76 Dress reveal

A devil may cry fanfic

Time 4:30 pm

It took nearly all day for Dante to find a church that wouldn't kick him out that wasn't extremely shady. Plus find somewhere that didn't have nudity everywhere. This definitely was a city of sin so it was difficult to find much to fit the criteria. It's usually either prostitution or death around here. Also it was short notice but they got both because that dam smile he'd beat himself up forever if he let her down.

Nero can be seen with a petrified look on his face laying on the floor while staring up at the fan of the office.

"kid your over reacting just a liiittle bit"

"Baby's marriage fainting best friend being fucked by my uncle and now she's basically my mom since I have no idea who my parents are....why won't you let me cope first!!!?!"

Dante is trying very hard not to laugh at Nero but the kid does have a point.

"Well I've only got today tomorrow and...it's Tuesday right?"

Nero groans

"Yesssss moron it's Tuesday... oh shit he's right your leaving Friday for the whole saving the world shit"

"Yup...wait before I forget mind taking care of the shop while I'm gone lily might not be able to do everything on her own since-"

"Lalalala....I'll do it just don't say it"

*he was coving his ears*

Dante smirks at Nero

"Question is it socially acceptable that the suits aren't all black or white?"

"Kid she's wearing a black and purple wedding gown anything goes at this point...to be fair I was wearing red regardless it's kinda my thing,the inside shirt things black and the ties white I covered my bases so can it"

Nero sits up

"...mines blue black and red I might look like I'm in the mob"

"...how the fuck do I tie this?"

*never tied a tie on his own*

Nero throws himself back onto the floor

"Dam it I knew this was gonna be a thing you dork"

While Nero's doing that Lily's upstairs getting ready.

{don't fall down the stairs or aile don't fall don't fall}


"...I'm just doing this so he won't have to squat or pick me up to kiss me on the alter learning to walk was hard enough I'm not changing my height ironically that's the one part I kept the same...shit how are we dancing?"

She pressed her palms against the wall before looking down at her feet.

(Shit I could hurt his feet with these...)

*she picked up a pair of purple flats and stuffed them into her purse this took a good 15 minutes because the shoes were bigger then her tiny purse, by the power of sheer will she made it fit without damaging either the purse or her shoes*

(Great now I've got nothing left to worry about~! Except getting downstairs safely...)

She slowly walked down the hallway and descended the stair case Nero's jaw dropped when he looked up from his phone she looked pretty but at the same time he disapproved of the dress since the shear cloth around the chest area as well as a bit of a low cut in the skirt in the front of the dress. Somehow without realizing it he'd already snapped a picture and sent it to Kyrie.

"...huh? Oops"

He wasn't sure weather lily would care or not that he accidentally sent a dress reveal to his wife. The only reason why he was thinking about it was because Lily's not the type to dress feminine with all those dam yoga pants and hoodies. Come to think of it he only sees her in a tshirt maybe two or three weeks outta the year if he were to actually add it all up... but he doesn't because he never went to school.

Dante's inner demon "I wanna fuck that"

Dante "same..."

Dante stared at lily with a lustful look in his eyes...

She finally managed to get down all the stairs. And she gave him that smile that damed smile.

(She has no idea what that does to me when I'm horny dam it if we didn't have to go to that church I'd take you on the floor)

Nero noticed his uncle's dirty gaze and punched him in the back to force him to snap out of his perverted fantasy's.


*nero hands lily some purple and white Lily's*

"Aim for my aunts"

(...I'll probably miss since this isn't a weapon and if it's not a weapon it always misses the target...)

[if she's in snap mode it doesn't matter what she throws it'll always hit]

"I think that's are que to leave babes"

He picked her up like a princess and carried her to the chapel. Nero was visible embarrassed since he had to walk behind them the whole way there.