246 If I matter to you don“t marry her 40

A spoilt princess


Huan who was home waiting for the huge surprise her mother Xia had promised waited until her patience run out but after days had collapsed, she was then faced with An kai's driver. he picked Huan from the familiar house and took her to the hospital until the two stood in front of Ming's room.

"Go in, I am out just in case you need anything, okay?

"..Mhm" Huan answered and then waited to for the man to disappear, she pushed the door inside but the sight alone left her dreaded!

Ming was on the floor, her eyes were all swollen and tears covered her top body which confirmed the fact that she has been crying. her pale expression left Huan wanting to ask what happened but she did remember one thing, pursuing truth was always nerve-wracking.

she dashed forward and got hold of Ming trying to pull her up but her legs were too week to take a stand so she ended up going back down, she cried even hard.

"...sis stop, I will help you up, stop reacting like this...I will get you up. Huan tried to coax Ming but the letter pushed her away. Huan was instantly fired up.

"stop acting like a child, don't make me lose it, okay?! I am here to help you... Huan tried to explain even in her messed thinking, she hated it more when people don't listen to her. that's how imperious she was, " you either listen and do what she says or you listen and do what she's saying."

Ming stopped making a fuss for a while, she looked at Huan with her whole attention. seeing the letter looking at her, Huan stopped and become gentler, "I am sorry but acting that way isn't going to help us solve anything." I can't contact mother at the moment, a man picked me from home, do you know him? Huan said as she continued to pull Ming up but all to no avail. she then put her cross bag on the bed and resumed carrying Ming up again but...

"I can't feel my le...gs, " wailing once again, Ming said to her sister. she woke up two days ago only to hear news of Xia being sick from An kai's driver who was the only person with them right now because An kai too, went missing from home and he never stepped back at the hospital, no one knew where he was. today, Ming didn't want to stay in bed anymore, she wanted to find Xia and explain herself but it now seemed impossible because Xia too was now out of her reach.

Huan ignored her sister's ramblings and asked the most question at hand, who is the guy outside? you need to get on the bed that way you won't add problem to problem. we need his help...

"...he is...he is "his" driver."

"Who is that "his"? anyway, I will call him to help me out to put you up" then Huan rushed towards the door...

" Just call the doctors..." Ming wanted to say but Huan had already left the room.

Huan lost her pace once she left Ming's side, she didn't know how but she was very scared. she was scared that she was unable to reach Xia, she was scared that she was so heartbroken to find her sister sitting on the floor like tatters. she was even scared that all she could do was to pretend to be the iron girl, she was even more scared for the fact that she was readily scared for their current situation. tears rolled down her cheeks as she walked forward, there was a nurse that was walking to the room next, she got hold of her emotions and used her hands to sweep away her tears.

Excuse me, nurse. the patient in that room has fallen off her bed, please help her. Huan said pulling a slight smile at the nurse, the nurse nodded and afterwards, Huan continued to walk forward and run into the foyer that led to the washrooms. the nurse didn't give it a lot of thought and went ahead to the designated room to see what the matter was but seeing the patient down, she hurried forward to help her up. Ming didn't struggle further, she left the nurse to help her without any visible reaction.

What wrong with my legs?

You will have to undergo a series of check-ups that way we will know what really is wrong but for now, stay in bed and don't think too much about anything, everything will be very fine, alright? said the doctor in remedy glasses. Ming pulled a slight smile at the doctor though it needed no speciality for one to describe it as a "forced kind of a smile."

Huan moved in after the nurse and doctor left and she smiled sweetly at Ming.

Sis, you should be patient with yourself, life is stressing if you continue crying like that. I will run away too if you ever do that again.