17 Giant beast battle read at your own risk

A devil may cry fanfic

{Dante came home covered in blood like useal}

*I ran up and hugged him*

lily"welcome home I missed you"

{I don't really care that I just got blood all over my clothes for simply hugging him.}

Dante "missed you to babe"

(god I'm lucky)

lily"neros probably gonna get married soon he's proposeing to Kyrie today...why haven't the girls got hitched yet?"

[oblivious little crap didn't know how that sounded you ain't legal yet lol.]

Dante (thank god your sense at times,still saving up for the wedding I've got a year shouldn't be to hard. But my freakin nephew is gonna get hitched before I do.)

"Good for him..."

lily {I don't know why but that last part sounded a little bitter. Before I could open my mouth he lady came in.}

Lady"grab your shit there's a problem."

lily"I've got this one darling. I'll be right back take a shower though your covered in blood."

{lily went outside only to see several hellhounds destoryinh several buildings}

"Hey guys why don't you go back to your masters? Your making a mess"

*trying to peacefully resolve conflict before resulting to violence*

{she realized there were 12 in total of these giant beasts,6 of them left like good boys the other 6 attacked her. These giant beats each had three heads and massive teeth.}

lily "...fuckin a"

{she'd have preferred they all left because the civilians and all the cars and buildings were going to get destroyed by their massive movements no matter how careful she was attempting to not break anything herself}

*she summoned a portal only to have it drop her above one of the large animals the portals quickly disappear after she slipped in and out of them. She quickly slammed her fist into the beasts back as she landed it obliterated into gore and blood in a instant. She did one of those super hero landings once she hit the ground but it caused a creator to form where she had landed. The surrounding areas were covered in blood and gore. As well as herself.*

"Deadpool was right that is hard on the knees mmm ow."

*she winced as she hopped back to her feet.*

"Ey Ey if your smart you'll leave if you don't wanna turn up like your buddy just did"

*she jesters at the surroundings*

*instead two of the five decided to charge at her*

"Ara ara looks like we got some feisty pups"

*she snapped her finger mostly just to look badass it didn't do anything since she just had to will stuff to happen. The sky filled with lances,axes swords and naginatas. They all flew towards the two giant beats charging at her in a instant. Loud crunching of bones could be heard for a good couple miles. Chunks of meat splattered covering the surrounding areas.*

[arsenal wise for the following weapons mentioned if you combined erza Scarlets arsenal with Gilgamesh's from the fate series you'd get her's.]

*lily brushes the gore off her eyes and mouth and struts forward.*

"Do you still wanna play?"

*she gave a disturbing smile to the remaining two beasts. the two beasts ended up fleeing back to hell turning into ash as they did so not wanting a brutal death. lily slapped her hands together and put them onto her hips.*

"What the hell are we gonna do to clean up this mess"

*she sighed and went back to devil may cry to take a shower*

[this one was pretty grotesque but I needed some action to balance out the romance]