6 All My Fault Here’s the WARNING

A Succubus“ Blasphemy

Perhaps part of me had come to kill him. But as I looked at his horrified face I extinguished the flames and lowered my hand.

Again, that pitiful emotion shame sickened me.

"Let's talk, then," I said.

The human grew calmer, but the ghost of his previous terror still lingered. I felt guilty, then, as well. Yes, guilt as well!

I didn't know until then what such a thing was."

"Can you describe the sensation?" asked Voreus.

"It's very difficult," Hyacinth replied. "It resembles an iciness in the stomach, a tightness of the chest, like something inside you is sinking."

"I see," said Voreus, scribbling hurriedly.

Hyacinth continued. "He gestured towards the bed. I sat down on it. It gave a little with my weight but was comfortable. The human looked at me. He kept his eyes steadily on mine. I realised, then, that he was striving not to look at my body. Did it not please him?

No. He was merely embarrassed by my, as he saw it, 'nakedness'. That ludicrous human sensitivity!

"Hyacinth," he began. "I-"

He lowered his eyes. Whatever he wanted to say, he was struggling to express it.


He raised his gaze. "Why did you come back?"

I stared back. Sitting on that bed in that tiny room with this human I was the most anxious I'd ever been in my existence. I placed my hands in my lap, entwined my claws. "I... truly, I don't know. I was feeling sick. I need orgone."

"You need orgone to live, right?"

I nodded.

"Can't you take it from..." He frowned at the thought. "... from other humans?"

"I can, but..." I left the rest unspoken.

"I'm happy to give you my orgone," the human said. He lowered his blushing face.

I gasped and turned my face away, scandalised by the pink colour I'd glimpsed on his cheeks. "I don't need a human's charity! If I require your orgone, I will take it."

"But-" he said.

Anger fuelled by shame and guilt surged in me. I leaped to my feet and strode towards him while he sat there, watching, the expression on his face enigmatic. He was both afraid and aroused, orgone streaming off him in intermittent waves. He raised his arms as if to embrace me. The movement enraged me further. I grasped him by his upper arms and lifted him straight up off his chair. A succubus, as you know, has strength which belies her slender appearance. He struggled, but my grip was inexorable.

I turned and threw him clear across the room and onto the bed. He bounced once, tried to right himself, but by then I was upon him.

"Wait," he gasped.

"No," I said. Standing over him I pressed a foot against his chest. "You will not give me your orgone. I will take it from you."

He struggled beneath me, in vain of course. I slid my foot off and straddled him, grabbing his wrists and holding them down against the bed. I could feel his hardness bulging from his pyjama bottoms against my sex. For all his protests and struggling he was deeply aroused.

"No!" he cried. "No, not like this. Please, Hyacinth!"

I sat up, lifting one of my feet so that I could hook a claw in the waistband of his pyjamas and pull them down. His member pounced out and stood up hard in the air.

I drew my already swollen sex across the head of his hardness. He was emitting more orgone now and I fed, famished, his energy streaming into me.

I slid down onto him.

He burst out with a cry that sounded like anguish, but could only have been pleasure. Delight was already spearing up along my spine. As I began to move my hips I looked down at him.

"Ah! You say no, but your body-"

I stopped.

He'd covered his eyes with the crook of his arm, unable to bear the sight of me, and his mouth was contorted in a grimace. He seemed on the verge of weeping.

His anguished cry had been just that, and now he fell to sobbing. Horrified, I let go of his wrists and slid off him.

"I... I am..."I didn't know what to say, babbling as if I was some mindless wandering spirit.

He wiped at his eyes with his hands.

"I'm sorry." I turned away and slid off the bed. "I don't know why I came here. I'll bother you no longer."

"No, wait!" he cried. "Don't go, Hyacinth! Please don't go."

I turned. He was at the end of the bed, reaching out for me. His eyes were swollen red, wet with tears.

Those fingers. He still wished to touch me, even after I'd tried to...

I raised my own hand. What had it looked like in the picture? I reached forward, touched the tip of my fingers to his.

Warmth flooded me then, a powerful, all-encompassing warmth, the mother of that earlier one that had touched me. I jerked my hand away, terrified.

I looked at him there, sitting on the bed, staring at me in confusion. His vulnerability touched me. I'd wronged him. Why had I expected a human to act any differently from the way he'd acted? There was a reason that harvesting is done with the male asleep and dreaming.

The thought of the pain I'd caused him made my chest ache with a second bitter taste of guilt.

It was all my fault.

"Please Hyacinth," he said. "Come here. You can take my orgone, but just..." He looked up at me from under those thick lashes of his. "Please be gentle with me."

I'd been on the point of leaving, but his words rang true. Was I to forgo orgone because of my stupid pride? A succubus does not torment men, but pleases them. I was no torturing demon, like Migraine or biting Envy.

Was it wrong to please him, then? If being gentle would please him, then I would be gentle.

I felt my hunger grow. The warmth transmuted that hunger into something stranger still. I desired to feel his body under mine, to feel the touch of his soft skin for the sake of feeling it, not just as part of the process of drawing the potent orgone from his body.

I took a step forward. Joy burst onto the human's face as he coaxed me closer.

"Hyacinth," he murmured. "I'm yours."

I'm yours.

The words touched and excited me. Perhaps it was not such a bad thing to have orgone offered to you as a gift. Did everything have to be taken?