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A spoilt princess

This one here is your biological Daddy. pointing at the photo, Christina explained earnestly but Cai kept her eyes wide looking at Christina as if asking... that's all?

Will there come a day when you tell me that I have another woman called my biological mother?

"...No, you can either have Roline as your mother or none, alright?"

Does that mean that mommy has been fooling me together with you too?"

of course not, dear, we would never do that you know, don't you? we treasure you deeply...

but before Christina finished what she had to say, Cai walked passed her like she didn't exist.

Roline who was still standing like she was not concerned about what just happened looked at Christina who still had one knee on the floor where Cai had just left.


Back in Ming's room, Huan had just

stopped arguing with Ming when Kai who had sat quietly by the side suddenly turned to the sisters;

Ming, I have somewhere to be in the coming days. I hope things go well for the two of you and tell Ms Xia for me that I am very sorry about what I said.

"What are you up to?"

"...I just want to start afresh, I want to rule my own life than other people ruling it out."

"Don't act rashly, none of the people around you can take back the pain you went through..."

"Can you?"... you can't so no one can. he answered his own question after seeing Ming's blank expression. I only came here to let you know that you people can leave a free life. tell her that she will never see me again.

"You didn't tell her, right? you didn't tell her that you can't remember her or any of us? seeing the letter so quiet, Ming took in a deep breath and looked at An kai.

Being proud and excepting your fate are two different things. all you need is to allow both your mind and body to roam free, say or ask whatever you want but you can't run away from your past like a coward. just take one step and everything will solve the puzzle correctly An kai. so many people love you. I agree I was the one who caused all this, it was me who left this unjustness to continue but now I want to rectify everything even if it takes whatever I have but if you turn away at a time like this then, things are going to get uglier than before.

Nothing will get uglier as you say, I will marry that woman at worst, then I can leave this place for as long as I want.

"I used to think your smart but you're disappointing me, that woman will be the worst choice you have ever made for that mark my words.

"Anyway, I wasn't here to put a fight with you, I came to kindly tell you my intentions that way, whatever happens, you will be able to explain to others..."

"I am not letting you ruin your life..."

"But you were the biggest support to those that ruined it, Ming! I don't blame you but I don't justify your actions either. stop playing nice and cute with me, you're not a child anymore and yes, I am not as smart as you thought I was but my end won't be too different from yours!

Alright, it was all my fault and my doing but that doesn't justify what you want to do. that woman isn't any better than I am. she just wants to show power and torment others with your presence....if you don't believe me try and see, you two will have a public relationship known throughout the media and to the people of Roster city. being out of option and words to say, Ming turned her wet eyes to meet Ankai, don't ever imagine a future with that innocent-faced devil, she is the living Lusifa...

but the next second, An kai was nowhere to be seen, Huan kept her lips sealed without saying anything because today was the first time she had seen this man getting angry. back when she was still young, An kai's bad mood was always detected when he became very quiet. he would stay in his bed all day and he always made sure not to say anything but the question still found it's way out.

"Are you sure he is An kai, I mean... our old An kai?


The next morning, Roline woke up with mother's love at its highest levels. Cai who was still mad over being fooled felt someone passing a hand in her short hair and opening her eyes;

Roline sat beside her with a bright smile.

"Honey, wake up mommy has already prepared breakfast for her princess...get up and I will help you wash up, okay? come on, dear..."

Cai looked at her in her groggy state, unquestionably bewildered.

"...Mommy, are you alright?"