8 Chapter 8: Salt and Pepper

A Saiyan Reincarnation

Two figures emerged from their respective space pod's, one was a short pretty woman with pointy ears, Ebony skin, long spiky Snow white hair and, pupiless bright red eyes.

She wore a standard issue Frieza force armor but with a foreign logo on the lower left chest piece.

The logo was in an alien language I assumed they were initials of some kind but it honestly just looked like neat gibberish to me.

She had no bodysuit only the skin tight black underwear on that matched the color of her skin, from a distance it might look like she was bare butt naked from the lower half given how well it camouflaged only being able to see the outline up close.

I couldn't imagine what it was like having to wear that, I mean it already looked pretty ridiculous on the Ginyu Force or anyone else who had it.

It was like bringing your tighty whities into a fight or just wearing them out in public all the time.

She had a green scouter and a mean look on her face. She gave of the impression of smug dominance the kind you see with some crazy bitch you'd meet in the streets and would start swinging if you accidentally stepped on her new shoes or demand money or just make big scene about it.

The other was a tall tailless green muscular lizard humanoid with big green lips a scaled Mohawk and pointy ears. He was reminiscent of the Frieza Soldier Future Trunks encountered on Earth when Frieza and King Cold arrived.

He wore a standard issue Frieza force armor with a black bodysuit underneath, with white boots and the same logo gibberish on his chest piece. He had an arm blaster on his right arm and a pinkish red scouter he had a more serious and neutral look on his face.

Judging from their appearance and power the smaller one was clearly the leader.

In video games it was always better to take out the weakest first so I decided that would be the best course of action.

Kami wasn't much for tactical combat his memories although rich with fighting experience were still lacking in terms of using critical thinking with strategy and planning.

The gap in power between us and numbers meant that I couldn't just rush in dick first, I had to catch them both off guard and avoid direct confrontations to win.

The short pretty woman spoke out first in a loud domineering tone that made it clear this chick meant business.

Pepper: "You in the Space Pod Get Out Now!"

Salt: "Uuh boss you sure anyone's in there? The scouters aren't picking up anything maybe he's not in there."

Pepper: "Don't be a Fool Salt! Our scouters detected him earlier he has to be there."

Salt: "Y-yes boss but the scouters aren't picking up anything anymore maybe we sho…"

Pepper :"Shut up and watch rookie."

She pointed her hand towards the space pod and with a wicked smile she said…

Pepper: "You have to the count of Three before I blow you and this miserable piece of space rock into smithereens."

Salt: "Boss! You can't our ord!.."

She glared at him to shut up, before continuing her count down.

Pepper: "Three."

A small orb of pink laser light began to form in her palm, pfft there's no way this bitch is bluffing.

If she really wanted me dead, she wouldn't be so nice to give me a heads up and would have just attacked immediately or blown this rock into bits by now.

My gut feeling was telling me something fishy was going on here so I decided to wait and see what exactly they were planning.

Pepper: "Two."

The orb of light began to grow larger and larger, the lizard man beside her began to grow anxious and look around.

Pepper: "One."

Salt:"Boss Wait!"'

(*Zwooosh!) (*BOOOM!)

A pink laser beam shot out tearing through the space pod, blowing it up into a fiery explosion when the smoke and dust cleared it left behind a small crater of fire and scrap metal.

Salt: "Tsk, looks like he didn't take the bait."

Pepper: "Hmph it's fine just means less work for me good luck with the paperwork rookie."

Salt: "Sigh*, again boss?"

Pepper: "Quit your yapping rookie recover the body if possible they never told us we HAD to bring him back only that we SHOULD, no use crying over spilled space milk."

Salt: "Boss you know the higher ups won't just let us come back empty handed with a useless corpse and no Intel right?"

Pepper: "Well just tell em that he was resisting arrest that's all."

Salt: "Jeez is that why you had us turn off scouters Boss? You know one day this shit's gonna bite use in the ass if you keep killing every suspect for fun before we can even interrogate or identify them."

