87 Meeting the chief

A Slave who became Emperor

As dawn broke, Pinaka and party started their journey.. they ascended the Vindhya mountain range and started going into the thick forest.. they were traveling towards the heart of the forest.. they travelled roughly for three hours before reaching the huge cave in the mountain where the tribe lived..

The person who guided them here descended from the horse and asked them to wait here.. he went into the cave alone, after some time, he came back along with two other men.. together they invited Pinaka and party to come inside the cave..

They entered it and a sense of horror filled their minds.. there were snakes everywhere.. the snakes were coiled and lying there.. hissing lazily.. there were many varieties of snakes there.. most poisonous king cobras, mighty pythons, etc. but none seemed to notice these people coming in.. they were relaxed and some of them were hibernating..

Looking at their expression, the Takshaka tribe people laughed, the person who guided them said, 'please follow me. .. you are our guests, the snakes will not harm you. .. they are our friends.. we co-exist peacefully.. ' Raj guru looked at the snakes and smiled, 'of course.. this is how mother nature wanted all of us to co-exist. .. but under the pretence of civilization, men drifted away from nature.. we built a wall around us and we live in a cage while the animals are free.. ' Pinaka listened to his words and sighed, what an insight.. they lived ahead..

In the center of the cave, they saw a heavily built person sitting on a high chair.. the chair was carved with wood and looked rough around the edges.. Pinaka understood that he must be the chief.. the chief looked at Pinaka and said, 'Prince, you know why I summoned you? centuries ago, your forefathers left a treasure with us. .. my ancestors swore to guard it.. we did our duty so far.. our sorcerer senses an evil presence lurking in our dwellings.. there was a report stating that a woman was possessed by that evil spirit for few days.. it was so powerful that once it left her, the body corroded away.. the person who witnessed this incident lost his mind...and he is under treatment.. ' Pinaka looked at him and nodded.. he said, 'chief, we thank you for guarding the treasure so far.. what is it that you suggest now..? ' the chief took a deep breath and said, 'move it away.. ' Pinaka looked at him incredulously, he said, 'but... this is not the treasure of Gupta empire alone.. how can I take it.. ' the chief looked at him and shook his head, he said, 'I didn't ask you to take it.. I said.. move it.. '