81 Maya

A Slave who became Emperor

A beautiful lady entered Indraprastha, she was fair skinned, perfectly proportioned and alluring to the exteme. She had a countenance that could make anyone go mad.. her smile and eyes were sexy and stirred hearts of men.. her name was Maya and she was a dancer..

She has sent a messenger to Pinaka that no one could dance better than her and she was willing to entertain him... Alone.. Pinaka smiled to himself listening to this message, Samyukta looked at him with a sharp gaze.. he shook his head helplessly..

Pinaka ignored the message, then there was a second message from her the next day.. it was the same.. she didn't entertain anyone else.. many men were waiting outside her house just to catch a glimpse of her.. but she didn't come out..

Pinaka ignored the message once again.. she waited for two more days, then she came out of her house and sat in a Pallaquin.. the bearers of the Pallaquin came forward and raised it on their shoulders.. she covered her face with a veil.. people followed the Pallaquin..

It was going towards the Palace.. the guards stopped the Pallaquin.. Maya came out.. looking at her figure.. the guards were spellbound.. her dress was not revealing, yet it was form fitting and gave a detailed insight of her assets.. and accentuated her curves..

She moved towards the guards and said that she came to meet the Prince..the guards asked her to wait and carried the message to Pinaka.. he was in a dilemma.. it was not appropriate to send a lady away without meeting her.. but Samyukta would not be happy with this meeting.. he asked the guards to send her in.. he sent an attender to ask Samyukta to accompany him.. she came and saw Pinaka acting nervous.. she looked at him and said, 'I heard that some important guests came to meet you.. ' stressing on the word 'important' he had a nervous smile on his face, he said, 'Samyukta, be with me... ' she looked at him with charming eyes and said, 'don't fret.. you are going to be an emperor.. you can handle a single woman.. how tough would that be.. ' he said, 'you must be here.. I don't want her to get any wrong messages.. ' she smiled and nodded.. she knew that Pinaka didn't want anyone to gossip negatively.. that was the reason he wanted Samyukta by his side.. and also he wanted Samyukta also to know that no matter what, he would be loyal to her alone forever..

Maya came in.. she saw Samyukta.. a curious expression could be seen in her eyes.. she looked at Pinaka and said, 'Prince, I wish to speak to you alone.. ' Pinaka said, 'my lady, whatever it is you wish to tell.. you must do so in front of Princess Samyukta... she is my wife.. we don't have secrets between us.. ' Maya heard it and laughed.. it was a clear ringing laugh.. she looked at Samyukta and said playfully, 'Princess, I will not eat your husband .. please.. leave us alone.. ' Samyukta raised one eyebrow and said, 'no, I will be here.. and don't forget that you are in the presence of future emperor and empress of the great unified empire.. be careful.. don't order me around.. speak what you need to speak and disperse.. ' Pinaka was shaken.. this woman.. how powerful.. just like a tigress.. with a single sentence she made sure that Maya understood that she couldn't bully her..it also had a warning stating that Pinaka was her man..Maya had a nasty look in her eyes, she removed her veil.. displaying her beautiful countenance.. she was not in any way inferior to Samyukta.. while Samyukta radiated Majesty, Maya was charming.. she then told to Pinaka, 'Prince.. I came here to entertainment you.. alone.. and I have something important to talk to you.. alone.. this concerns the future of Hindustan.. if you consider your country important, come and see me tonight at the city lake.., farewell.. ' without looking back or waiting for his reply, she turned around and walked away..