3 His point of view part 2

A devil may cry fanfic

*as she had cried her heart out all I could do was hold her I was probably visibly pissed thankfully she couldn't see while I was holding her and stroking her hair in hopes to soothe her. She eventually cried herself to sleep in my arms.*

"Sleep well princess..."

{my rooms upstairs and so is the bathroom that's in the room next to it across the hall}

*I carried her upstairs and laid her in my bed and tucked her in I was about to go back downstairs and crash on the couch when I realized what she had told me earlier about her getting hit in the head a couple of times, I figured I should look after her I don't know what to do for anyone that has had a concussion. If worse came to worse I could call lady or trish...sure they'd be pissed getting a call in the middle of the night but I'd rather take a ass kicking then let anymore problems drag her down any further.* I got a chair and brought it upstairs I set it down and watched over her for the night.* {not sleeping won't kill me doubt anything can}*she woke up once around midnight she ended up puking only to blackout again I of course panicked and called trish after lily had blacked out on me after pukeing*

Trish:*yawns* "Dante this better be a emergency it's midnight...if it's another chick your trying to pic-"

Dante:"trish nows not the time! It is a emergency shit what do I do if a human has a concussion?"

Trish:"Jesus how the hell am I supposed to know I'm a demon to Didja call lady?"

Dante:"mm no I'm panicking and you were the first name I clicked"

Trish:"alright alright just calm down I'll call her for you she'd probably be less cranky if I do it anyway I'll be right back"

*she hangs up*

Dante:shit shit shit*while I waited for trish to call me back I tried to clean up the vomit*

*about three minutes later trish called him back he picked it up immediately*

Trish :"one dam that's a new record two you can ether take them to the ER or just let the person sleep it off"

Dante:"is this something that can kill humans?"

Trish:"nah most they'll do there is give u pain killers and overcharge ya...question did Patty get hurt?"

Dante:"no it's not her"."

Trish:"then why you freakin out just ditch the person."

Dante:"that no I don't do that I don't ditch people that need help."

Trish:"...fine whatever just go back to bed your paranoid."

*she hung up on him*

{for the rest of the night he watched after lily didn't sleep at all nothing else happened.}