32 Ice Courtyard

A Thousand Lotus: The Miss Is Too Deadly

Liu Hui Yin looked ridiculously towards her maids and said, "What are you waiting for! Go and get a physician to check her."

Liu Hui Yin could not believe that a tiny bustle would turn into a great storm.

After changing and eating her breakfast, Liu Hui Yin and her entourage went for a walk to properly digest the meal one just had, but after getting outside her courtyard, she heard her father's tongfangs laughing and gossiping.

Liu Hui Yin did not want to step in to the conversation of the two tongfang but when she heard them laughing at her mother Hui Shi, Liu Hui Yin could not take it any longer and started shouting at them.

Liu Hui Yin knew that, her father having several wives and tongfangs were normal, but one cannot help but hate the two tongfang as they get Liu Buwei's favor but not Hui Shi. That was why, she would do everything she can to make them live wanting to die instead.

Ziqi could not take the severe pain coming through her nerves and her eyes rolled back to her head as she fainted even before the physician's arrival. Just after a few minutes, the physician came running towards them and Liu Hui Yin could not help but release a long sigh of relief.

The physician started to check Ziqi and told them to not make her body move excessively, as to not make things worse. After checking, the physician's face was full of sweat and slightly pale.

And Liu Hui Yin's heart could not help but take a five feet deep fall when she saw the expression, the physician had on his face, "W-What is it?"

The physician shook his head and look around them, telling her that he cannot speak in front of so many people. With just that hint, Liu Hui Yin did not care about the proper behavior of a young lady and went ahead to speak with the physician.

After having a few distance away from the bustles from the scene. Liu Hui Yin did not waste any more time and asked the physician right away, "Physician, is the fetus inside that woman still alive?"

The way Liu Hui Yin said those words, made the physician looked disappointed. Though, it was only asking out of concern, the way one had putted it, it sounded as if one was either wishing the fetus was not alive or disappointment that the child was alive.

However, despite the physician's disappointment, he could not show it and instead, had a tranquil expression on his face, "Answering to Young Miss' inquiry, the fetus inside is alive."

"That's.... That's great." Liu Hui Yin said.

Liu Hui Yin did not know whether she would feel happy or sad with the result as it did not solve any of her problem. Thinking that, if the fetus makes it alive, surely it could be Liu Buwei's favorite child and if it was a son then, it did not matter if they were the daughter of the furen, as the position of the son and a daughter matters a lot and the difference between the both would always be a nuisance for them.

And if the child could not make it, Liu Buwei would greatly punish Liu Hui Yin and might even send her to the Ice courtyard for a while. Liu Hui Yin shudder at the thought of the Ice courtyard.

The Ice courtyard was where the late late grand Furen of the Liu family stayed for several years and died with a two Chi of cloth, after having found out that the grand furen had an affair with one of her servants. And anyone who would be sent there would get sick and won't get enough ration of food and their allowance would be cut off from the day, that person was sent to the Ice courtyard. With just the thought of having no allowance, Liu Hui Yin rapidly shook her head and hoped that everything will be alright after this.

But thankfully, the fetus was alive and one did not have to think of having sent to the ice courtyard and have no allowance to buy what one wants. And rather than being sent to the Ice courtyard, one decided to let the fetus' sin pass and ignore it for now.

The old physician just lowered his head and did not seem to want to listen but as a physician, one still need to do what he had to do, "However, the body of the mother was gravely shocked and it probably caused harm to the child."

He continued, "Though, this physician is not sure enough and one might be wrong of one's assumption, I still need to say that, that harm may cost the child's future."

As a physician, he had seen many cases of accidents and injuries however, it did not mean that one was knowledgeable enough. But because of observation, he conducted that there might be some similarities and possibilities in any kind of accident that may happen. Just like the unconscious woman, Ziqi, because of the impact of her fall, it caused her to bleed out and almost lost the child, it may also mean that the child would be born in this world with an impairment, like any pregnant women one had seen, who had accidents and bleeds out even before the time of giving birth.

Liu Hui Yin had no idea about what the old physician had spoken and thought of something as she says, "It does not matter for as long as the child is alive, our family have everything so there is no need for you to be worried about the future."

Taking out a red pouch of money, Liu Hui Yin handed it over to the old physician but the physician said, "Please just give what was agreed and do not give any more to this old physician."

Liu Hui Yin scoffed and said, "I'm not giving this for charity, this.. is for keeping this conversation between the two of us and also only tell everyone that there was nothing wrong with the child and... just say the mother is alright too."

"After that, please do not come back here anymore."

After forcibly handing the pouch of money to the old physician, Liu Hui Yin started to walk away, leaving the physician on his own.

The physician looked up at the young girl in front of him and could not help but shook his head without being too noticeable. Liu Hui Yin's adorable face and amiable demeanor was a huge contrast from her arrogant and childish personality.