248 If I matter to you don“t marry her 42

A spoilt princess


I can understand if you don't want to go home but keeping yourself here isn't going to do you any good. go out and have fun, laugh and go crazy if you want but sitting won't do you anything...

"Fine..., could you leave me alone if you don't have any better ideal?.. .. .. just leave," said An kai as he kept his eyes cast downward, he wanted to be aLONE but some people didn't seem to understand.

Linda looked at An kai who wasn't serious in his words and smiled...this game was going pretty well! at this thought, Linda laughed so hard in her mind looking at An kai in his obscure state.

I can help you get out of this place and start anew.

All you need is to go home with me, and then leave the rest to me. Linda said but An kai didn't give her any reaction but his hands were tightly balled up into tight fists as he pressed them into the sofa. Linda who continued to give him her "life-saving plan" was now bragging within her head. she had heard of people calling An kai a dummy but seeing him irresponsive made her belive these long-buried rumors of An kai' s poor mental state true. she looked at his slightly bent head and a cold smile appeared on her lips.

"Just go, I will think about it." as distant and cold as An kai's words sounded, they still left a smile on Linda's face. she grabbed her handbag and left with joy-filled steps. but as she left, An kai too straightened his body up and went through the back door. he passed on the long ladder-like stairs leading to the ground and left.


Sis, should we worry about being left alone? after all, people have always left us in our most time of need. didn't you say that father left, and mother abandoned us on the streets? so why should you feel sad over mother Xia's departure? Grandmother and Grandfather Xi are the only people we had so if they died, it's only logical that we are alone, Ming and Huan.

you shouldn't include any other person in our lonely life. the only difference right now is that we are rich, we can afford anything, go anywhere and we can sleep day in and day out without worrying about anything hehe! said Huan then, she reached for her bag and pulled out two cards and a document, passing them over to Ming.

"I got these yesterday, I can tell that this was Xia's doing...wow, she looked at us and thought all we needed is money, huh? asked Huan but it didn't feel like a question. Huan was only trying to convince herself, Ming who knew what was happening, lowered her head and looked at her palms before asking;

"What if she's just giving herself time, or maybe it is me who caused all this, are you going to get mad at me too, will you leave me here all alone?"

"I will if you don't stop shedding tears over useless topics...."

"I am serious here... if I tell what caused mother to leave, just promise me you won't get mad, okay?"

"If you didn't kill anyone then, why would I be? Huan Shrugged her shoulders like she didn't care but that's how she is. saying whatever she wants and whatever she feels wasn't her problem. being serious and turning into a child the next second. but before Ming got the chance to explain herself, someone knocked and pushed the door. Huan left her seat right after looking at the figure. she looked at the man in front and felt her eyebrows twitching...this damn sister of hers was really something!

"What did you do, is this what you were going to explain?! you sold An kai's face to a stranger and you think I wasn't going to be mad? you deserve a serious beating Ming! then Huan uncovered her sister's slender legs and started hitting her with her small arms. all Ming could do was to let her since she couldn't even hear the pain. but that wasn't all, after feeling slightly better, Huan turned to the man in question.

And you, who gave you the right do something like this, were you that ugly to duplicate my An kai's face? why didn't you find something else...

"...He is your brother, Huan. stop all that nonsense right now.

"I will do so once I am done cutting his face to zero recognition!!"