8 Realm Part. 1

A Witches Story

I got up from my bed and headed to the kitchen to get myself a glass of water. When I was done I went back to bed. I guess you could say my house was very plain. My bed looked like any normal bed. The comforter was fuzzy and if it felt like 20 degrees outside I would be warm. My kitchen had marble countertops, and my cabinets where black. My fridge was a grayish blackish color. The bathroom looked like a normal bathroom. I crawled back in to bed and fell back asleep. This time I had know nightmares.

I got ready for the day. I brushed my teeth and hair. Washed my face, put on some makeup to 'blend in'. My outfit was casual. Ripped Jeans with a white shirt with black heels. My nurse was small, it contained my wallet, my phone and my ID. I wore my jobs ID around my neck. I worked at 'Interior Design Schminterior Design' it was a pretty hard job to get into from what I heard. But for me it was simple.

I got into the building and went straight to my office I showed the security guard my badge, and he bowed his head. I owned the company, and I lived in an apartment that was not so big, when I had enough of money I was going to move out and buy myself a penthouse.

When I walked in all of my employees bowed their heads to me. I walked into my office, as soon as I sat down my assistant said,

"Ms. There is someone who wants to see you." I looked up and placed my pen down.

"What is their name?" I asked her she looked up to see my staring at her.

"Ummm, he says it's Marvin Watkins." She said looking down at her clipboard.

"Well send him in." She hurried herself from my office and got him from the lobby, it took around 5-10 minutes to get up here. I continued my work and when she walked him she bowed her head leading him in. She left the room closing the doors. He came and sat in front of me.

"Hello Ms. Kazue." He said with a small smile on his face.