9 Something Wonderful

A Succubus“ Blasphemy

I'd been taking him out earlier and earlier, acclimatising him to places frequented by people. Those human vehicles called cars often passed us and occasionally we heard and saw people far off. Such things had alarmed him at first, but he quickly grew used to them. I was proud of his readiness to face his fears.

This night, however, someone actually approached us. He was a male, about the same age as my human, and had been drinking. As he drew near my human clung to me closer.

"Hyacinth!" he whispered in alarm.

"Don't worry," I whispered. "I'm here."

He walked past us and then stopped and turned to look straight at my human.

"Hey bro. Which way is the 7-11?" he asked.

My human stared at him. Then he raised a trembling finger and pointed further down the street, behind us.

"O-over there," he stammered.

"Thanks buddy," said the drunk human, and then he stumbled away.

"Hyacinth!" he whispered to me hoarsely as the young man drunkenly crossed to the other side of the street. "He could see me!"

"Of course he could," I said. "I can't really make humans invisible, you know."

"So you lied to me," he said, frowning.

"Well, I am a demon, after all," I replied, sticking out my tongue at him.

My deceit was quickly forgotten under the exhilaration of his accomplishment. He grinned. "I talked to him! I actually talked to someone!"

That night, after we returned to his home, our sex was even more energetic than usual. We lay together on his bed in each other's arms, warmth washing over me like a sun-warmed ocean.

It came more and more readily to me now, that warmth. I felt it even down in Hell, whenever his face or scent or the touch of his body came to mind.

And ever present too was that pain, hiding within the warmth and nourished by it, a pain born of fear. But fear of what? Of being discovered, of losing him, of becoming lost myself? Whatever it was, I pushed every thought of it away.

However, the pain itself was always there, nestled deep inside my chest.


One night, as were walked together, it began to gently rain. I unfurled one of my wings and shielded him with it. Humans are fragile, my own human more fragile than most, and I didn't want him to get wet.

He smiled at me, grateful. "You know Hyacinth, I often forget you have wings. You usually keep them furled."

I shifted my wings self-consciously. "They often get in the way," I explained. The truth was that ever since I'd been an Alice-level succubus the size and shape of my wings had been a matter of anxiety for me. Were they big enough? Too big and ungainly, perhaps? I'd often wondered what he thought of my wings.

"They're very beautiful wings," he said, reading my mind.

I looked at him. He had turned aside, blushing.

"Thank you," I replied, keeping my delight hidden.

"Can you fly with those wings?" he asked after a while. "It's just... I've never seen you do it."

I blinked. "Fly? Yes. But only under the earth."

"They don't work above ground?"

I shook my head. "It's not that. There's an agreement between Miss Lucy and the Power that demons may not fly above the earth and angels below it."

"Miss Lucy?" He frowned. "You mean the Devil?"

"The Devil is a name the Power gave Miss Lucy," I told him. "She... she doesn't like it very much."

"I see. Miss Lucy, huh?"

We continued to walk. The rain remained a gentle mist that turned the streetlights into glowing clouds of fog. We'd walked further than usual this night. We were passing a park now, the trees a maze of shadow on our left.

He drew closer to me.

"What's the matter?" I asked.

"I guess I'm just a little cold."

I smiled. He really was fragile! I stopped and pulled him to me, embracing him. I enveloped him with my wings, wrapping us together.

"How's that?"

He clung closer to me. "Hyacinth, you're so warm."

"Well, I am a demon," I said. "It's only to be expected."

I'd grown warmer too. That omnipresent warmth that lived in my chest like a drop of liquid fire had flared under his touch.

I felt more than warmth emanating from him, now. My proximity had excited him and orgone was flowing freely from his body. I slid my talons across his clothed back. The orgone was making me hungry.

"Wow," he murmured. I could feel the hardness of his member beneath his clothes jutting into me. "Uh, hey. Do you maybe want to go home and...?"

I feigned surprise. "What, already?"

He in turn was startled. "You... you don't want to?"

I smiled my most lascivious smile at him. "A succubus, not wanting to have sex?" I shook my head. "No, I mean I don't want to wait. I... I know a place we can go, if you like. Are you feeling brave?"

"I guess so," he replied. "You know, I'm only really frightened of one thing, now."

"And what's that?"

His face grew more serious still. "That all of this is a dream. That you're a dream.

I stared at him. "You still think this is all some dream?"

He sighed again. "I'm sorry, Hyacinth. It's just that... well, I guess I'm just not used to having something wonderful like you happen to me. I'm afraid my happiness will be taken away from me." He frowned. "I'm being stupid, I know."

Something wonderful like you. The words fed that warmth inside me and coursed through me, and pain came with it, too.

Afraid my happiness will be taken away from me.

I slipped from his embrace. My chest burned. I pushed my hand between my breasts and grimaced.

Alarmed, he asked, "Hyacinth? What's wrong?"

I removed my hand. The worst of the pain had passed. "Nothing."

He frowned. "It didn't look like nothing."

"I suppose I'm just not used to having such things said about me."

The pain still lay there, throbbing, inside my chest, and yet somehow that pain fed into my ever increasing hunger. I stared across at him, my blood hot, coveting him.

Orgone pulsed from him. Oh, how happy it made me to think of the reactions I caused in his body!

"Is this place you know far away?" he asked.

"I would need to fly us there," I said.

"Fly? But I thought..."

"It's a short flight and it's raining. Heaven shouldn't notice us. Do you still wish to go?"

His eyes went wide and he nodded. The excitement on his face was that of a little boy. I felt that warmth tingling in my chest, and I forgot the pain.

"You don't think I'll be too heavy for you?"

I snorted. "I could lift you up one-handed, but it'll be more comfortable if I carry you in this fashion." I embraced him, marvelling again at the difference in our heights, then leaned down and with one arm beneath his knees I lifted him bodily up so that I was cradling him in my arms like a child.

"Wow," he murmured. "You're very strong." He gazed up at me and I turned my face away, frowning.

"Of course I am. I'm a demon." I unfurled my wings to their full extent. "Hold on."