6 Chapter 6 My Name

A Witches Story

"My name is... is" she said trying to remember it. "My name it's Kazue."

The owl was in shock when he heard her say her name. Was it really her, he thought to himself.

"I-Is that really your name?" He said trembling. "Cause—." He was cut off.

"Yes, or at least that is probably what I think it is. There is a high possibility that it is probably not my name." She told him trying to think if it was her name.

"Well we have more things to focus on, like...?"

"Like trying to find out how to try to stop the war." She said thinking of something then told him, "What if the war already ended and we are probably just going to re-start it all!"

He looked up at her then transformed into a human, He had dark hair, blue eyes and was very tall,

"Maybe but we just have to think that the war is still going on right now..." he told her trying to calm her nerves by petting her head.

"Your right, can you please stop petting my head!" She said getting embarrassed with her face getting red as if a tomato and a strawberry had a baby.

"A-And since when can you transform into a human?!" She yelled in complete shock.

"Uhhhh, I'm a familiar, I can do plenty of things that you don't know about!" He relief to her making her question him.

"Wait a minute! WAIT A MINUTE!! Do you watch me sleep?!" She yelled in confusion and scared.

"Nope." He lies.