Chapter 1288: Eternal Eye

A Will Eternal

Beneath the starry sky that now covered the Eternal Immortal Domains, Daoist Heavenspan had almost completely turned the tables in the fight. His hair and clothes whipped about as he manipulated his Devil-Sun and Demon-Moon, and from a distance, he pulsed with such shocking energy that he seemed completely invincible.

However, he was still not completely out of danger. The enormous river Song Que had summoned still threatened him, as did the huge Go board from the lonely boat. There was also the mountain of Dao Essence, and the enormous sovereign’s arm.

Both Song Que and the Saint-Emperor were now out of sorts, especially Song Que, whose divine soul had been nearly ripped apart because of the loss of the archaean slaves. Although he wanted to continue to control the various aspects of the fan, his divine soul was in too poor of a state, and therefore, he had to rely on Bai Xiaochi.

Although Bai Xiaochi couldn’t control things at the same level that he could, there was no other choice. Sending some divine sense into the fan in his hand, Song Que passed a message to Bai Xiaochi. A moment later, he sat down cross-legged, panting as he tried to recover from his injuries.

Looking over at the Saint-Emperor, he said, “I need thirty breaths of time!”

Then he closed his eyes.

Sensing the bad state Song Que was in, the Saint-Emperor immediately began to stand as Dharma protector for him.

Meanwhile, Daoist Heavenspan was in the middle of that vast river, his head thrown back, unleashing a howl that surpassed heavenly thunder. Thrusting his hands forward, he held the sun and the moon out in front of him as he shot through the river, seemingly just on the verge of destroying it.

The Devil-Sun and the Demon-Moon radiated dazzling light as Daoist Heavenspan became like a sharp arrow, slicing through the river.

He knew that time was of the essence. If Song Que recovered in time, then he would be in great danger, and therefore, he held nothing back in his attempt to gain complete control of the flow of battle.

“Be destroyed!” he shouted, his eyes flashing. However, even as his Devil-Sun and Demon-Moon flashed with bright light, and the huge river began to vibrate, a shout could be heard from Bai Xiaochi in the fan, as he took control of the Go board. The Go board immediately vanished, then reappeared a moment later in front of Daoist Heavenspan, shining with blinding light!

It was the light of 361 shots of Archaean Luminescence, which shot out from the various Go pieces on the game board. Each and every one of them thrummed with the power of the great circle of the Archaean Realm. Although they did not match up individually to Daoist Heavenspan, who was a half-sovereign, their combined force was enough to light his eyes up with shock!

The 361 beams of Archaean Luminescence slammed into Daoist Heavenspan’s Devil-Sun and Demon-Moon, causing a deafening boom to echo out, as well as a shockwave that spread out through the starry sky.

The mighty Devil-Sun and Demon-Moon began to collapse, and Daoist Heavenspan knew that if that process completed, he would be out of options, and his bid to regain control of the battle would end.

“Mouth of Nirvanic Extermination!” Eyes bloodshot, he struck the top of his head, causing a stream of blood to spray out of his mouth. At the same time, he performed another double-handed incantation gesture, seemingly stopping time, causing the collapse of the Devil-Sun and Demon-Moon to stop. At the same time, a vortex sprang into being in front of him.

The vortex was even larger than the sun and moon, and when it appeared, was little more than a swathe of pitch black. It pulsed with a feeling of death, as well as nirvanic extermination, and at the same time, began to drag everything in the area toward it!!

It almost looked like an enormous mouth, and it was so powerful that not even the Go pieces on the game board could resist its power, and they began to inch toward it. The entire Go board itself also began to vibrate, whereupon Daoist Heavenspan let out a powerful shout, causing it to shatter!!

In the blink of an eye, Daoist Heavenspan suddenly turned into what seemed like the most paragon entity in all creation. Although his aura had been severely weakened, his Devil-Sun and Demon-Moon could consume anything they touched, and were not growing any weaker. Their fluctuations were as terrifying as ever as Daoist Heavenspan used them to batter the river once again.

Inside the fan, Bai Xiaochi’s eyes went bloodshot at the sight of the Go board being destroyed. Shrieking at the top of his lungs, he performed a double-handed incantation gesture, unleashing the power of his divine sense to exercise control over the lonely boat!

Instantly, the boat floating in the river began to shine with astonishing silver light, something almost like a flying sword that pierced through the river toward Daoist Heavenspan. It was so bright that everyone down in the Eternal Immortal Domains could see it clearly!!

It was not a real flying sword…. However, as the light shot out from the lonely boat, cracking sounds could be heard, followed by a massive self-detonation!

Bai Xiaochi understood that his best option was to use the boat to stop Daoist Heavenspan. And he also knew that he couldn’t hold back; detonating the boat, he used its power to attack Daoist Heavenspan, not to block him indefinitely, but at least for a dozen or so breaths of time!!

As of this moment, only ten breaths of time had passed since Song Que began to repair his divine soul!

To ordinary cultivators, ten breaths of time was not a long time. But to Daoist Heavenspan and Song Que, many things could happen in that amount of time, and many types of deadly situations could be completely reversed!

“You have no chance of succeeding!” Daoist Heavenspan roared, his hands flashing in an incantation gesture. Suddenly, the Devil-Sun, Demon-Moon, and the enormous mouth twisted and distorted as the outline of a face became visible!!

It was as if the Devil-Sun and Demon-Moon had become eyes, right below which was that enormous mouth. Intense rumbling filled heaven and earth as the power of the self-detonation of the boat slammed into it like a flying sword.

Deafening booms echoed out. The power of the self-detonation caused blood to spray wildly out of Daoist Heavenspan’s mouth, and yet, couldn’t do anything to the outline of the face. In fact, the face crushed the countless chunks of the lonely boat, and proceeded onward unhindered!

It was almost impossible to describe how quickly it moved, and before Bai Xiaochi could do anything to the river, the face slammed into it.

The face caused the river to stretch and distort, to the point where its water almost seemed like skin of the surface of the face!

As its facial features became visible, it was possible for the people in the Eternal Immortal Domains to see it, and they quickly recognized who it was!

“The Enemy from Beyond!!”

“The sovereign giant!!!”

It most definitely was the face of the Mortal Renegade. And it caused the flowering waters of the river to slowly drain away, which in turn caused Daoist Heavenspan’s eyes to light up with joy. And that was when… the tolling of a bell could suddenly be heard from the depths of the Eternal Lands.

The will of the Eternal Mother appeared, rushing out into the Eternal Immortal Domains, causing the Saint-Emperor to shiver and to shine with glittering light. Her glowing sigil appeared on his forehead, a flower that seemed to be blooming and bearing fruit, a fruit… that resembled an open eye!

The Eternal Mother was waking up of her own accord!!

She was not using her power to wake up and fight the Mortal Renegade. Instead, she was focusing all her energy on stopping Daoist Heavenspan… and protecting Bai Xiaochun! Previous Chapter Next Chapter