She shrugged her shoulders and began floating back into her space pod with a bored and uninterested expression on her face.

They both got back into their space pod's ready to depart.

I crept out of my hiding spot, now was my best chance to kill two birds with one stone while they least expected it.

The second I make my move their scouters will pick up on my life force.

I raised both hands into the air and created a pair of destructo disks in each I took my stance and sent them both swirling over towards the Lizard Man's space pod.

Vocado: "Destruct O Disk's!"

They immediately noticed and departed their ship's to engage.

But it was already to late for the lizard man he was only half way out of his space pod when the two destructo disk cut clean through him and his space pod in a horizontal and vertical slash.

Salt: "Wha…"

For a split second nothing happened there was no reaction only a look of horrid disbelief written over his face as he hadn't fully processed what had happened yet.

He uttered out his final breath finally realizing that he was already dead, before his body and space pod split apart into fours crashing onto the surface below.

Pepper: "Salt!"

Before she could turn her head to see the assailant she heard a ki wave being shot but instead of approaching her.

It hit the floor causing a large amount's of dust to block her vision the life force that her scouter detected had disappeared.

Pepper: "You Bastard You'll pay for that!"

An aura of pink ki engulfed her left leg as she swung her leg around into a kick with enough force to blow almost all of the dust off the barren space rock away.

She looked back and forth scanning every detail of the terrain to locate her target when she couldn't find anything.

She began to fly around the space rock shooting a barrage of pink ki waves to draw him out.

Pepper: "Come out! Come out! Wherever you Are!"

She was so concentrated on scanning the terrain to find her opponent that she didn't notice the young saiyan hovering above her tailing her at a distance from behind.

She had already flown around the entire mass of rock a few dozens of times scorching the surface with layer after layer of ki barrages.

By the time she stopped the rock wasn't even a tenth of its original size she was confused and tired she and was panting and sweating a little after using up so much of her energy.

She created another beam in her hand generating a large amount of ki into it she was prepping for a final attack.

She had at least wanted to identify the assailant and held off on blowing up the space rock into tiny space pebbles yet.

But she wasn't sure if whatever had killed her rookie was still alive after her assault.

She didn't want to come back with no information at all, her higher up's would definitely chew her out if she showed up empty handed and with the corpse of a dead rookie because she wanted to have a little fun again by turning off the scouter and ignoring her protocols.

Worst case scenario she'd end up losing her position in the Frieza Force Bureau of Investigation or the F.F.B.I a position she worked very hard for and was a symbol of her pride.

At the very least she needed to make sure whoever attacked her was dead she started charging up a great deal of her energy to perform her finishing move.

Perfect! While she was busy charging up her attack I got closer and closer I focused a psychic wave into both of my hands causing them to glow faintly, clenching them into fists.

I floated behind her and slammed them down against both sides of her head, crushing the scouter to pieces.


Pepper: "Aack!"

She was caught off guard but before she could retaliate her perception and spatial awareness became distorted she couldn't tell if she was floating upright or upside down her vision began to blur into a mess of shapes and colors.

No matter how much she tried she couldn't regain her balance or make out what was happening, but she could still feel pain and could tell that she was being attacked .

I grabbed her by the hair and began spinning her around and around increasing speed and momentum with every spin she could only flail around in confusion to try to defend herself only being able to yell out in anger.

Pepper: "Woah- Dammit! Woah What Did You Do To Me!-Woah I'll Make You Pay!!!"

I spun her around until the hair on her head ripped off and she was sent crashing into the scorched rock below crashing hard into the surface.

The impact buried her on the ground creating a small crater as she desperately tried to regain her footing.

That attack was meant to keep her disorientated, with her head still spinning if she was having a hard time before trying to regain herself, this would only further leave her more disorientated longer.

My psychic wave ability wouldn't last long the moment I break contact with the victim so I needed to keep her busy.

