Chapter 1214: Uncle Li Gave It To Me

A Will Eternal

The Arch-Emperor Dynasty was officially founded!!

From now on, it was settled…. There were three powers within the Eternal Immortal Domains!

Things had gone back to the way they were originally intended. Although the Arch-Emperor Dynasty arrived on the scene late in the game… it had still come!

Bai Xiaochun was very pleased to have become the Arch-Emperor, and that he could now boss everyone around. Of course, he quickly came to find that although he did have the authority to issue orders, when it came to governing the nation, the Grand Heavenmaster was far more adept than him.

Furthermore, every time he made public appearances, it caused a huge stir. Considering how busy everyone was, Bai Xiaochun finally sighed and decided that the best thing was for him to simply be the spiritual leader of the nation.

Besides, he didn’t care much for governmental power. He didn’t even care that the Grand Heavenmaster had once run a very similar puppet government back in the Wildlands. After all, as long as his cultivation base was high enough, nobody would be able to take away what was his.

Now that the Arch-Emperor Dynasty had been officially founded in the Eternal Lands, more and more Heavenspan Realm cultivators came to join it. Soon, a peace descended upon them the likes of which they had not enjoyed for a very long time. As things developed, the bellies of Song Junwan and Zhou Zimo grew larger.

The Grand Heavenmaster, Li Qinghou and others of the senior generation were much more concerned about matters such as that than Bai Xiaochun was, and devoted many resources to keeping the two women safe.

Their residences were strictly guarded, and numerous precautions were taken to ensure that no accidents happened. As for Bai Xiaochun, he was no longer bored and idle; he spent every day with Song Junwan and Zhou Zimo, helping to take care of them, and enjoying a warm tenderness that had been lacking for a long time.

The only awkward thing was that having multiple Daoist partners was actually quite a headache. Song Junwan and Zhou Zimo were both very proud, and had short tempers. And they were even more emotional than normal. The glares they cast at each other nearly led to fighting on a few occasions, leaving Bai Xiaochun very jumpy and nervous.

And when Hou Xiaomei saw all of this happening, she got even more irritated than before. The more she thought about the situation, the less she seemed willing to accept it, until she secretly met with Li Qinghou to ask for his help….

Li Qinghou was like a father to Bai Xiaochun, which put him in a very unique position within the Arch-Emperor Dynasty. All of Bai Xiaochun’s Daoist partners truly respected him.

Although Song Junwan didn’t visit him on a daily basis, she would dine with him every few days. Even the stubborn and obstinate Zhou Zimo would take time to go see him.

However, between the three daughters-in-law that Li Qinghou had, he liked Hou Xiaomei the best. After all, she had started out in the Spirit Stream Sect, under his command as the peak lord of Fragrant Cloud Peak. Li Qinghou had essentially watched Bai Xiaochun and Hou Xiaomei grow up together.

After hearing Hou Xiaomei’s frustrations, Li Qinghou thought the matter over, then sighed. He made some inquiries, and soon learned that Bai Xiaochun had ended up together with Song Junwan and Zhou Zimo by means of his Aphrodisiac Pills.

One particular day after Bai Xiaochun had just gone to spend some time with Song Junwan and Zhou Zimo, he returned to his grand hall, and had just sat down when Li Qinghou entered.

“Uncle Li!” he said, instantly rising to his feet and rushing over to him. It didn’t matter that he was the Arch-Emperor now, to him, Li Qinghou would always be like a father.

Li Qinghou was very pleased with how things had turned out for Bai Xiaochun. He would often think back to that boy he had seen on top of Mount Hood, lighting an incense stick. Step by step, he had reached this point, and Li Qinghou couldn’t have been prouder.

The two of them sat down to reminisce, with Li Qinghou giving occasional bits of advice. It didn’t matter what he said, Bai Xiaochun would always nod in agreement. After the time it takes an incense stick to burn, Li Qinghou cleared his throat.

“Say, Xiaochun… do you have any more Aphrodisiac Pills?”

“Huh?” Bai Xiaochun blurted. He had assumed that his Uncle Li had come here for some specific reason, and here it was. After blinking a few times, Bai Xiaochun slapped his thigh.

