12 Schedule Update

A Witches Story

Okay so I've been like really... lazy and I've been reading and not writing so please don't like kill me. But like up here's my schedule for meh books.

A witches Story: Tuesday's 4:10PM(this is the time I get home oOf)

She was mated to the Alpha King: Thursday 4:10PM

A girl named Lenny: Friday 4:10PM

A witch and the Lord: Saturday 2:30PM

Enemies to Lovers?: Saturday 4:30PM

Pheniox Drop High:The Battle: Sunday 2:30PM

Cinderella:Alternative: Sunday 2:30PM

And I know that for some people that it will come out on different times than others. But it will come out the EXACT time for me and for some other people.

And I will try hard to update these story's and I'm going to update 1-2 chapters for each book if more. But thank you my lovely'zz I love you all.

Go support ONEUS (new k-pop boy group! I know all of their names send help) And I'm just sitting on the floor listening to "The Greatest Showman Soundtrack" I hate the movie but love the music.

Wish me luck for the try outs for the solo's! I think I'll need it. The song is "Rewrite the Stars" I'm trying out for that one for ALL of the solos. My voice I don't it can handle it! T^T

But anyway~~~ thats off the topic but yeah! I love you all!