111 The argument continues

A devil may cry fanfic

"...Nero but and here's the thing he just wants food and cosplay and possibly concerts but I can easily get Dante to get me outta that crap..."

*Nero's cinnaroll mind goes into the gutter*

"You have to dress slutty and take pictures what are you crazy?!!?!"

"...what are you smokin? No he wants me to make him cosplay for conventions cuz it's cheaper"

*fake gasps*

"Did you just insult my gender you anti feminist?"

*Nero confused stares*

"I'm confused I don't know weather to apologize or to keep ranting on the fact you goofed up...was that genuine or not because when Dante pulls this card in our arguments I can tell when he's teasing me you I can't."

"I was yanking your chain also neat I didn't know he did that we never ever fight like not even once and it's been three years"

"Same with me and Kyrie. Isn't that what all couples are like?"

(You sweet naive little church boy no most couples have lovers corals)

"I forgot why we were fighting I'm sorry"

(This is only manageable when baes doing it ew don't touch meee-...and he's hugging me ew brains and intestinal bites are all up in my clothes now and)

*Nero and lily are hugging it out*

(Ima smack this off his shirt it's bugging the shit outta me with that dead ass stare...ewww I touched it!)

*she swatted a eyeball off the back of his shirt and it hits the floor with that sticky thud you could hear whenever you would play with those sticky things you'd throw at walls or ceilings as a kid. For that extra yuck feeling.*

At seemingly just the wrong time the walking fluff ball with legs trotted in the room.

"Nero help Cerberus is gonna eat the gore"

*they stopped hugging*

"...he's not that stupid see he just sniffed I-0-0 fuck he ate it"

*lily vomits because she's revolted*

*Cerberus trotted away*

"Fuck aww no we don't have vets here ya think the demon doctors will take hi-...and your throwing up again...uh crap"

Now faced with two problems Nero decided to take Lily's issue over the dogs since three life's vs one. He takes off his shirt and holds it underneath her which is actually more disgusting to him since he's been killing stuff all his life and it's pretty normal in his eyes this no this was gross but he's a gentleman so he's not just gonna ignore her. He then managed to guide her upstairs to the bathroom she got to the toilet and continued this for a good three hours. He held her her back for her while she did. The puke mess wasn't minimized much since they had to go upstairs and all he had on him to catch the puke was his shirt. By this point he knew there was no way in sparda he'd get that shirt back. Somehow his uncle had managed to figure out how to salvage clothes after days of slaying but not things you've slaughtered in and had your pregnant best friend hull her guts out on top of the whole killing in that outfit. But even so he really doesn't care he's more concerned about Lily's health over some dumb shirt. He'd planned on taking lily with him to go to the hospital once she was alright so he wouldn't leave her unattended again since that contract thing happened...

(Oh yeah that's why we were fighting...eh who cares I'll just set up some cameras in the house for tomorrow and watch from my phone incase she gets tricked into some dumb dangerous stuff again.)