping balls it felt like I was getting high as fuck, everything became funny and I started smiling for no reason I even felt my stomach growl holy shit am I getting the munchies right now, cause i'm hungry as fuck!

Vocado: "Duuuude you got any like food for anything? Heh heh."

Kami: "Tsk, foolish Young One!"

Mr.Popo: "What's wrong Kami?"

Kami: "His mental capacity is low, his brain is weaker than the average human I overestimated and used too much psychic control."

Mr.Popo: "I wonder could it be due to his species? He seemed unnaturally hostile and aggressive when Mr.Popo trained him perhaps the drawback to him having a superior physique to the average human is that his brain cannot handle as much psychic power. "

Kami: "That is very problematic if we cannot train him soon the Earth may face grave danger but I have no way of snapping him out of his trance."

Mr.Popo: "Kami let Mr.Popo try."

Mr.Popo: "Listen up Maggot what's the first rule of Mr. Popo's training?"


I felt my body jolt back into focus my heart began pounding and my blood was flowing rapidly I started hyperventilating I could feel cold sweat dripping down my forehead all of a sudden.

One second i'm tripping balls and the next i'm jolted back to normal i'm not sure why or how but I feel violated for some reason... when I looked up at Kami who looked surprised for a second then relaxed.

Kami: "Good, very good you did an excellent job training him Mr.Popo."

Mr.Popo: "Thank you Kami."

Vocado: "What are yo…"

I felt a sudden rush of information fill up my head It felt similar to reading but it was so much more intense It was like I was reading dozens of books all at once at breakneck speeds. Not only that the information that was being processed permanently imprinted onto my memory it was as if I had spent years of my life reading each and every word and letter religiously memorizing everything by heart. This feeling was amazing it was almost addicting.

Kami: "I will temporarily recognize you as a Guardian of the Earth candidate and bestow upon you my powers psychic despite your impure heart."

Kami did not trust Vocado fully and as the Guardian of Earth he would need to take responsibility for Vocado should he ever turn evil to avoid creating another evil like King Piccolo, implanting just enough but not all of his wisdom and experience into his mind.

But what he did not tell Vocado was that he had also placed a psychic barrier inside of his brain which would detonate blowing up his head from the inside out if he ever felt that Vocado becomes too big a threat to the Earth. Unaware to Vocado that Kami had full control over his life and could kill him easily on a whim in an instant this gave Kami some peace of mind and assurance in bestowing his power onto the young saiyan child.

Of Course this mental barrier had its limits and would only work within a certain a range, that range being the entire Earth and its surrounding atmosphere.

He implanted his knowledge and experience on ki control and sensing the usage of ki to perform ki waves. His experience in flying and using Aura to charge up ki. Which to Vocado allowed the foreign entity inside of his body to melt into his soul and finally become a piece of his body, no longer feeling foreign but a part of him now.

Kami had only allowed him to learn four techniques so in the event that he somehow gets rid of the psychic barrier he will not be able to compete with him and Mr.Popo in terms of skill and power.

The First technique was the Evil Containment Wave or the Mafuba a skill that will help him defeat the threat approaching Earth without having to worry about him using it against the Guardian of The Earth.

The Second technique was Psychic Wave the ability to perform a ranged psychic blast on a living creature that could force it to either enter a desired state of mind, experience hallucinations or even read its thought's and invade their mind.

Kami had given him a downgraded weak short ranged version of this ability that only allowed him to perform the Psychic Wave through physical contact and would only let him read minds and induce hallucinations. He couldn't brainwash someone or invade another person's mind and go through there memories like Kami but it would definitely give him an edge against stronger opponents if he was crafty with it.

The Third technique and the most complex was Magic Materialization an ability that was a mix of magic and ki that allowed the user to create material objects out of their own lifeforce like clothing, items, tools and, materials depending on the complexity, size and, material the lifeforce consumption would vary.

Or how most dragon ball fan's know it by as Piccolo's Clothes Beam! Kami had unwillingly given him this ability so that he could create containers for the Evil Containment Wave but given the circumstance it was a necessary decision.

The Fourth technique the Afterimage an ability that lets the user move skillfully fast enough to leave behind an image of the user. Although its concept was simple and could be performed by your average speedster its versatility made the technique very useful against foes unfamiliar with it.

Kami was not worried about Vocado enhancing his psychic and magic abilities due to his weak below average mental capacity and was confident in his inability to progress or master any of these abilities. Mr.Popo and Kami both assumed that Vocado was a brawler who did not rely on anything but fighting in short they had viewed him the same way they viewed Goku in other continuities . An idiot battle freak who is extremely talented in fighting and tactical combat but inept at anything else given their experiences with him.

Vocado in truth was not a brawler he could even be called the exact opposite a coward, although his saiyan biology and brain had warped his personality into a more hostile and violent one and even in times of great stress and danger his saiyan urges would flare up and overwrite his human instincts.

He still retained some of his humanity from his memories being transferred over, it was the human part of him that allowed him to feel fear and run away the part of him that prioritized survival and learning above all else unlike saiyans who only valued Battle and everything related to Battle. Vocado would dedicate himself to learning and mastering these abilities for the sake of fulfilling a human's most defining trait.

