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A spoilt princess

It has always been Huan's belief that if anyone got An kai's face, that person would surely die like a king. she had hidden all An kai's photo away from these surgery minded actors among Ming's friends. Xia had always laughed at her childishness every single day but looking at how Huan had taken these childish thoughts so seriously made Ming speechless. An kai who wasn't ready to meet this kind of a scene looked at Ming helplessly, secretly seeking for her help.

"Huan stop, that is An kai, okay? check him if you want but stop acting crazy..."

At the sound of An kai and crazy, Huan turned to face Ming;

"...Crazy? whose tomb did you show me then?...wait, Is he the reason why mother left us? come on tell me now! Haun looked at Ming grinning with a ridiculed smile. You're my sister but this is really too much. Is that why you never wanted me to follow you around...

If you two wanted to have an illicit life then you needn't fake An kai's death, you should have continued with your shamelessness that way, we would have gotten used to it earlier!

"Oooh...Gosh!" Ming felt her head hurting at this girl's understanding of things. she held her head in total awkwardness, was she that useless? being suspected and accused at the same time ...

Huan who was now fuming to these two's shamelessness left the room with Ming unable to follow.

"Please, don't let her go...."Ming said to An kai who had not realized that the girl had left. for all the days he can retell in his life, these few weeks were going to always be his most memorable!


"Let us talk about this...I can explain but please don't go...

"What? are you going to tell me that you weren't thinking when you choose to hide out there, completely leaving us out of your life. Huan was facing An kai as she continued to walk backward. An kai pleaded but the latter continued her ruckus;

You're going to get my sister killed, you know? if mother was unable to take it then aunt Roline will most likely kill us all. the best thing I can do is tell her before she finds out herself, that way I can save my self from her wrath.

Hearing Huan's rambling made An kai's brows hurt, he massaged his temple before asking," who is this Roline, anyway?"...you should stop walking like that or else you will fall.... but before he could finish his warning, Huan was already on the cold tiles with her butt first down.

"...ouch!... my dress, it's all your fault! Huan was now pushing all her carelessness to An kai but the letter didn't care, he was very used to being blamed each time something went wrong especially with that Cai.

thinking about her alone caused him to smile and warmth traveled right on his face causing his features to lighten up a bit. Huan looked at him as he moved towards her with less forced paces. he spoke like the kai she knew, the way he seemed was the very exact one but the Kai she knew could never say he didn't Roline.

after he stood before her, she dragged her body up and her hands went to An kai's forehead. she looked at the end of his face skin seriously looking for any evidence if this face was just stitched up but the results were the same, normal and natural.

"if that face is real and you can't remember Roline then I can say one word, my sister is pretty ruthless! she made you so stupid. sensing An kai looking at her after saying he was made stupid, Huan rephrased her statement.

...you were bewitched...MAGIC!...Yes, magic, she must have done something for you to be walking under her orders...did your hide and seek relationship get bored that you two couldn't take it?..mhm..are you planning to get married after hurting mother like that? I wonder how this whole mess will be put down but before anything, you two will have to bring my mother back home, that is, if you want me to be on your side...

Facing a talkative person isn't as easy as facing Cai who makes her decisions and imposes them on you. especially if the subject feels like ice water on your head.

"Aren't we supposed to be brother and sisters?"

"That's the lamest excuse I have ever heard of, say something better."


Looking at the young man in the photo flame, Christina looked for the best way to put everything, "this is your father, An kai but this one here is too young. you remember the photo in my office, do you?

Cai nodded.

That's how he looks, you two are very much alike Christina continued but the next question was very much predictable so she thought she may as well just answer it beforehand.

he went missing, but we hope to find him very soon.

"...hmm, what about daddy Wang, aunt? isn't he, my daddy anymore?"