My only method of really harming her was the destructo disk but unlike beams it was a much slower attack and could be easily dodged or cancelled with a stronger ki wave.

I doubted any of my earlier attacks were really able to inflict much damage given her power level.

I took out the a container with a seal on it and placed it on the ground.

She was trying to pick herself up failing miserably every time she kept stumbling around but the more she tried the better her progress the psychic wave was already wearing off.

I stood by and got into my stance with both hands pointing at the crazy alien chick.


A bright blue beam shot out of my hands heading directly at the crazy alien chick who seemed to finally regain herself a moment too late.

Pepper: "WHAT THE!?"

As she was hit by the Mafuba she began screaming as her body began to twist and swirl distorting her scream, I swung the beam along with my arms up.

Pepper: "Wha-What is This!?"

As I swung my arms down ready to seal her inside the container I teasingly spoke out.

Vocado: "Consider it your one way ticket To Hell Bitch!"

She was finally able to see the face of her assailant permanently burning the image of him into her brain.

Her hatred and anger began to boil into a deep grudge.

She herself couldn't believe how someone like her a high ranked member of the Frieza Force Bureau of Investigation could be defeated and outsmarted by a small child.

The very idea drove her mad as she desperately tried to escape, she screamed at the top of her lungs with ever word and scream dripping with a seething malice before being sealed.



I sealed the container and let out a sigh of relief that attack was draining the container in question was a small hand sized bottle with the seal carved onto its cover I ate another senzu bean and picked up the bottle.

For good measure I used magic materialization to create a dense box around it made out of diamond and hurled it into space.

Clapping my hands together with a smile of satisfaction on my face for a job well done.

Vocado: "Welp that takes care of that."

I flew inside her space pod I had to think about my next plan of action. I couldn't return to Earth on this space pod or else they would just track it down and send more people.

I couldn't keep it either but I had also had to get their attention away from Earth hmmm…

I snapped my fingers, and materialized a light bulb above my head and set my destination for planet Vegeta.

Vocado: "I got it!"

I spent the time traveling to Planet Vegeta testing my magic materialization capabilities I got rid of the space suit and gi and replaced it with saiyan armor like the one Raditz had but with a black bodysuit underneath.

I could create things like food and drinks but it was limited to thing's I could distinctly remember well, like the taste or texture of it. Anything else would just poof when I took a bite or not work at all.

It was nice to finally be able to eat real food like a fresh hot magical burger and fries with a nice cold soda to chug it down with.

I was getting sick of eating senzu beans and the taste of magic splooge still haunted my mouth yuck.

I could create valuables like gems and gold but depending on the material it would drain more energy like diamond I figured the more denser the material the more energy consumption it required.

Also with my current power I could only create things as big as myself which wasn't much given how small my body still was.

Whenever I wasn't eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom or, messing around with my magic materialization, I was meditating it was something I picked up from Kami it was really relaxing and helped with passing the time…

When I arrived on planet Vegeta I landed in a deserted rocky pond surrounded with lush green plant life, the sky was dawn the sun was going to set pretty soon.

The scenery around here was very beautiful it looked a lot like the Dragon Ball Super Broly Movies depiction of some of the terrains on Planet Vegeta.

I blew up the space pod and ditched it letting the remnants sink into the pond below.

I saw no harm in coming here given that it was my only viable option.

This planet was doomed anyways even if they come looking for me here, I'll be long gone by then I wasn't in a rush to leave or anything.

I couldn't sense anyone else's life force so no one was spying on me and I was keeping mine hidden.

Saiyans or anyone on the Frieza Force never learned how to sense ki and had to rely on their scouters to that for them.

So I had a lot of confidence in getting away with this Scott Free, I nonchalantly walked around and took in the scenery it was nice to finally walk again and breathe fresh air.

When I got bored I flew away and started using my ki sense to find a familiar face who could help me get by.

Some time passed by until I finally found what I was looking for, the spaceship I was born in...