10 Realm Part. 3

A Witches Story

"Hello?" A female voice answered the phone.

"Hey, Michelle. I was wondering, how are the plans going?" When she meant plans she meant the interior design plans.

"Oh, um they're going great." She said sarcastically. When Michelle answered sarcastically it was a bad thing. Kazue had a dark look on her face, Michelle could feel her gaze through the phone. "Oh what's that Susan? You need me now? Okay I'm coming."

Kazue heard the phone call end, Michelle must have clicked it. Michelle was mad, she went to Michelle's office which was the opposite direction of her office. It took Kazue fifteen minutes to get there. She went to the VIP parking and parked her 1937 Ford V-8 Deluxe. She got out of her car mad, she walked over to the public elevator and walked into the lobby, everyone stood up and bowed their heads to her, they were scared for their life's. Susan Michelle's assistant walked into Michelle's office to tell her who's here.

Michelle was scared who knew that her Boss was coming to visit her all because she didn't finish the plans.

"M-ms. K-Kazue!!! I... I was just finishing the p-plans for o-our next interior d-design for the meeting with the s-south..."

Kazue gave her a cold look, that gave Michelle shivers up her spine. She was scared for her life! Who knows what she will do to her!!!

"Let me see." It was just a simple response. Michelle picked up the paper and gave it to her boss. She was worried that she was not going to like them. "Well..."

Michelle gulped with fear.

"They're not bad, but they're not great." She placed the paper down gently like a goddess. Michelle was happy she didn't hate them. She was in a hurry since she was scared that she was going to get fired, because she didn't finish them in time.

"T-thank you Ms. Kazue.." Michelle looked down and she was very great full. Kazue stood up and smiled at her and then said,

"Keep up the good work Michelle. Don't let me down." Kazue walked out of the room going out the private elevator, she walked back to her car and got in she went back to her apartment, she was too tired to go back to work. When Kazue arrived to her Apartment building she took the elevator to the top floor. When she arrived she saw her worst enemy. Mr. Jordan the 'Lord' of the South 'Empire'.