29 The duo

A Thousand Lotus: The Miss Is Too Deadly

"Does Liu family's fourth lady have any objections?" Yu Xing Han asked.

Jiao Yu looked up silently at him. Does one have any objections?

From the start, no one asked her opinion and they even treated her as if one was not there. Now that they have decided to send her to someone else's residence, how can one have any objection, knowing that they won't even listen to her, right?

Jiao Yu thought that with the commotion going on the place, it was impossible that she would be able to get out without being seen and letting the name of the Liu family go downwards with the fact that a troop of soldiers found her and got involved in such a cruel tragedy. It is better for her to comply now for appearances sake.

Jiao Yu shook her head and did not object, as her thoughts worked its way on how she could get back to the Liu residence.

"Then, I'll walk you two out to make sure." Yu Xing Han said.

With that, the three of them left the room.

They passed by several rooms with its doors opened, the contents inside give the same impression to Jiao Yu. The same evil thing were also being practiced that every room looked just as the same as the room Jiao Yu was in.

As they go further away from the room they were in, the two male took a turn as Jiao Yu just followed their directions silently however, she did not forget to act afraid and the panic on her face was also evident that made Yu Xing Han worry for her well being.

The three of them stopped in front of a huge painting. Xukun took out the painting out of their way, revealing a wooden door, possibly the passage outside, Jiao Yu thought to herself.

Before Jiao Yu and Xukun went outside, the two male went to another corner and talk with each other with hush voices, while Jiao Yu could somehow hear what they were saying. Though, Xukun looked all so welcoming and friendly with his aura extracting a demeanor of a scholar and friendly type of a man and from what Jiao Yu just heard from their conversation, he was not at all alright with her in the Yu residence.

Jiao Yu did not know why Xukun would say that but she heard him say something like, 'One is still not convinced why would you let her come to the Yu residence, when this would create problems to us. And I doubt your father would be so proud of you letting a Liu come into his abode.'Then their conversation became even more hushed as it got longer, letting her hear some of it vaguely.

One did not know what Xukun meant by that but with the way he said that, it seems that there was something going on between the two families, which Jiao Yu had never heard of.

Jiao Yu stood at the side of another corner and looked anxiously around and saw the two male coming up beside her and the usual smile on Xukun's face was back.

"Lets' go." Xukun said as his smile reached another notch.

Jiao Yu felt weird with Xukun smiling at her but she did not sense any blood lust nor hatred from him but just the air of a playful second in command he portrayed since earlier.


The sky was still dark and the stars up above twinkled as the horse carriage galloped its way on the bumpy road.

Occasionally, Jiao Yu would hear roosters crowing from afar and felt that, the day finally came to an end but her problems doubled itself as the days passes by.

During the course of the ride, Jiao Yu was accompanied by Xukun, the second in command of General Yu, the man in the red armor, as they introduced themselves to her earlier before they left. She was surprised to know that the man in red armor was the prestigious young general, Yu Xing Han and his second in command Xukun.

Though one was not able to see them before, however, one was still able to hear about them. The duo who made their names though out the Jing capital and let people admire them. Yu Xing Han was from the same roots as the also infamous Prime Minister of the right, Yu Jie Xing and was older than Yu Jie Xing by just a year. Unlike his younger brother, he aspired to be like their father and looked forward to become the next head of the Yu family.

The other was Xukun, he was also admired by his passion and determination to be of help to the Yu family. And far from the infamous pair of brothers, Xukun did not came from a wealthy nor a noble family as he came from the roots of a servant from the Yu residence's. However, the two young military men were quite close and their ranks did not matter to the two of them.

The carriage was not grandiose and was styled in a humble and indistinguishable way and could only be occupied by two or three people, making the people seeing it unable to tell that inside it, there was the young lady of the Liu family and the famous second in command, Xukun.

Aside from Xukun asking Jiao Yu if the carriage was alright for her to ride it, the two of them did not speak any longer. Despite the fact that Xukun confessed his admiration towards Jiao Yu, he however did not show any kind of inkling that one indeed admire her beauty and looked only at the opened window, as if one was traveling alone.

Though the silence was a bit deafening and Xukun's character changing was a strange thing to see, it did not matter to Jiao Yu as it did not seem to be a threat to her nor did he act out of the ordinary. At least she could use the silence to get her thoughts and act straight.

Under the sleeves of the robe Yu Xing Han gave her, her hands were balled into a fist and turning white with the strength she putted into it while her face remained placid.

Today, fate had almost had won in taking her life. Jiao Yu could not blame anyone else but herself as she was too sudden in her actions and thought of the way she was before. After killing Mui Gu, Jiao Yu became too worked up and felt like an immature hunter, doing things without thinking and even messing up big time. Though her experience and ability was indeed good, it was not a match from a man's strength and crafty method, like the man she fought earlier. If only one had the strength of a man then what happened to her would not happen, Jiao Yu thought.

Jiao Yu felt the carriage jolt into a stop and heard Xukun speak, "We're here."

Jiao Yu looked up at him and then lifted the curtain of the window beside her to look outside. She could only see trees after trees and a long flight of stairs going up above. Xukun opened the door of the carriage and went outside to help her out.

"Where are we?" Jiao Yu inquired as she took his hand and got out of the carriage, looking around.

Xukun said, "Upstairs is the Temple of Wo Long, one could just go upstairs and meet the monks waiting on the other side of the way and will lead you inside the temple to rest. While I will send someone to get someone from the Liu to get you."

Xukun moved to the driver's side and handed a lilac pink silk robe to her, "I thought that it would make people inside the temple speculate if one was wearing a men's robe when coming to the temple so, I went out myself to get you something to cover up."

"Until then, please do not go outside of the temple and stay there patiently." Xukun said.

The man in front of Jiao Yu was probably nineteen or twenty years old, even though he was the second in command of the prestigious young general Yu Xing Han, he still had the air of a playful young man.

Jiao Yu took the robe from him and said, "I will remember this for eternity and one would think of a way to repay you and General Yu from saving me.... Only that, I ask General Yu to keep what happened today from someone knowing it."

Xukun smiled at her, "I'll bear that in mind and no need for thanks, we were only doing what we should be doing and also instead of repaying us, we only need you to answer some questions once there will be a time. One would expect that Liu Young lady would let us."

"Absolutely...." Jiao Yu replied.