The Instinct that separates humans from animals the instinct that put the humans of his world at the top of the food chain against even the most fiercest of predators it was a humans Drive and Thirst for Knowledge.

Although Vocado could tell Kami was holding back on the knowledge he gave him

and that the Old Slug had ulterior motives in giving him these powers. He was sure that this distrustful cautious Old Slug had most likely done something to him in the process that he wasn't telling him about.

Trying to ensure himself of any worry of me, should I become a threat to him huh. I'm not sure what he did to me or what he's planning but until I can figure it out I better not make it obvious that I know...

Vocado: "This... this is amazing!"

My ki sense had not only expanded its range but my ki control was scary good I could create an Aura around me and use it to charge up my ki not to mention my flying skills felt top notch I floated into the air almost seamlessly it felt as natural as walking to me now.

I only had to use a small amount of concentration to generate two large orbs of ki in my hands, it took so little effort that it was hard to imagine that I even had any difficulty with ki in the first place and with simplistic thoughts I began to morph and shift the two spheres into my desired shape.

I had the experience of a centuries Old Slug in my brain and I could control my ki the same way I could control my hands I wanted to mimic an iconic but lethal move that could even give someone like Frieza a run for his money used by the beloved bald midget Krillin.

I condensed the ki wave energy spheres into two spinning disks of light and aimed them at Mr. Popo's stupid trees and with a smile on my face I shouted.

Vocado: "Destructo Disks!"

The two swirling disks of ki sliced and cut through all of the trees of the lookout, I effortlessly controlled the disks movement it reminded me of flying a toy plane.

Mr. Popo's smile widened as he began to release a chilling aura that turned the air cold, he looked at me hiding a sinister and menacing energy of malice and evil behind his fake smile. I used my aura to block off the negative energy that he was sending.

My aura was not as strong as his but it was enough to defend against it. I looked him in the eye with a serious face at first but I couldn't keep it up.

I gave him a mischievous smile, sticking out my tongue and flicking him off laughing at the fiend who caused me such torment finally unable to afflict me with his fear inducing negative energy.

His right eye twitched and his aura tripled in volume the floor around him began to freeze with ice and his skin had started to turn the same blue hue, that were used to censor him in some of his media portrayals.

I was no longer affected by the intense fear that he gave off with his negative energy blocking it off using my own aura to protect me from it but I still got goosebumps from how cold the air around us was becoming.

With my new abilities I might finally be able to give this Fat Fucking Genie a taste of his own medicine. My saiyan instincts that urged me to fight made me smile a battle hungry grin I wanted a rematch!

Kami: "YOU FOOLS!!"

Kami stomped his gnarled wooden staff on the stone floor with great force killing the mood.

Kami: "Focus on the problem at hand! Quit your bickering time is of the essence."

Mr. Popo: "F-Forgive me Kami."

Mr. Popo bowed his head in apology but not before giving me a menacing glance. Kami had let out a thunderous roar and snapped me out of my desire to fight.

Now was not the time for revenge I needed to stop these guys from reaching Earth to protect Launch and her Family along with the Dragon Ball Story.

Vocado: "Kami thank you for training me and you don't need to worry about the Earth. I'm taking the space pod away from Earth so that I can lure them and deal with them somewhere else, it's my fault they're here in the first place i'm sorry for getting you and the Earth involved Goodbye Kami."

Kami: "..."

Kami is still kind of a dick in this point and time but he is still a good person at heart no doubt that my acting will help me use him again in the future when the need arises, by planting a seed of sympathy towards me as the child who saved the Earth I was confident that I would overcome whatever contingency plan he has for me, and get him to be on my side. I climbed on board of my space pod and before I shut the door I took one final look back.

Vocado: "Mr. Popo I just want you to know that your the biggest Sadistic Asshole! I have ever met or probably ever will meet in my entire life. And although you may be one Sick Degenerate Fuck!... Thank you for training me."

I shut the door to the space pod and blasted off into space . I piloted the space pod for about six hours I had already left the solar system and could no longer feel Kami or Mr. Popo's ki but the two headed towards me their lifeforce only kept on growing the closer they got to me.

I kept my power level low hiding it to the point where I wouldn't even show up in their scouters I flew to a barren rock covered in a pool of steep dust in the middle of space nowhere and landed the space pod. I had used my Magic Materialization to create the same space suit Goku had on his way to Namek and two containers to use the Evil Containment wave.

I got out of my space pod and hid behind a few large rocks I would wait for them to inspect the space pod and ambush them!

My first priority was getting rid of their scouters to keep my identity a secret. I will use the dust on the floor as a smoke screen and take the scouters out then I could use the Destructo Disks to slice em into little bitty bits.

If that plan goes south then I can use the Evil Containment Wave to trap them inside of a bottle and ditch them on this rock buried beneath the dust.

My last resort is using the Psychic Wave inducing a hallucination to distract them long enough to ditch them on this rock and steal their ships if things get too fucked.

I patiently waited until I saw two pods hovering above mine They were Here!...