51 Crossover part 3

A devil may cry fanfic

"Welp shit"

I'm literally in the worst situation possible right now there just as useful as a couple of dolls right now. To make matters worse the way lily had slid down to the floor semi doll like and was sitting like a anime doll thing on her knees all limp like creeped me out. Her hair was draped over her face like a zombie or that thing from the ring. Claire looked normal but like those scenes in movies where time had suddenly just stopped only just for these two. I figured the best option would be to drag them where we use to keep the prisoners back when this was a functioning police station. I grabbed Claire and threw her over my shoulder. Then I grabbed lily and started to drag her along with me by her arm. I bumped her into several desks and chairs on the way since I was getting distracted by my girls ass. He put them in the cell where they use to hold people until someone picked them up after doing stupid stuff.




*fuckin zombie pops out of the ceiling*

lily set it on fire killed it that way but now the fucking ceiling has started burning. Lily then used her water from her body which she transported out of herself into a ball like orb and chucked it at the fire without lifting a finger. Now she's dizzy since she's a bit dehydrated. Girl drink more water. Even though her brain was right both her and Claire were in shock. So they waited in silence until Dante got back. The city was now safe from all dam zombies except that building where Leon was but fuck that they can handle the tiny amount they are still stuck with. I got back everything was broken glass furniture computers the fake plants everything.

"Holy shit where's the girls?"

Leon "uh shit listen don't kill me I didn't do anything I stuck em in a ceil they were shell shocked and couldn't really do anything"

Dante "ok thank god for a second I thought they'd been kidnaped"

Leon "...yeah I can see how you'd come to that conclusion now honestly that would've been pretty normal compared to what we went through"

Dante "whatcha mean?"

Leon"...so portals"

Dante "...and?"

Leon"and hoodies...and a samurai sword"

Dante "you saw Vergil?!"

I quickly grabbed him by the shoulder and shock him a bit.

Leon"stop I'm not swinging that way the cameras still work I can't remember much since I was more worried lily got shot which she didn't but it would've happened if Vergil hadn't done the thing with the portal."

Dante "...my wife almost was shot and I somehow missed Vergil again? Show me the footage first where's my wife before we do anything else"

Leon"...thought you weren't married yet, here"

*I unlocked the ceil and lily ran over to Dante she must've came to her senses while she was in there. But actually she snapped out of it as soon as she saw Dante*

I quickly ran over and hugged Dante.

"I saw Vergil but he disappeared I went into shock fuck I'm sorry let's chase him wait how long was I out?"

Leon "half a hour,also took half a hour for him to take care of the whole city"

Dante "it's fine babe it's not your fault."

Leon(the office is her fault though...)

Dante "how do we get the footage going?"