154 The call part 2 part 1

A devil may cry fanfic

"Wait what if I went can't humans go to hell and come back plus I'm a god so..."

"...no I don't recommend that in your current state hell I'll get the...the other one involved if you try to do that because it's just to reckless both for you and the children either you all would die except your immortal husband or the infants die. And even if by some miracle you all lived you couldn't come back to red grave. Since your powers only seem to work with other realitys and then spawning you back from whence you had came before correct?"

"...shit your right on the money."

"Exactly my point, now try not to stress because that's bad for children I have a medical degree remember so therefore I'm right"

"...holy fuckinshit Vergil was in hell for the entirety of my existence 0-0 darling... darling might not come back for 18 years I'll be in my late 20s by the time he's home...and the kids will already be adults by then..."

*While she's panicking lucifer has sent nocturne to return Dante's jacket*

(That's most certainly not good)

"...I'm either gonna get murdered or a sex change if he's pissed"

Lucifer contacted Vergil through his phone after forking over some online currency to a local info broker.

*vergil left his mother and fathers graves to go pick up a panicked lily who's more then likely on the verge of tears or the end of days depending on how she's taking the news. He prayed for everyone's sake it was the first.*

~meanwhile with Dante~

After getting my favorite leather jacket back from nocturne... finally found out the creeps name no wonder why I felt a shit ton of power emanating from that guy. Though I guess it's fine he doesn't seem to smart or keen on the idea of killing for strife in this place. I highly doubt the high ranking demons are all like that down here though. I figured I'd call Nero before I break the news to lily... I feel terrible about this but honestly it'd probably be safer for everyone if I give someone a heads up before she either has a angry panic attack or try's to...

"Nope nope don't go down the rabbit hole"

(...oh no the cute sayings are rubbing off on my way of speaking to...actually wait awww that's adorable)

*dante blushed a bit while smiling to himself*

*dante called Nero*