8 Luca part 2 Luna“s p.o.v

A vampires first love

As the movie ended we looked at the two adorable little buns sleeping soundly on the couch I look at Luca and said you go and put them in there rooms I look over at Jay and said "I need to have a discussion with my brother let's hang out tomorrow sorry I have to cut this short"  

He looked at me and said " No problem I'll talk to you later"

When he left I immediately glared at Luca and said "what the hell is wrong with you did it ever go through your brain that maybe there's a reason why he's here and why would you let it slip that we know his race what if he hates that side of him like me and what if his parents abandoned him and he has no one and didn't know he's a vampire how are you getting more stupid by the day"

He looked surprised then angry and said " Why the hell are you defending a lowly vampire there race are just mindless creatures who only know how to feed or have you forgotten our parents they were killed by those idiotic creatures!"

I looked at him coldly and said " So what, what does it matter that he's the same race that murdered our parents it doesn't matter and it doesn't mean he'll do that what's wrong with you you can't blame an entire race because someone of their kind killed our parents!"

He looked surprised at what I said and he said in a low voice " I'm going to the company tell the twins I'll be back sometime next week."

I look at him and sighed "even though I'm mad at you, make sure not to overwork yourself, okay otherwise the twins will kill me." I said

He nodded and left and said " I won't overwork myself don't worry."

I nodded " goodnight make sure to at least get 8 hours of sleep or I'll drug you" I said

He looked a little scared "i got it I won't" he said

As I look at him leaving I sigh and head to my room and change then I got in bed and thought " I hope everything will be fine" and I slowly get engulfed with the darkness of sleep.

I feel the warm morning sun against my skin as i look over to my side i see a handsome man with silver hair and silver eyes and a beautiful women with dark brown hair and enchanting emerald like eyes. I could feel tears in my eyes as the two peoples expression changes to a worried one and they ask with confusion "what's wrong little baby moon"

I look at them and shook my head and said "nothing im fine im just happy to see you"

They both look at me and laughed and the beautiful women said "did you miss us that much we only left to go to the store."

"I" before I could finish there was a gunshot and a hole a appeared on the women's forehead then there was the sound of a blade cutting air and the man's head was of his neck tears pour down my face as I see this I want to run over and help but my body can't move like it's being restrained I shut my eyes to avoid seeing the horrible seen but then I snapped my eyes opened and I see the familiar ceiling and familiar room I sit up and rub my forehead in attempt to get rid of my headache I sigh and thought to myself "when are the nightmares gonna end I don't want to see them die all over again every time time I go to bed."