28 “As if one was not there“ 2

A Thousand Lotus: The Miss Is Too Deadly

Jiao Yu slowly stood up and let the men Yu Xing Han arranged to escort her. They only walked for a bit, when they passed by a man in green armor and the men escorting her halted to salute towards him before they started to continue walking. The man in green did not move from his spot and then they heard him say, "Stop."

Jiao Yu and the men escorting her halted, turning towards the voice that halted them.

Jiao Yu could feel the cold floor seeping inside her feet to the bone and stopped, after all of them also halted. She was planning earlier to escape from her escort once they were outside of this place however, it seemed that her plan needs to be put on hold for now.

Yu Xing Han did not move from his post and was still waiting for Jiao Yu to leave the site when he saw his second in command, Xu Kun, halted in front of them and stopped them from leaving. He walked towards them and when he reached them, he saw Xu Kun looking strangely at Jiao Yu.

"What's wrong?" Yu Xing Han said.

Blinking his eyes several times, Xu Kun asked him with bewildered face. "What is the Fourth Miss of the Liu Family here and looking like that?"

Yu Xing Han weirdly stared at Xu Kun, "The Fourth Miss of Liu family?"Yu Xing Han did not understand what Xu Kun was saying and only furrowed his brows, he turned to look at Jiao Yu then back at Xu Kun, "What do you mean?"

Jiao Yu, who was standing near them gulped down her heart and looked up towards the two male who was talking about her, as if one was not there at all. Praying that she could crawl out of there and escape before the other man find out her identity as the Fourth Miss of Liu Family, Liu Jiao Yu.

Xu Kun looked at him in disbelief and suddenly asked, "Were you planning to send her to the Department of Investigation?"

Yu Xing Han indeed planned to send her to the Department of Investigation to hear what she would say and investigate her as well. It was kind of strange that every victim died when they arrived to that place, while only she was alive. And it was baffling to see a man who was possible to be part of the people he intended to capture was injured, maybe even dead, when they arrived.

Yu Xing Han did not answer him and only crossed his arms in front of his chest, waiting for his good friend to explain. Xu Kun sighed and shook his head as he said, "We met her at the Qinwang's birthday."

"The fourth miss of Liu family was wearing a veil that time. So no, I don't know what she really looked like." Yu Xing Han retorted.

Xu Kun solemnly nodded his head and said, "You're right. However, did you not heard the rumors or things going on around recently?"

Yu Xing Han gritted his teeth as he impatiently said, "I don't go around listening to rumors nor do I have time to hear what useless things are going around recently."

"Well.. Too bad for you then, maybe you should try to listen sometimes." Xu Kun seriously said.

Jiao Yu eyes widened as she listened to their conversation and almost blurted a laugh, covering it with a light cough as she felt their gazes fell on her. She was actually complaining earlier for they had been talking about her as if one was not around.

Yu Xing Han breathe deeply and sternly looked at Xu Kun, "Instead of giving advises, why don't one tell me how did you know that this young lady is the fourth miss of Liu family?"

"Ei.. One only got lucky and saw her during that time when a person's head was found in the front gate of Liu residence." Xu kun said.

"And since then, her face did not leave my mind and kept thinking about her."

Jiao Yu raised her head and looked complexly towards Xu Kun. Though, he was only complimenting her and admiring her, to Jiao Yu who was never comfortable and used to this type of thing, she did not know what kind of expression to show.

Confirming her reaction, Yu Xing Han was stunned to know that the fourth young lady of Liu family got involve in this thing. One did not know how she got there and why but one thing was for sure, this is something he could not disclose publicly. And considering the type of society they have, Yu Xing Han doubted that such criticism would not matter to such a young lady like her.

He also could not let her get out of there with his men, facing every people outside and putting dirt on her image which he could not take the responsibility to that. Sending her back with his men to the Liu Family would raise suspicions from some people, so he could only bring her to the Yu residence and send a note to get someone from the Liu residence to get her secretly.

Finalizing his thoughts, he looked towards Xu Kun and nodded his head towards him, "You go first and bring the fourth miss of Liu family back to the Yu residence. Make sure no one sees you and the fourth miss."