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A spoilt princess

Mommy is alright, all you need is to be good, too. I will take you out to play after our delicious meal, okay? at Roline's word, Cai widened her eyes to look at the clock. it was only seven in the morning, who would want to play when the cold was still lingering outside? but this cozy act looked a bit familiar.

"...are we meeting the white man again?"

"most likely!"

No wonder this woman was acting all good again. Cai gave her a good scan before shoving her quit on the side. she can't even be treated genuinely good, everything comes with a hidden agender. she walked in the mirror and looked at herself. she would never forget that white man, always smart and serious. he had made her scream in pain and the mere thought of it caused a flash of pain to pass through her body. Cai lifted her hand and touched the back of her neck, tressing on it slowly, one could clearly feel something in it and a small- cut caused scar.

"will it hurt like before? I really don't want to squeal again... "

"No, darling, it won't, mommy won't allow that thing to ever happen. just have breakfast and you won't feel anything. you will look more beautiful and your skin will look like mine. Roline was becoming gentle, she explained tressing Cai's skin. the skin of a child is widely a soft touch but Cai's skin wasn't. under the morning light and the cozy glow from the lights, it was a bit stiff as if it didn't have blood. her complexion as a whole was not uniform. hiding this was quite easy, dressing her up in round dresses with long sleeves was the best idea that even the caring Christina has never noticed. seeing the latter's worried look, Roline wanted to diffuse it away slowly.

"Haven't you always wanted to take mommy to see your uncle Ak?


"Mommy is now saying yes! she will go there today with you, does that sound fine?

"Just treat me like this every day. I don't like thinking about those blues eyes whenever you act so caring and loving.."



After kai left the hospital, he made sure to stay focused, he went to his new hideout. sat down and retrieved a reconding pen from under his sleeves. he played it and all he could hear was Huan's ruckus and his talk with Ming. all he wanted was to find the connection between Ming and Linda. he was tired of seeing himself in a pool of blood with Ming crying as Linda stared down at them.

it has been a recurring dream since the first day he spoke to Ming. it was becoming a nightmare he had no control over, full of malice and undeniable fear. just as kai was still listening to the recording, a knock sounded and Linda came in with a lot of shopping bags forcing him to silence and hide it immediately.

"I know what your thinking but I can't let you starve yourself to death, and I plan to leave and go home. if you think trusting me is hard then why not come with me to Thia? my dad is a generous man and kind too..."

"What makes you think I can leave my grandfather here? I hope you plan everything from here that way I can do whatever I want without hurting anyone." Hearing this from An kai made Linda rejoice, she placed the bags on the table and rushed towards him, her voice trembling out of sheer excitement.

"Then just come home with me, I will help you till the end. I won't hurt anyone, just say yes..., okay?"

yes was the only needed answer. Linda softened her look and placed all her attention on An kai. there was not even the tiniest sound that could be heard. Linda had spent so much time trying to get on An kai's good side with a lot of patience even though there times when she couldn't take it. times that were much worse than a direct rejection that led her into doing things that she regretted later on but that was now all in the past, it was her time to shine.


Under the warm lights, lay the Great master on his luxurious bed. with his eyes almost giving up their role, he looked at the little assistant that was on the verge of breaking down into tears. she has been beside the old man for the longest period of her life, she knew his agony but she also knew that his life revolved around one person, An kai.

An kai was the only blood left even though he was just from the granddaughter of the house, he still had it all given that he was there only best choice.

"...are you scared?...don't be. I have seen all the first two generations of my house disappear seven feet into the ground but I am not letting the last one do the same. I will protect that child even if it needs me to hear Xia's words a thousand times, how did the trip go, did you find anything?"

"I did but first, get better because you wouldn't like to miss the youngest new light of this house. the little assistant said shook her head helplessly and continued, if not, she will be the only one you will ever have."

"Why is that?" but before Tong had the chance to answer, a knock sounded on the door and voice came in, "The young master is here." the maid said without pausing but Tong, the little assistant had already passed the door. she moved down the stairs almost running with the sound of her clicking shoes all over the house. she had on a slight change of emotion, at the sight of An kai, she expressed her

" you're bac....," her words and steps froze when she caught sight of the person tugging along, standing right next to him.

"Wow! everyone is happy to see us. our "little assistant", I am so very glad to give you the most first-hand news. I and your master may want to discuss something very important with the Great one, may we? Linda said all smiles. she was letting the other party know her intentions.