113 Got Cerberus back

A devil may cry fanfic

What in the actual fuck? I stared at lily confused as hell a minute ago she'd looked as if she was about to faint and now she's....she's laughing like she's gone nuts! I'm not sure what the fucks happened to her those eyes are completely dark she looks like a lifeless doll...that laughs creeping the fuck out of me to her normal angelic laugh that usually lit up all our lives turned into this warped sounding mess...sure it sounded like a laugh but it definitely wasn't the norm. If I had to describe it I'd describe this laugh with that crappy game that's started trending yan something? Can't remember just remember deleting it on Kyrie she thought it looked cutesy but from what I've heard that's not the case...or maybe whenever a girl laughs in a horror flick.

To begin with she definitely shouldn't be laughing in this situation we were here for a dog and this happened! Like what even?

I know realized that she's got lifeless doll eyes a creepy laugh and get this she's crying but still doing a creepy laugh fffuck... her arm is over her stomach while her other hand is clutching her face but her fingers are separated so she can see out of her eye while she's doing whatever this hot mess is...I started jogging towards her once I'd realized a few nurses were trying to take her to someplace to treat her but some guy wearing a suit with blood red eyes and a sketchy aura that made me nearly shoot him where he stood spoke.

"Easy she's got shock this is what humans call denial I believe..."

(Fuck this better wor-...great they left but why'd they hand her a sucker?...she ain't stopping fuck it I'm out)

*The man walked off*

(Welp I think we got lucky thanks shady stranger)

I thought to myself before stuffing the candy they gave her in her mouth to stop that weird laughter. Didn't stop the tears but she's quite. Winning. I sat her back down and sat with her for a while.

(...what's the thing I do when I have to sit through chick flicks with my wife oh. Uh alright Dante I'm not flirting don't cut my *^%# off. Wait fuck he's not here.)

*nero awkwardly gentle back rubs with his none demon hand*

*lily suddenly takes a drastic shift from muffled odd laughter and strange crying to calm as hell Nero might've considered this normal had their not just been a drastic change.*

(....WTF WAS THAT?!!?! is this like catnip for women?!? Dear grandpa sparda I'm telling Dante this hack when he gets home fuck that's weird what happens if I stop?)

*stops and now the strange behavior has returned*

He played the stop then go game for a few minutes while holding a wtf face before going back to steadily petting her back.

(....what the fuck is this setting does Kyrie have it? Wait women aren't dolls women are cute little princesses that must be protected! Dam Nero get it together!!)

Nero mentality scolded himself for a tiny misguided judgement he made but it's completely reasonable given his current predicament.

~timeskip four about three hours~

One of the doctors brought the dog back I laughed instantly because it was wearing a freakin cone. I also regretted it once the doctor told me they gave the little guy surgery to get the demon eyeball outta his tummy. I'm internally crying at the fact I laughed at a dog who'd just came out of surgery I am a badass but dam it I like dogs they are innocent like women and baby's.

*neros zoning out thinking about all the innocent cute shit the human worlds got.*

"Can someone please take the squishy?"

*The doctor asks trying to get their attention*

"...his names Cerberus the second why squishy?"

*nero asked taking the dog from the doctor*

"Squishy paws"

"DAM IT Carlos stop playing with small things and get to work there's a man that has a axe sticking out of his head in the next room over!"

*doctor pouts and leaves he'd much rather play with a dog then hear people screaming in agony.*