150 Why kyire can“t handle gore

A devil may cry fanfic

I felt the whole house shake at first I thought it was a earthquake. But then I heard a demonic growl and my dad yell something.


I mumbled before tackling lily to the ground. This probably would have been considered cheating if kyire saw our position right now...

(...fuck use your brain we need to hide or get out but the only exists the front door)

*a tomato faced lily looking up at Nero in panic since he's currently laying on top of her.*

(No this is wrong! I wanna live but this is wrong!!)

*The sound of freakin bricks and cement being crashed through*


"Kool aid man?"

"Nero da fuck?"

"Lily da fu- wait actually he'd do something that stupid"

Nope it was neither of the two the corpse boy who'd bled acid on the streets earlier had busted through the fuckin wall into the kitchen. He was covered in debris but he didn't seem the least bit fazed about pain or the current situation.

"...live or die?"

"We chose life thanks freak show"

*Nero said as he picked lily up and carried her out like a princess*

Thanks to the hole in the kitchen they managed to get out safely while V and Vergil are dueling.

~at Nero's apartment~

I booked it back to my place with lily because well I'd never seen V or my dad fight and I doubted lily would be fine without the use of her powers could she yup but if she did those kids would probably have birth defects or she'd have a miscarriage...

(oh god that's a depressing thought...more importantly if I let that happen Dante might cut my manhood off)

"W-what happened? Are you to alright uh sugar where's the medic kit thingy?!"

"Babe it's fine uh...well ya see my dads back and he's fighting his clone and I didn't want lily dead so where chilling here now"

(...Ima get the couch again for this)

*mentally Nero smacks himself he's not lying but, it's pretty dam hard to explain anything action based to his girl without giving her a panic attack*

~flashbacks to 2 years ago~

A break in happened and my gf of a year had been taken hostage...did I call for lily or Dante. no one I didn't wanna ask my uncle for help because then I'd get called a pussy for the rest of my immortal days for not protecting a woman. Two I didn't call lily because well something was wrong with her back then, and by that I assumed she'd gotten sick or something sure she's a tank now but colds still take her outta it must be cause she was originally human. So I did what any prince does for the princess I saved her again. This is the second time in the coarse of the year we'd been dating that she'd gotten taken again...it's ok now I've put security cameras everywhere and the Jewelry she wears have gps. Don't tell her she'd think I'm a creep but dam it at least Dante's wifefu can kick ass I need to protect my nun wifefu who can't even kill a bug.

But anyway back to the story on why it's super hard to describe literally any badassery to my girl. She was fine with it after the church cult fight thing but...she didn't have to see this last time...

I still haven't figured out how to devil trigger like my uncle does...but that didn't help the fact that I got shot 9 times in front of her or the fact that one of em ripped of a decent amount of my face while trying to protect her...she saw the innerads of my jaw and cheek flesh stuff.

*when it was over*

"Kyire are you ok did they do anything to you?"

At the time I was to worried about her rather then the fact that I might've accidentally traumatized her...useally I'm more careful but I was absolutely shit faced since this was the second time in the course of the year she'd been used as a hostage...

*a weird squishy sounding thud*

*kyire's eyes went towards the floor where a chunk of Nero's face muscles had just decided to plop*

She then noticed all the blood and chunks of fleash that are just laying literally everywhere in their dam living room. Thankfully the type of demons that he'd just murdered were the kind that turned to dust when they died...for some strange reason they don't do that a lot anymore this was actually pretty rare now. Either way she being a god little nun can't handle the amount of gore she's being exposed to...or the fact that her lover is now a blooded flesh mess...

*her eyes rolled into the back of her head showing only the whites of her eyes and she fell over likely from fainting*

Seeing this Nero freaks out and think his girlfriend just got possessed. And he immediately called his aunts to help him...