144 ~Welcome to hell~ part 3

A devil may cry fanfic

He gazed at me with that resting bitch face except this time his arm began to glow a white light...being next to it was actually causeing me some pain...it felt like I was burning my arm on a hot iron just being close to whatever that light was...

*steps backwards from the army kid*

"Who are you and how did you find out about the contract only three people besides her know of it....."

".....I'm one with her in a sense nothing she does or doesn't do I'm not aware of"

"...I've never seen you before does that mean Luscius's lily?"

"....don't speak that tumors name around me"

he pulled a gun and in an instant it was right up against my forehead I didn't even get the chance to see him move....it was just a green blur

"...say it again and I won't hesitate,give that to her I don't care who you give the credit to just make sure it stays on her person she's in a weakened state it should help a little..."

He pulled the gun away from my face and turned the safety back on before placing it into his pocket. For a minute his face looked a little less lifelike and showed a little bit of color...

[note he's not blushing but he's showing a little more complexion because well kids a walking corpse he's gotta feel something extreme if it'll make him blush]

He mumbled something in Japanese before running off.

(Da hell was that about I can only speak English and Latin all demons pretty much just stick to two languages...more importantly I should have Lucifer check this thing before handing it over to senpai)

*looks down at the little pink charm in his hand*

(Wtf does it even say?)

{says for a safe birth on front of the charm and safety ensured for both mother and children}

*supposedly it's supposed to increase her luck if targeted for the attack to fail, and/or lower the chances of being attacked by demons while it's on the user in some form or another.*

"Welp that was weird back to work...."

*nocturne sprinted the rest of the way to the hotel*