“You’ve taken a liking to someone, haven’t you, Uncle Li? Who is it?” He was actually very curious about this point. Of course, Li Qinghou had always been fond of Big Fatty Zhang’s Master, Xu Meixiang. Unfortunately, she had gone missing, and even after most of the people of the Heavenspan Realm were now gathering back together, she was nowhere to be found. [1]

Glaring in embarrassment, Li Qinghou said, “There’s no reason to flip out! If you have any, I’ll just take one!”

“If anybody else had asked me for one, Uncle Li, I would say I'm out. But since it's you, here you go!” Bai Xiaochun couldn’t help but smile at how Li Qinghou seemed to be having a youthful reinvigoration. The truth was that he didn’t have many Aphrodisiac Pills left. Furthermore, after what had happened with Song Junwan and Zhou Zimo, he was very cautious when it came to Aphrodisiac Pills. Taking out a bottle, he offered it to Li Qinghou.

Chuckling knowingly, Bai Xiaochun looked at Li Qinghou and said, “Uncle Li, you’re getting old, and you need to look out for your health. These things… well, don’t overdose, okay? That bottle has eight pills and--”

“Cut the crap!” Li Qinghou said coldly, grabbing the pill bottle.

“I get it, I get it. You’re a bit shy, so you need some really strong stuff. Hahaha! I understand.” Bai Xiaochun was truly amused by the whole situation, and couldn’t hold back from laughing.

“Although, if you’ve taken a liking to someone, Uncle Li, you really don’t need to use something like that medicine…. You just need to figure out how to woo her! Let me teach you.” Thumping himself on the chest, he said, “Trust me, I'm not bragging when I say that I--”

At this point, Li Qinghou couldn’t take it anymore. Glaring at Bai Xiaochun, he turned and left.

Chuckling, Bai Xiaochun called out, “Don’t forget, Uncle Li, don’t actually consume that pill. Just a bit of powder from it will do fine. Don’t overdose!”

Before walking out the door, Li Qinghou paused, looked over his shoulder, and looked meaningfully at Bai Xiaochun. Then he nodded.

“Just some powder!” Bai Xiaochun repeated. “Understand!?”

At that point, he suddenly felt like there was something odd about the whole situation. There had been something in Li Qinghou’s eyes right before he left that seemed to indicate that there was more to the story….

However, he couldn’t think of what that might possibly be. “Uncle Li is a great guy, just a bit shy, that's all.”

Thinking about what it would be like when Li Qinghou used the Aphrodisiac Pill, Bai Xiaochun began to hum a little tune and head back to his throne.

That evening….

Hou Xiaomei walked briskly through the imperial palace, trying to keep her breathing steady. She had two Aphrodisiac Pills, one in each hand, and she was continuously reminding herself of what Li Qinghou had told her.

“I have to crush them. I have to crush them….”

Eventually, she reached Bai Xiaochun’s private chamber. Taking a moment to compose herself, she looked up, a smile on her face that made her look as beautiful as a freshly bloomed flower.

“Are you here, Big Bro Xiaochun?”

Bai Xiaochun was in the middle of meditating. When he heard Hou Xiaomei’s voice, he quickly opened the door of the chamber and saw her standing there, bathed in moonlight.

He was surprised to see her. After all, this was the first time she had come to visit him after returning.

“Xiaomei, you--” Before he could even finish his sentence, she blinked a few times and then walked into the private chamber. As she did, she squeezed her fists!

Two popping sounds then rang out within the chamber.

“What was that sound? Seemed really familiar….” It was at that point that a pink mist began to spread out….

“That… that was… an Aphrodisiac Pill?!?!” His eyes went wide, and he backed up. But that was when a soft, warm body wrapped around him.

“How did you get an Aphrodisiac Pill?!?!” Even as his vision turned pink, he heard Hou Xiaomei’s captivating voice whispering in his ear.

“Uncle Li gave it to me.” At that point, Bai Xiaochun fell down onto his back, and the entire room filled with pink mist.

1. Right in the middle of this paragraph is a completely random sentence that explains that Big Fatty Zhang went into secluded cultivation to advance his cultivation base, which he thinks is too low. Honestly, that passage completely breaks the flow of this particular scene, so I'm just including the information here as a footnote