112 *the sound of shattering glass*

A devil may cry fanfic

After I got better again I apologized for the whole puking crap. Honestly this is like the second time this's happened in his presence and I feel terrible for having to put him through this... he insisted that I came with him to that demon hospital everyone seems to go to whenever the're dying or goofed up so bad that they're friend might die...yeah let's see if they actually do pets I thought to myself while entering the building betting they probably won't since they've already got enough crap on their plaaa- holy fuck Lucifer works here?! When'd he get a dam medical degree?! For some reasons demons can't die from aging so it could've been any time since the creation of earth but dam I didn't expect that.

*Nero's managed to get ahold of a doctor*

"Hey I know this is a hospital and all but my best friends dog ate a eyeball and there's no vets so can you like treat it?"

*The doctor simply made a wtf is wrong with this kid face*

"Did you need the eyeball?"

"No I killed something and it fell off my shirt when I got back and he ate it look it's fluffy help it! My best friends freakin pregnant don't make her freak out and tell her he's dying.."

*He mumbled the last part so lily didn't panic*

Nero however isn't aware of the fact that smart ass puffball was the one living thing she'd had from her old life that he's currently holding. Sure he's a smart dork but he's still a dog. Dogs like eating stuff they probably shouldn't it's kinda a nature thing. He's also unaware that Dante broke in and stole her belongings back then thankfully no one was inside but the dog because he'd probably have murdered everyone.

"...son I'm going to say this in the nicest way possible your in the city of sin it's probably got some immunity to that kind of thing if it was a grape then you panic and take it here but it's probably fine it was a eyeball."

Lily stepped in since this fluff ball wasn't from around here and she'd had Dante get him back for her three years ago.

"He's not from here I lived outta the area and he came with"

*The doctor panics. He takes the dog and runs off yelling for nurses*


*Lily looks like she's about to faint again. Nero grabs her making sure she's not about to fall to the ground*

"He'll be fine right?"

Nero just ended up comforting her since he's not really sure either.

In that moment she could've sworn she'd heard a ton of glass crashing around her.

(Huh oh ooooh no)