63 Birthday part 5 L lily strikes again

A devil may cry fanfic

*dante handed a small box to the waiter and sat back down with lily*

(That box ether contains a ring or possibly is something to seal a demon since that is his line of work. Oh wait another possibility I hadn't thought of is that this may or may not be a perk for a job. Maybe he's scouting out a kill while taking me on a amazing date. Oh dam darling your smooth.)

"Sorry sweetheart just needed to smooth something out"

He kissed her for longer then usual.

(Take me now)

Dante had to pull himself away since he didn't think it would be smart to screw her on the table at a classy restaurant. Both of them heard someone catcall in the background. Lily felt slightly embarrassed and her face got red. She looked down at the table and fidgeted with hands underneath the table where Dante wouldn't see. Regardless though she still looked adorable as hell. When the waitress came over to take their order lily made a loli yelp due to her both being frightened and embarrassed at the same time. The waitress broke out into a fit of laughter because it was the cutest dam scream she'd ever heard.

{insert senzawa scream sound or literally any loli scream}

lily face palms at her reaction.

(damit get it together bae won't wanna fuck a 12 year old with that dam scream holy shit I need to cut back on anime.)

Dante is trying very hard not to laugh at what just happened.

(Wait what is something he won't get grossed out at me eating in front of him?)

At this moment she realized that they'd been dating for three years and she should stop being a self conscious woman. Dante sensed some demon of really high power level walk in. He can't help but glance towards the door even though he's currently on a date. A man slightly taller then Nero and by slightly literally 3 inches can be seen walking in who stands out like a sore thumb. His human form has pastel blue hair and eyes that looked to be completely blacked out other than neon blue irises. Thankfully he just makes a beeline far away from where they happen to be sitting. Dante is still stronger then whoever that was but he'd probably get a decent amount of damage if he attempted to fight the dam guy.

{meanwhile while Dante is somewhat tense checking out something lily ordered herself some salmon and a Shirley temple still illegal for her to get a rum and coke.}

(...dam well I'm fuckable there's a plus)

"Darling you ok?"

"Huh? yeah it's nothing"

He smiles at her to reassure her but also to make her swoon more,

(god it's easy to distract you,... but it's a win win for me)

[Dante used charm its highly effective.^_^ll couldn't resist]

If this were a anime there would be a ton of hearts flying over Lily's head.

(Your dreamt smile is the best smile)

*internally sighs*

Dante ordered his meal and drink. And the waitress left. Lily's still staring at him like a love sick school girl. The lady is visibly fangirling as she sets their drinks down. Dante got out of his chair and got into his knee.

"Lily will yo- holy shit"


She fainted and her head hit the table. The impact gave her a nosebleed. Thankfully she didn't break her nose. Dante quickly gets up and picks her up and asked if he could lay her down in a booth that was empty.