7 Kisses and Cuddles

A Succubus“ Blasphemy

I climbed onto the bed. Confusion still surged in my heart, ignited by that strange warmth and the pain that had come with it. I straddled him. He looked up at me, his eyes eager, but still tinged by nervousness.

Such foolishness. To allay his fears I ran a hand over his chest. It was a perfunctory gesture, intended just to calm him since touch seemed important to humans, but as I did it I found myself enjoying it. He closed his eyes and produced gentle murmurs.

I took my other hand and eased it along his smooth side. His skin was soft, so unlike my own toned body. He gasped as my claws brushed against his ribs.

"Sorry," I said. A smile crept onto my face. What a strange new thing this was! It was like an extension of the teasing that is taught as a technique to new succubi, but as I performed it, that delicious warmth inside me grew.

Delicious? Oh yes, by now I had learned to enjoy it. Enjoying a malady, a disease? Who knew what it truly was. Perhaps it was an enchantment of some sort. The warmth ebbed and flowed through me as I delighted him with my touch.

The human lifted his hands up to my sides and let his fingers trace the curved contour of my waist, then went higher, slipping timidly over my breasts. My nipples were hard, and the sensation of his palms covering them, the gentle stroking of his fingertips on the skin of my breasts made me bite my lip.

He was exciting me, with such a simple touch! Yet it was the tenderness of that touch, the warmth it engendered in me...



His eyes were shy. "Can I kiss you?"

"No," I said, horrified. Didn't he know? But of course, how could he know? So few humans these days even believed in demons, so why would they know anything about succubi? "No succubus may survive a human's kiss," I explained.

I knew I shouldn't have told him. I wasn't afraid of him using the knowledge against me, but rather that, ignorant of the dangers, he might kiss me when I was distracted and thus doom me to immediate destruction.

"Oh," he murmured. He was disappointed. "C-can I hug you, then?"

I shrugged. "Do as you wish, just no kissing. Of the lips, I should say. Kissing elsewhere is permissible." My face grew warm and I knew I was blushing.

He sat up, then, and embraced me. His warmth enveloped me and I took joy in it. I felt his lips against my neck and I shivered.

"What's the matter? Is... is it okay to kiss you there?"

"Yes," I said. "Do it again."

He did.

And so the two of us engaged in fornic-, well, rather we had sex, as the humans call it. It was slow, and gentle, so different from what we'd done before, and yet its joys were equivalent, if not greater for all their novelty and the way they fed that warmth inside me. His every touch, the tender caresses of his lips and tongue across my body, fed that growing fire inside me. And delicious, too, was the orgone that flowed from him, flowed like an endless spring from him. I had my fill, and then some, until he ended his sweet thrusts inside me, crying out and spilling his seed into my belly as I held his shivering body against mine, digging my talons into his back and crying myself from the overflow of orgone that wracked my over-replete body with wave after wave of pleasure.

He slumped back, exhausted, gasping and wincing from the scratches I'd left on his back. I moved to get off him but he took hold of my hands.

"Do you have to go right away? Can't we cuddle?""

The courtroom was utterly silent. All present were hanging on Hyacinth's every word, horrified to the point of dumbness.

Hyacinth dropped her gaze. "I'm sorry, Your Horror. I know my account is shockingly depraved. It's just... it's just that I wish to be honest with the court."

The courtroom gasped as one.

"'Honest'?" Voreus shook her head in disbelief.

"Oh dear, oh dear," muttered Abraxas.

Hyacinth swallowed and continued:

"Blushing, I consented to be cuddled. In truth, I was eager to try this 'cuddling'. Such affection being alien to our kind, I remembered how his tender touch had wrought such a novel pleasure in me, and I submitted to being drawn down onto the bed beside him. He embraced me and I did the same. I was eager to keep my lips from his, so after a few anxious moments face-to-face, I turned him around so I could embrace him from behind. I felt safer that way. He understood, nestling back against me. He seemed even smaller in my arms this way. He quickly fell asleep. Wholly ignorant of sleep as a demon, I lay there, holding him as he slept.

I was filled, filled to overflowing, with both orgone and his seed, and full, too, of that warmth, that strange new sensation. It fluttered, like something blossoming in my chest, growing all the stronger with him in my arms. At last the feeling overwhelmed me and I slipped my arms from around him. And yet I didn't want to just leave him as I had done in the past. But how could I...?

I saw the desk with the papers on it. I took one which was blank. Not knowing how to draw or write, I instead placed a palm upon it. I lifted my hand away, revealing its smouldering imprint.

I left it on top of his other papers. He would understand my message, somehow. I had no doubt of that. We seemed to understand each even without speech, now.

As I descended back to Hell, my chest twinged with that earlier pain. It visited me more and more often, now. Only by throwing myself into the everyday duties of a succubus in the Satanic mills was I able to forget it.

And yet, I could not forget his face.